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the indicator button on the door jamb came loose - indicates ligths left on, how do I get the button out of the small round hole to fix it?

loud clunking in front when making slow turns to right or left. Ongoing since new in 2005 I have been told recently it is the CV joint and or shaft. What would be approximate cost to repair by dealer or mechanic.

my daughter brought her 2002 CRV to dealer's service dept. for oil change and waited for the car. They told her when the car was ready that they had checked her suspension system and that it needed to be replaced almost immediately. She asked if they had removed all four wheels in order to do this. They said they did not have to-just had to put car on lift and do a visual.

A few weeks ago, the front part of my drive shaft broke off the transmission, but I was able to take it to my brother's garage. I then learned the gear shifting cable was snapped, oxygen sensor's wires were snapped, and the exhaust pipes were damaged. I would like to know how much it would cost to have it fixed.
The CR-V has 175,890 miles on it and it still runs as great as the day I bought it. Since then I have gone through 2 Chevy's and a Dodge. I know the model of vehicle my next choice will be.

what should the charge be to replace the motor on drivers side door lock

I have a 2006 Honda CRV.Iam changing the oil every 3000 miles. What are services need to do at 40000 miles?

I had a Honda CRV 2007 but I don't know when do I have to change/replace timing bell or timing chain ? Can some one give me the answer because I don't wnat go back to my dealer to be spend alot of money due to dealer's merchanic. thank you.

I get my oil changed at 50% at the dealer.I've never received a maintenance minder and I now think it must be because everytime I have the dealer change the oil--the oil is reset to 100%. I'm now at 35K.

for the 2nd time in 3 years I have no heat. Honda wants to replace radiator & heater core again because they say it is all clogged with sludge. What is making this happen?

Front end noice (skipping or grinding feeling) when turning sharply at very slow speeds. Does not always do it. Both directions. CV boots are fine. New tires, new alignment. 60,000K. Lexus tried to say it was my idle. No way!

I have been told I need my lower front ball joint replaced and the knuckle and wheel bearing. However the car does not make the noise that is decribed on this website for wheel bearing problems. Is it required to replace the wheel bearing when replacing the ball joint?

I have a 1999 Honda CR-V that I thoroughly enjoy. I recently had my entire passenger side headlight housing stolen out of the car (bizarre thing). There’s some twisted metal and the old bolts were there when I replaced the unit with a new one I bought online, and that was pretty easy. What I hadn’t noticed was that the electrical wiring leading up to the passenger side turn signal was now just wires and had been stripped of the unit where the signal bulb would be inserted. I am looking for direction on how to solve this problem myself; I am good at repairing my own vehicles but lack proper terminology and some basic understanding. Can I simply buy the electrical unit for the bulb and rewire it to the existing wires (which I cannot find a source for online), or do I need to turn to something more drastic? Either way I am looking to fix this problem myself and bypass expensive trips to the shop. Thanks!

I am being told I need to replace the bearing as well as the ball joint. I do not hear the noise describe on this website for failing bearing. So I am wondering if I need to replace that also?

Front end crash, transmission stuck in Park/fluid low. What's involved in fixing it?

I took my 2004 Honday CRV to the dealer because I have a leak in the AC which they said was behind the engine and would cost $2000 for repair. Can you give me an estimate when I know there is a leak and it is "deep" within the engine compartment? Thanks

I have new spark plugs installed, done the fuel injection cleaning, & replaced all air filters. Why am I still experiencing hard starting? Also, the vehicle comes to a slow down when I take off my foot from the gas pedal. Accelerating is also poor, not what it used to be.

Oct/2010 I purchased a new CRV and I've had 5 episodes of having a Dead Battery. Honda Dealer tested the battey and finds it sound. Dealer said, maybe the trunk cargo area's light was left on if latch not closed tightly. First time this happened I had only had the CRV for 24 hrs. Please advise if anyone else had had this problem and how it was fixed. Next week, I'm to leave the CRV at the Dealers for a full day so they can run various tests.

My maintenance required light blinks on and off when I start the car. In three seconds, it disappears. What does maintenance required mean? Do I need to get an oil change or tune up?

did not put antifreeze and is overheating also it blew out some caps from somewhere

I uesd shovel to clean ice on my car bonnet. it cause some scratch. How much moeny for repair that scratch. (by paint)
the color is black.

The rear wiper arm on my 2010 CRV broke off near the base. I need to remove the remaining piece of the arm. I have removed the cover and the nut, but the arm is on so tight I am concerned about forcing it off. How do I remove the arm so that I can replace it.

heater only blows hot air thru one vent - all other vents blow cold air.

My Honda CRV kept dying after initially starting up. The Idle speed was very low. The repair shop told me it's the idle control valve. How much does it cost to normally replace these?

I have noticed the very irritating vibration (in both seats with it worse in the front passenger seat)especially when our 2008 is idling with the brake on in any position but park. It vibrates to a somewhat lesser degree when it is being driven. In addition, our CRV gives a much rougher ride.

The repair was a major one with "certified" after-market parts required by our insurance company. I have read that many of the after market parts may not fit together well with the manufacturer's parts and that mechanics may find ways to attach them--sometimes through bending or drilling new holes, etc. in order to attach them. I wonder if our car has changed due to this issue.

We are also looking into things such tire air pressure, condition of tires, shocks, struts, etc. and anything else that is imagineable.

The service person at the Honda dealer said that the computer cannot be recalibrated to lower or increase the idling speed and that there would be warning signs on our dash if anything else was amiss, etc. He compared ours to his perception of "Honda CRVs in general". He wanted me to agree with him that our car is now very satisfactory. The only problem with his generalization is that we KNOW OUR CAR and that we HAVEN'T gotten the car that we know--BACK. If anyone out there has ideas about some other options for us, I would be very GRATEFUL! I have a back problem that is aggravated by more than minor vibration, so this is pretty urgent. We don't want to have to sell our car, which is now just 3 years old.

i have a 2006 honda crv put new tires on and car started pulling to the right after about 2000 miles i went back to discount tires where i bought the tires and they rebalanced and rotated the tires now the car pulls to the left any suggestions?

rotors and brakes were replaced 1,000 miles ago. Car vibrates terribly. took back to repair said needs rotors again and calipers replaced because they are rusted. after debate, agreed to honor warranty on rotors but pay for calipers. Should these have been checked when initial work was done?

I put in a new ditributer wires spark plugs and the car is now running rough.

how do i replace d4 gear indication light on 1998 honda cr-v?

My crv has to idle with my foot on the gas for 10 min before i drive it otherwise it will die. Started about 6 months ago, dieing after i got less then a mile down the road sometimes. not it is all the time. what is wrong? all of the gages on the dash stoped working aswell

ve cylinder