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Happens especially on cold starts. Belt and water pump just changed.....immediate engine problem.

When I make uturns or any tights turns it makes a groaning sound. Regular turns are ok

(1) Would you please describe how many 'drive cycles' I need to complete; and (2) describe the actual 'drive cycle' to me. Hubby out of town and my registration has expired and I need my car!

It only happens when I turn on the a/c. Drives great. Called a mechanic and they told me it was a bad a/c compressor.

recently had idle sensor replaced, but did not help. I know it is time for 150K service, but check engine light came on as well. not overheating and runs fine except when I stop. Almost dies each time

Compressor has been replaced. Too much pressure is building up and the Expansion Valve needs to be replaced.

need auto shop address near redmond WA.

It runs great except for the stalling. we have had 2 oxygen sensors replaced,catlytic converter replaced, throttle body cleaned out, switch replaced, coil replaced, check engine light is still on and still stalls and will not take gas like it should.

is there any corralation with a full gas tank and check engine lite coming on?

My car a 1997 model Honda CRV was observed that engine has to reach engine rpm to 4000 before shifting to another speed.

The problem occur when the vehicle is running at a sustain speed of 100 to 120 kph. No indication on engine overheating but temperature gauge indicates an intermittent rise in temperature. This causes also the warming of AC system when temperature gaute starts to indicate rise in temperature.


Purchased my 1999 CR-V 106,000 miles in November 2010, Transmission was slipping a little so I had the transdmission flushed- no futher problems for 2,800 miles now all the sudden at stop sign it wouldn't move finally went in gear, stopped at red light same thing got home now check engine light is on

The car runs hot when the ac is run for long periods of time when the car is stuck in traffic.

what caused the Vsa light to appear on dash board?

Recently, I have had timing belt, all other belts, water pumb, oil filter, Sensor cleaned,fuel filter changed,all done to this vehicle. Since then, it has the tendency to not start especially if the air has been on. It also tends to stall when put in forward or backward motion. But it was running ok once it gets going until yesterday it quit on me while driving. It did the same thing today, just quit on me driving down the highway. Do you have any suggestions?

How much should it cost to replace the clutch in a manual shift crv

Should the security system indicator keep flashing for as long as the vehicle is locked. I never noticed it before but have seen it now.

have others complained about front end noise related to four wheel drive? it is getting worse and rattles a lot.

Drive about 25 miles after Fueling Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL), Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) action Indicator and VSA TURN ON (all 3 yellow lights). Motor start to reject gas even to push gas pedal.
Has to stop and turn off the Motor for about 3-5 min and then restart again. Motor will become normal and MIL light will stay for one day.

Car shakes when it accelerates over 40 mph and has a burning smell. what could this be?

my ac seems to work ok when car is moving but does not get cold when car is idle. when car is idle i can heara clicking where the fan is. temp gage also rises if i am idle and the ac is on

When backing up,, my brakes are squealing....????

The rear tires are tattering on the inside, causing big knots or bulges on the tires

how does one replace the bulbs within the dashboard

I was all set to purchase a 2006 Honda CRV EX, when I realized there are no armrests in the center for driver and passenger! Is there an accessory part that I can add to the seat? Seems like this (and the cruddy stereo) are the only things I do not like about this vehicle.

Vehicle AC fan stalls and dash light dim when I slow or brake.

This has been occuring quite regularly. We changed the fuel filter thinking that may have been the problem, but after a few miles of driving, it died again ... and again. It starts right back up immediately and may go for a few miles or farther, but eventually it dies again.

What are the maintenance reccomendations at 30,000 miles? Note: it's also at the 3 year mark.

When it rains, my 1999 Honda CRV's windows fog up and never seem to clear up even after the vehicle warms up. What should I do?