What is the best way to drain the coolant from the block? A Honda technician advised to not remove block drain plug located on engine block rear side near oil filter. Is there more than one drain plug? Supposedly the threads in the block can become damaged cosequently rendering the engine unusable and not repairable. Is there any other way to drain the block such as a frost plug that is user friendly?

Does anyone know the location of the ac relay? My manual does not list this.

Car would not start and the battery was completely dead. put in a new battery and on the 2nd day same thing. I have checked all electrical switches, the door is closed and the interior lites are not on. what could drain the battery completely?

I haven't done auto work for years. Is changing these plugs a big deal?
Need detailed instructions and/or pics.

my matenance light come on, althought i did a tune-up and it still on. how do i reset it?

The van shutters like going over railroad tracks when it is at 1500 rpms and around 30 mph, also it seems to be worse when as everything is the same as listed but going up hill. Any ideas what could be causing this?

How do you replace a license plate bulb

The garage opener quit working, light blinks, but no work. Tried everything in book and what the dealer said. Cost to much to have them fix. Went to take the assemble out, found two screws, but it still wont pull out. Am I missing somthing?

After driving on a highway for an extended period of time, i notice a humming sound from the engine. I took to Honda dealer to have them check while they were performing recall fix. They stated i needed a new power steering pump. Is that a typical part to be replaced after 70K miles?

95 Honda Odyssey, new battery, dash and headlites come on but engine will not turn over.starter is not engageing at all.

What is error Code 12 (under a B) mean?

How much should we pay for replacing run flats on a 2006 Oddyssey Touring?

Driver window works intermittently. When it stops working it will go down ever so slowly, but never up. I hear the switch "click" in the door when I press it. Have brought it to the local dealer, they switched out with another vehicles "regulator" and said mine was fine, they said the motor was okay and said it might be an electrical problem which is like a needle in a hay stack- I am looking at a bill of at keast $395- HELP! I can't afford that. Any advice, can't buy parts if they are not the fix.

The light will come one for days and then go out.


The rear hatch cylinders in my 2009 Odyseey LX have failed. Are they easy to replace? Are any special tools required?

The oil light comes on and off. I checke the oil level and it is fine. On my last test drive around town, it came on twice. Once going around a curve and the second time as I accerated from a light.

What is P1676 Traction Control System FI Data Line No Signal and how do fix it?

You cannot see the radio station display at night.

When I left work today I found my passenger door window all the way down. It wasn't down when I parked the car. It now makes a kind of grinding sound when I press the button to raise it up or down, but doesn't move.

One of the two overhead dome lights has failed. How do I access that panel so I can replace the bulb.

how to replace timing belt on 1999 honda odyssey

Car is turned off but some fan keeps running. What is the problem? Air conditioner is off and no problem when it is on so don't think it is a problem with the a/c. Some fan cooling engine?

replace sway-bar bushings? replace front engine mount? replace lower and upper ball joints? change brake fluid? change transmission fluid?

Hi, I went to Honda Dealer shop for 60K service. I told them that, the power steering is not smooth enough. So the customer service executive told me to replace the power steering fluid. After that, I was told to also replace the power steering pump. I've 60K miles on this van. Do I require to replace the power steering pump? What is the advantage? The cost of replacing the pump is $550, which is big enough to make me think more..

i have been having problems, when i try to put my odyssey in reverse or drive it seems to get stuck and i have to wiggle it around until i find the right place then i can put it in gear. after this it runs ok and i have no other problems. thanks for any help to fix this problem

Sliding door failure. Buzzing noise and sliding door light on when driving gear is engaged. Trying to disable fuse #13, but don't know where's the fuse box for it.

my 03 odyssey has a bumping noise in the front end when going over a bump or hump slowly. it also tends to bump or knock a few times when turning the steering wheel. not as often. has been doing this for a few months now. took it to honda, said they cant find anything

What name brand, where can I buy, and is it worth doing yourself to replace rotors and pads?

2003 Honda Odyssey, 64,000 Miles. Always TCS and engine light come on at the same time. Used Actron auto scanner 9180 and found code PO740 TCC CKT malfunction.
History-I noticed trans. leak 2 years ago. My mechanic changed the trans. oil at the time, but the leak continued. For the past few months I have noticed that when the RPM goes up(specially in 1st gear), the car is low to respond. The oil dark in color.
I have read many contradictory articles and opinions as to what to do next. Example. Change oil or not. Flush oil or not. I would like to hear from all smart/wise mechanics out there as to what I should do and why.