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After taking the master cylinderfrom the clutchandreplace it with anew one ,the clutch pedalstays on the floor without any pressure after doing all the steps of bleeding it and putting the new parts and brake fluid. C...
The reflector light is broken of the bumper. Do you have to remove the entire bumper to replace the light?
my car wont release the key what can i do???
I hear the rattling noise when I start to accelerate, and continues to make the noise even at high speeds. This problem just started yesterday. It sounds like something is bouncing around in there, but can't find th...
The car just stop and is not start there is no fire, I replace the distobor and the crank shaft senseor by nothing seems to work
The drive light in my 03 honda cr-v is flashing when I drive what might this mean?
Windshield Wipers range is too far. They hit the bottom of the windshield and come close to flying off the drivers side of the window. Please advise on what the issue could be? Was thinking something in the LINK secti...
what is the reasonable labor cost to replace the bushings?
How prevalent is the compressor problem and is there anything that can be done to prevent the problem?
My new key won't program and now the VSA light comes on when I try to start it.
I also just recently have tried to program my new key
The drivers side window on my cr-v won't come back up. It sounds like the motor is running, but the window won't come up. When I took it into the dealer they said the motor needed to be replaced because the teeth in ...
My mechanic thinks I may need an engine coil repair, i was just wondering about how much this should cost
When does a CRV Honda need to have its timing belt replaced and how much does it cost
How do you Change the water termostat?
hello, try to replace my air conditioning belt an found out that there are some kind of engine support that goes from under the AC to the inner fnder, do i have to remove it to replace the belt?
After changing the front pads and rear shoes, I noticed the brake pedal was very soft and almost touching the floor board. I thought the brakes needed bleeding. Once I released the valves at the front left wheel and t...
it was observed than when the cruise cntrol is switched on fuel consumption is high.
rear door lock is jammed. cant release the latch. how do I repair
What does code 133 refer to?
How do you remove the lens from the license plate light bulb to replace the bulb?
I just recently purchased a Honda CRV. And it appears that on both of them the locks a car doesn't work. Am I doing something wrong? Gordie
I found this to be flashing today, while the car was in park. The manuel appears to indicate it may be a transmission problem. I have 101,ooo miles on my car. Is this expected for wear and tear? What is the usual cost...
How to replace a rear main oil seal ?
I was told that I had to replace catalytic shields, the job cost $240.Now I am told the front caliber brakes need replaced ($410.). All maintenance has been done by the dealer. I feel I am being taken advantage of.
I have a blinking check engin lite code is wheel sensor 2 intermittent crt. what wheel is wheel sensor 2
What is with the ABS on the 2007 CR-V? I completely lose the ability to stop when I drive on snow. This happens all the time, even at very low speeds. I have taken it to my Honda dealer and they say it is normal. Is...
My Honda CRV has constantly wet front carpets. The body shop did a water test and could not see where the water was coming in. We have had allot of snow lately and it get wet when it snows even when I am not driving i...
the speed indicator works but the odometer and trip does not work