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engine turns over wont fire changed crank sensor didnt help what should i check now

want to know where fittings are located and how many if the 1999 passport has them

i tried to clean worked a couple a days then stopped not to happy it hot


have to let it set for 30 min to 45 min and it will start this happing all the time for the last 3 months.

Thought about changing brake pads or maybe calipers?? Also the brake light stays on ALL the time also the Rear ABS light is also so on!! What is needed to fix this???

the color of the wires are a different color on the after market piece then on the original one. Do you know how to get wiring correct

tranny shifts great highway low rpms dont shift very quick 6-7 second delay in reverse

i have changed crankshaft sensor fuel filter fuel pump timming belt new sparkplugs the sparkplugs get wet after a few turns of the crank codes dose not show a thing--three flashs on the check engine light and that is it
please help-----flustrated john c ----thanks

where is the flasher-turn signal relay unit located? under the hood or in the car?????? i have the part just don't know where it goes!!!! Someone has to know!!!!!!

here is the flasher-turning unit relay located on the passport? In the car or under the hood? Where>>>>>>

where is the flasher -turn signal relays located? in the car or under the hood

where is the flasher -turn signal relays located? in the car or under the hood

where is the flasher -turn signal relays located? in the car or under the hood

I Can Only See One On Each Headlight

And Where Are They Located
I Can Only See Two Screws That Look Like Adjustment Screws
And I Thought There Should Be Four

i replace relay and fuse--no help

the park lights will not go off--i pulled fuses and light switch--no help fuel gauge wil not work---is all this related??????

the noise seems to be coming from drivers side

any ideas?

There are some small details like certain buttons I have no clue as to what they are for ?

can i put a bigger thermostat in it.any helpfull tips would be great

Whenever I'm driving I need to turn the wheel at least a couple of inches in either direction before I can feel it start to turn. While I'm driving I can even rotate the wheel left to turn an inch or two and it will still drive straight. Is there a way I can adjust or tighten the steering so that it will begin to turn nearly as soon as I start to rotate the wheel in that direction?

So when I start my engine (v6)the car goes up to about 2.5k RPM, then drops to under 1k RPM (almost dying, but then it picks up again). It does this repeatedly, Up...Down....Up...Down. If I try to drive off, it acts like there is zero power, and I cannot get further than about 500 years, and it doesnt die, but it the engine will not produce ANY power. This has happened as I left the parking lot at work, got onto the road, and I had to coast to the side, or be hit by oncoming traffic. SCARY. I had check engine lights come on - they got cleared by the guy on accident, but it was running too rich, running too lean, on both banks (5 codes in all - relating to the same thing) If I wait for about 20 mins, and just sit there, while it "does its thing" I can drive off like normal. This is my 2nd Passport, and my first one did NOT do this. The dealership I bought it from replaced a sparkplug, and the EGR Valve. But is worse now. I have no faith in their mechanichs. I took it to a Honda dealership, and they have had it for 2 weeks and counting, with engineers looking at it, and they cannot seem to simulate it, and there is no check engine light to pull codes off of. I have had no transportation for a total of a month and I just bought this thing 7 weeks ago!! If you can give me any direction......I would really appreciate it. Currently its at a Honda service center....but they have no clue what to do for it, so I have gotten no Bang for $130 diagnostic fee Buck! It was fine for two weeks, then all of a sudden, If I did not get that warm up time, even on a warm afternoon, I was not able to drive it.

The transmission went out and it has several other issues. Is it worth it to replace this or should we just start over trying to find another one?

What do codes p1393 and p1406 mean?

So i flooded my 1996 honda passport about 2 moths ago(hood was underwater). (yes i know my dumb A$$ falt).

And since then it has not start checked starter its fine as well as the alt, battery, replaced all the fuses and relays but still no start( like the starter is not even kicking in but its getting power.

so with the starter i tested the wire coming from the ignition and there is no power getting to it so i am thinking about replacing the ignition switch and all the wiring for it to the starter.

Go ahead or anything else i should try first
Est cost of job: $250

changed out sparkplugs and oil still wont turn over turn the ke and nothing happens starter wont even kick in

All the autoparts websites say it is located in the upper radiator house but there is only a hard pipe straight into the engine, the lower radiator hose actually goes into a removeable part which is where I am guessing the thermostat actually might be please tell me if this is where it is?

remove transmission fluid pad