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And Where Are They Located I Can Only See Two Screws That Look Like Adjustment Screws And I Thought There Should Be Four
the park lights will not go off--i pulled fuses and light switch--no help fuel gauge wil not work---is all this related??????
the noise seems to be coming from drivers side
There are some small details like certain buttons I have no clue as to what they are for ?
can i put a bigger thermostat in it.any helpfull tips would be great
Whenever I'm driving I need to turn the wheel at least a couple of inches in either direction before I can feel it start to turn. While I'm driving I can even rotate the wheel left to turn an inch or two and it will ...
So when I start my engine (v6)the car goes up to about 2.5k RPM, then drops to under 1k RPM (almost dying, but then it picks up again). It does this repeatedly, Up...Down....Up...Down. If I try to drive off, it acts ...
The transmission went out and it has several other issues. Is it worth it to replace this or should we just start over trying to find another one?
So i flooded my 1996 honda passport about 2 moths ago(hood was underwater). (yes i know my dumb A$$ falt). And since then it has not start checked starter its fine as well as the alt, battery, replaced all the fuse...
changed out sparkplugs and oil still wont turn over turn the ke and nothing happens starter wont even kick in
All the autoparts websites say it is located in the upper radiator house but there is only a hard pipe straight into the engine, the lower radiator hose actually goes into a removeable part which is where I am guessin...
remove transmission fluid pad
first, second,third, fifth ,gears are gone. Fourth gear and reverse still work
what kind of freon do I buy for aircondition charge
how do u take timing belt pulley off cam on a 1996 honda passport
the head bolts r stripped how do i get them out
mechanic says that he has to remove exhaust parts to get at and remove the starter.. is that true??
how do u take the head off a 1996 honda passport 3.2 liter engine
one cd is stack
what causes oil to get on my spark plugs
i got new battery new alternator the alternator is not charging the battery
the check engine light came on and the fuel level hand does not register acurately.the diagnosis was fuel sending unit.also a warning about a co2 sensor? your knowlege of this could help me greatly! thanks.
when the honda is drove on freeway at speed of 65to75 the trans light comes on flashing the honda still drives fine.if I slow down to were the trans has to shift again or get off the trans shifts hard until I turn off...
needs new torsion bars but i cant find any anyone know where i can get them
what is the geart ratio of a 95 honda passport
Ran out of gas, re-fueled with about 5 gallons and now passport won't start. I feel I may have clogged fuel filter with tank sediment.
i had my radior replace after that my transmission fuild leaked out how to i add fuild