My maintenance required light blinks on and off when I start the car. In three seconds, it disappears. What does maintenance required mean? Do I need to get an oil change or tune up?

did not put antifreeze and is overheating also it blew out some caps from somewhere

I uesd shovel to clean ice on my car bonnet. it cause some scratch. How much moeny for repair that scratch. (by paint)
the color is black.

The rear wiper arm on my 2010 CRV broke off near the base. I need to remove the remaining piece of the arm. I have removed the cover and the nut, but the arm is on so tight I am concerned about forcing it off. How do I remove the arm so that I can replace it.

heater only blows hot air thru one vent - all other vents blow cold air.

My Honda CRV kept dying after initially starting up. The Idle speed was very low. The repair shop told me it's the idle control valve. How much does it cost to normally replace these?

I have noticed the very irritating vibration (in both seats with it worse in the front passenger seat)especially when our 2008 is idling with the brake on in any position but park. It vibrates to a somewhat lesser degree when it is being driven. In addition, our CRV gives a much rougher ride.

The repair was a major one with "certified" after-market parts required by our insurance company. I have read that many of the after market parts may not fit together well with the manufacturer's parts and that mechanics may find ways to attach them--sometimes through bending or drilling new holes, etc. in order to attach them. I wonder if our car has changed due to this issue.

We are also looking into things such tire air pressure, condition of tires, shocks, struts, etc. and anything else that is imagineable.

The service person at the Honda dealer said that the computer cannot be recalibrated to lower or increase the idling speed and that there would be warning signs on our dash if anything else was amiss, etc. He compared ours to his perception of "Honda CRVs in general". He wanted me to agree with him that our car is now very satisfactory. The only problem with his generalization is that we KNOW OUR CAR and that we HAVEN'T gotten the car that we know--BACK. If anyone out there has ideas about some other options for us, I would be very GRATEFUL! I have a back problem that is aggravated by more than minor vibration, so this is pretty urgent. We don't want to have to sell our car, which is now just 3 years old.

i have a 2006 honda crv put new tires on and car started pulling to the right after about 2000 miles i went back to discount tires where i bought the tires and they rebalanced and rotated the tires now the car pulls to the left any suggestions?

rotors and brakes were replaced 1,000 miles ago. Car vibrates terribly. took back to repair said needs rotors again and calipers replaced because they are rusted. after debate, agreed to honor warranty on rotors but pay for calipers. Should these have been checked when initial work was done?

I put in a new ditributer wires spark plugs and the car is now running rough.

how do i replace d4 gear indication light on 1998 honda cr-v?

My crv has to idle with my foot on the gas for 10 min before i drive it otherwise it will die. Started about 6 months ago, dieing after i got less then a mile down the road sometimes. not it is all the time. what is wrong? all of the gages on the dash stoped working aswell

ve cylinder

when i get up to 60 mph the transmission makes a loud noise but it shifts good and is smoothe? any suggestions?

I have a loud high pitched hum that seems to coincide with the gas petal. It is the most noticeable at 55 mph. Honda thought it was a slight noise in the transmission, but not a problem... another mechanic thinks it is the rear differential, but it doesn't make the noise in a turn. I already had that done. Is this what happens when your mechanic of 20 years is no longer around? Help!

My car start and park about 5 min. and the Check eng light on , Check it and find a code P1399 ,after run about 10 min. Turn off the car and turn on again the light come off ?
what wrong in my car?

What kind of warranties can I find on the steering Rack from a manufacture?

how much to replace

Bought the car @110K and went in for inspection. I let the Honda dealership know there was coolant level issue. They performed an "exhaust sniffer" test and "confirmed" it was a Head Gasket leaking.
The shocker is, when I asked for a quote they said $1,200 to replace gasket and possible upgraded to $1,500 if the head is warped and needs to be machined flat.

Is it defintively the head gasket based on their test?
Is that too high a price?
Can I do the work myself?

Thank you.

instrument lights on no clicking noise dosn't turn over

i cannot remove key unless i remove battery cable

no code or check engine light.

When changing oil & filter where do you turn off maintence light?

losing coolant

check engine light comes on,will run a little rough,code says misfire,changed plug wires and spark plugs,no change,

I am having problems removing the inoperable power transistor on my 2001 Honda CR-V. I don't know if I have to remove the lower part of the blower unit in order to release the power transistor. The power transistor base is under the plastic top part of the blower. Held in place by two screws. I would really appreciate any instruction you can inform me. Thank you very much.

New Year's day my car wouldn't start. First time. The lights and stuff come on but the engine won't turn over. Tow driver (a mechanic) says the starter is not connecting to the bender.

Symptom: when starting off engine runs fine through normal automatic gear shifting. Once warmed up then stuttering of engine starts at about 3000 rpm when shifting into gears. Its not transmission though since I tested in driveway and verified while in park engine will stutter if I rev it to 3000 rpm. The other test was turn engine off and start it again (right away) to see if stuttering was still there which it stopped again. To me it seems as if it could be related to the inboard computer and how it controls the air gas intake mixture but why it is related to a period of time unless it is collecting data and self analyzing it. Any help is appreciated

Left side speakers do not work. To replace harness & speakers is $650. Dealer said they were corroded.

Code is vtec 1259. I need to replace the vtec solenoid. What is a reasonable price--I've heard estimates that seem off the charts?