I have to replace my center roller on my sliding door, but it has been much easier to find the replacement for power doors instead of manual. Would they fit properly?

Occasionally when raining I have noticed a slight loss of power (1-2 seconds) and the battery light coming on when going thru a water puddle or during a heavy downpour. What could it be?

Changed plugs & wires because of misfire & sputtering. Ran good a few days but now it doesn't want to start n misfires. Only one wire is loose(old one was loose & new one is loose). How do we make it tight.

no power to rear sliding doors. at the same time it seems that power sunroof goes almost all the way shut but will not take the last step and seal to the roof.

i turned car off to pump gas when i finished it wouldnt start my power windows also wont go up my radio will come on i have new battery and checked all fuses driver side passanger side and under hood..it acts like it wants to start it will turn over but no start There are no lights on dash not even seatbelt indecater light nothing will come on dash i was driven it just fine didnt have no indication anything might or was going to go out.

Power doors will not all way close

Purchased 2 mos ago, on recent road trip, car began to shake when on cruise control over 70mph and on acceleration over 60mph. Then engine light came on and ECO light not on. Is this an engine mount or torque converter issue? Dealer says they ran codes, nothing came up and so they can't fix it. That sounds like a bogus answer. Car is at 35940 miles so still under main warranty but also certified used. Please help!?

what's it cost to balance four tires

My mechanic has changed the power steering oil, pump, and rubber hose but steering only turns when I drive 10 miles per hour and over. I gets hard (tight) whenever I press the brake to slow down to park.

We have a 1995 and a 2009.

the wheel shake and vibration when i push on the gas the more i push the more it shakes

or what other problem might we have?

how do i get the door open so i can repair it myself?

It just turned o n today it's never been on..concernd it turned on about after 1hr drive

I have a 2008 Honda Odyssey. Took my van in for an oil change without any car difficulties. They told me there was a fuel pump recall so changed it. After I got home I see check engine light come on. It has never been on before. I took it back and they dealership repair says they can't see a problem and the light was no longer on and bring in back when light comes on again. I brought it back after I saw the light and they ran a check. They had the car from 8am until 2 and I had to have the car back to get my kids at school. They said they were not finished with the screen. Nothing definite but looked like a possible O2 sensor.
My Question is: Would changing the fuel pump be related to the o2 sensor. Again the engine light was never on before but they tell me I will need to pay for o2 sensor and labor since it has nothing to do with the fuel pump recall and repair. Help! Don't want to stick them with the bill if I am wrong and I don't know what is right. Tight finances so want an unbiased answer. Thanks a million.

1. In 'Park', if I rev my motor to 5,000 rpm it cuts out down to about 4600rpm then picks up back to 5,000. It repeats this about twice per second. 2. While driving and I hit the gas causing a downshift, the motor does the same thing (at a much lower rpm) No check engine light
Timing belt has 100k on it. Any ideas on what this could be, or a diagnostic direction I should go in?

When I try to take off the car stalles then it's jerks The TC light comes on and D4 gears starts blinking the I have to pull over and turn the car off and restart it..sometimes when the car runs along time then ita not jerk as bad..

How can I fix it this is my driver side manual sliding door