I have my Odyssey for 5 years now and have 44000 miles, but since past couple months it is driving a little sluggish. I have been doing regular maintenance. When i sluggish, i mean it does not pick up acceleration as it used to. My dealer recommended clean up of engine valves. He also said that this is normal around 100000 miles but said sometimes it can happen early. The cost of this cleanup is $250.00. Any advice will help.

Steering wobbles mostly when I appy brakes. Some times it doesn't but 90% of time it wobbles. I changed my break pads and Rotors a year before. Do you think I need to change them again.

I took my van for an alignment and they are saying that they need to add a kit in order to get teh alignment right. They say that the OEM bolts for the alignment are not long enough to adjust the alignment. I dont beleive this. Can you share your opinion on this please ?

gear shift stuck in park what can i do or what parts do i need to replace

After coming from the car wash and getting the interior cleaned by the car wash attendants, my navigator will not work. There is a pop up message saying the Navigator box is open or there is no DVD. Where is the navigator box? I suspect the car wash attendants might have inadvertently pressed a button or something.

I recently had my transmission replaced. When I got the car back, it has problems properly engaging when I adjust the shifter. When I move it to "D" the "D" light doesn't light up. I have to shift to D3 or lower and back to D to get it to light up. If it isn't lit, the transmission goes into other gears. The mechanic is telling me the cable is stretched. I think it's odd that it wasn't a problem before he replaced the transmission but now is afterward. What causes this and could it be related to the transmission replacement? Thanks!

I have a 1999 Honda Odyssey EX and it has 126,000 miles on it. The malfunction indicator lamp (check engine light) just came on. I have read that adding gas additives and putting in high octane gas may fix the problem. Is that the best route to go?

my car would cut off,after it sit for a while it would start back up,so i replaced the fuel filter it stayed crunk for about ten seconds and cut back off

My odometer light is out on my vehicle. I would like to know how to fix this?

I would like to know how to fix the clock light that is burned out on my 2003 Odyssey?

how to change light on rear door(trunk)?

My steering wheel shakes and vibrates when i go over 50 mph. any guesses as to what it could be? thanks!

Where is the cruise control unit located

I have gas smell, check engine on. trubleshooting P1456.
Close to gas fuel neck has a white plastic canister for gas vapors. What is that?

Where is the cabin air filter located and how do you change it?

have a family trip need to know how much weight can i have inside the van?

back side breakes

Extended cold crank. Occasional extended warm crank. By extended I mean 3 seconds, but it used to fire a lot quicker. Once the engine fires it runs and idles fine, no miss, no high rpm problems.

140k miles. Routinely maintained.

Engine died... Starter was the problem. Replaced starter... when turn engine on... got a short and lost all power

My car went to the shop with a working radio. Now it isn't working. I assume it's a fuse and nothing they actually did and want to attempt to fix it myself but I can only find one fuse box and it isn't labeled in any way. I purchased this used and it didn't come with a manual. Does anyone know where the fuse boxes are and which ones I should check. I read somewhere #9 and #11 but like I said my one box I can find isn't labeled.

What should the shock bolts be torque to

Dealer tells me I need a new transmission. Bulletin on it expired. They want over $4,700. I found independent mechanic that quoted $2,400. Doe this sound fair?

Does my van need additional maintenance since it now has 90,000 miles?

The emmission control light came on and stays on

My car is intermittently not starting. It fires consistantly but doesn't completly turn on. A technician said it sounds like a fuel pump relay. This sounds easy enough to replace my self but I looked in an online repair manual and it didn't state where it is located. Please help me find the fuel pump relay on a 2004 honda odyssey and let me know if this seems like it could be the culprit.


We were not going fast. Just slightly hit the side of the garage and now it will not shut all the way.....

When pulling into the garage, hit the side with the sliding door open. NOw it will not completely shut...

Since hitting a curb hard enough to slash a front tire (passenger side), I have noticed a clicking sound as I turn right or left, apparently from one of the front wheels on the side nearest the direction I am turning. Not consistent: sometimes no click. Wheels were realigned after new tire was installed.

We had a new front motor mount put on because the old one was loose and we thought it would take care of the problem but it has happened twice since then. It is usually at a lower speed (30-40 mph). Mileage is 71,000 plus.

How do you remove the housing to replace the license plate bulbs?