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Engine cranks longer when engine is warm and car sets for a while. Very short (regular) crank when engine is "cold" after setting several hours or overnight.
Having problems in hot weather. When it's hot outside and the vehicle is at normal operating temp, it acts like it vapor locks, or maybe the fuel pump is on its way out. It is worse when going uphills, but will also...
My car broke down as I had to drive it when it was overheated (to get off highway safely)- now mechanic tells me I need a new engine- how much would that cost????
After virtually no engine issues with this car at 113,500 miles, an idiot towing company lets a car come off their ramp tow truck and crash into the front of my Passport parked behind the towed vehicle. The initial p...
My water pump went out and all the water in the radiator runs out on the ground. I am not a mechanic, but is it something I should be able to replace?
I am only getting 160 mile to a full tank of gas. When on the highway, I am pushing the gas petal to the floor to get up to speed,and it feels like the gas goes in and out. Feels like the motor might be getting floode...
My car would not start so I jumped it and didn't connect the cables correct so I blew the ignition fuse and transmission fuse possibly. Can you explain where the transmission fuse is located?
i was on the highway and it was set on cruise control and all of a sudden the light came off cruise control when i try i enabling it again it doesn't
no codes, can't with a car this old..they said. transmission oil leak, brake light comes on, check engine light, a-p transmission light, exhaust leak.
We have tried the heavy oil 20x50 to reduce the "ticking" noise from the lifters but didn't really work. Any advise other than replacing the lifters?
What major problems would could occur what that amount of miles on the truck? 155723 miles
Just replaced the alternator but the brake and battery lights are still on.Plus my battery is only charging below 10 volts.The alternator is a remanf. one.I took the alternator off and had it checked at the auto parts...
i have changed water pump,radiator,head gaskets,thermostat,and it still run hot where is the bleeder on this truck
The diagnostic scanner said I need a tune up. How do I replace the spark plugs? There is an ignition coil on each spark plug.
whats size brake lines does my 1994 honda passport take?
The shift lock on my 4x4 automatic transmission will not release after the car is started, even with my foot on the brake. The only way we are able to start the car and release the shift lock is to push the shift han...
I have a manual 94 Honda passport. What type of tranmission oil do I use and where is the transmission oil feed?
what may cause reduced power light to appear on the dashboard which makes the car moves slowly
on my way home to work and suddenly the engine start jerking sodn like a back fire and i try to adjust the timing belt but i dont know how to removed the crankshaft pully
I would like to know when i should replace my timing belt (after how many miles) and what the standard cost would be.
Sometimes the engine won't turn over when I turn the key to start it. The battery is almost new and it tests out fine. At times it starts right up and at times it won't even turn over. If I keep turning the key off an...
my gas gauge reads empty and the low fuel light comes on. when i fill it up it only takes 12 gallons but i have a 22 gallon tank. any ideas?
The fuel guage hasn't worked in a while. Today the speedometer just stopped working. It would work a short distance then stop again
code p401.I replaced the egr valve and cleared code.code P401 came back.what else could it be?
change timing belt put new one in may be turn camshaf, car don't run right,how can I start again?
a 2000 passport will stall out and start up again had a code read out saying fuel pump, pcm or and throttle body got any suggestions on what it might be
I just bought a 94 honda passport, and took it to jiffy lube to have oil changed. I'm not sure if it was before or after but the oil pressure runs at nearly 0 at idle and about 35 while driving.. I then proceeded to ...
My passport back fires when taken to a mechanic and put on the machine it says it has a miss fire we have put different parts on it and that has not helped they say it could be the wire harnesses or the computer
when coming to a stop and on take off i can feel the drive shaft jerking how can i fix
the fuel,battery,and brake light stays on and the air or heater stopped working what could cause that problem