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I would like to clean both front lens on my 2003 Odyssey. I'm having difficulty removing the lens. I'd appreciate any advice on how this is acomplished. I'm an old codger and having trouble with night driving. I have ...
What would the labor and parts for the oil cooler cost?
The alarm for the electric sliding doors sounds while I am driving the van. Can the doors be adjusted?
why do i have vibration in the front end of my van when accelerating. It is not the tires, rims, brakes or bearings, these are all good. what else could it be? could be the cv joint
my radio stopped working and the plug in accessory for cell phone charging does not work that is located below radio near floor. checked fuses and they were ok. anti-theft light is blinkin on radio also. any ideas, th...
How tight do you put the Harmonic Balancer bolt on and is it recommended to put lock tight on it?
How does the front engine mount come out? From the top or out the bottom? It seems like there is no room out the bottom.
My 2004 Honda Odyssey showed a check engine light and a scan shows that the Automatic Transmission range switch has an Open circuit. 1. Where is the range switch of the Honda odyssey located? 2. How do I replace the s...
my brakes were replaced at 330000 miles. At 51000 they need it again.
where is located the pc valve for my oddesy 2000? thank you
When Cd is loaded"LOAD" appears and the CD gets ejected without playing.
I am having problem with my blinker making a ticking noise. Started intermittantly, now constant. How hard is it to replace switch on this van? I was quoted $150 at my local shop to repair. Is that reasonable?
Sometime I can start the car normally but sometime I just hear a "click" without cranking the engine. Where is the starter relay located? How does it look like?
the hub won't allow the old stud to fall out even if you were to cut the old one off
how do you replace wheel stud on front right hand side
I am wondering whether the timing belt used at the dealership repairshop and other garage are the same or not? what type of wanrantte should be included for the new timing belt. Thanks very much.
For a 1995 Hondy Odyssey Engine Number: E-RA1
My honday fuel light is flashing on empty even after I fill up. I would really like to know how much gas is in my car. Honda dealer could not fix it they have no idea what is wrong with it. Please help me.
A week ago,when I started my vehicle,it was stuck in park.After stomping on the brakes,it shifted out and I was able to drive.But when I went to park it, I was unable to shift back into park.Every other gear works fin...
Headlights will not turn off.... even with switch off and ignition key off / out....? I think it must be a relay gone bad... any ideas?
During the recent and rare snow-in in VA, I had to drop into low gear to get out of the driveway. I drove about a block to the neighbor's house, and it would not go into low gear again to get into their driveway. A ...
I replaced my battery and now my radio in locked. I bought the car second hand and don't have the original manual or codes pls help me i need code
My Odyssey was low of transmission fluid so the check engine light came on. I have replaced the fluid put I can't reset the check engine light. Is there a way to rest it without disconnecting the battery cable?
When using the remote function, our drivers side power door makes clicking (not beeping noises) then starts to open and close. Any suggestion on what this problem could be?
engine fills with fuel. it becomes hydrolocked. fuel continues to fill intake and run out of aircleaner box. empties fuel tank. changed computer, had new key made. engine starts and runs. one coil was bad so i changed...
I have a 2002 Honda Odyssey and I replaced the rear main seal because of an oil leak after putting it back together it wont shift out of park, and the D light on the dash comes on and then goes out after a few seconds...
How do I replace the front DC power outlet? I have removed all visible screws holding the waste bin and bottom panel. I can remove bottom panel, but the waste bin feels like it is still attached at the top edge.
the car turns off the engine when running, sometime turn on again by itself someothers does not
I put the new belt on-followed directions-still does not work. Is there a special method for this?