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I took my car out today and as I was pulling out I realized that whenever I turned the wheel it made an awful noise. Once I opened the hood, it became clear that power steering fluid was extremely low. There are quite...
when the ac wasn't working in my car, i went to auto parts store to put some freon but it all came out, the guy in the store told me it was a leak, but a friend told me it was ac high volume. i have no idea what he is...
a/c makes bad nosie when turned on
ac doesn't blow hot nor cold. Blower motor just wont run. Motor is new. Fuses are good. There is power to the motor but I don't know how much it should have to run.
what type of glue/epoxy/adhesive can be used to put this light back in place. I've tried 5-minute epoxy and it only lasted a few hours.
At 1500 RPM the vehical runs very ruff but only at that RPM. Honda has no idea whats wrong.
behind glove box? any inside tips when replacing filter? THX
51K miles. I just noticed a chirping sound (does not vary with speed or braking) that is most noticeable going over light bumps (like pothole patches) at 5-10mph although I've heard it at higher speeds. It literally...
driver door lock mechanism,will not unlock with key and buzzes real loud when you lock it with the key or with the door button. thanks,
I have 2010 Honda CRV. It has a little over 3,000 miles and shows 60% remaining before oil change. Is the first oil in a new CRV a breakin oil? I usually change oil between 3 and 4K. If there is breakin oil perhaps ...
PurchasedCRV-EXL July 16 - I feel like the air conditioning is not cold enough. I set the temperature on 70 degrees and I can fell warm air mixed with cool air. I have to turn it down to 62-65 degrees in order for m...
Honda CR-V 2009 Hi, yesterday I was passing a wire throuh the rubber tube between the driver door and car body and I think I might have pulled a wire to much, because while I was doing so, I could hear the lo...
air doesn't come out fast anymore
While driving over 40miles once break is touch the steering wheel begins to shake
should timing belt be changed as part of pm. what is the cost
I hear a knocking sound coming from front of car every now and then. Lasts about 15-20 seconds. Sometimes happens when driving and sometimes when stopped. Air conditioning is on when it happens.
no problem yet, but don't want to risk damage to engine...67000miles now.
no problem at this time. Car has 55,000 plus miles
no problem now. Car has 55,000 plus miles.
no problem now. Car has 55,000 plus miles.
no problem at this time. Car has 55,000 plus miles
My car has been running fine until today. I felt it jerk when I was driving down the highway. I pressed on the gas pedal but it wouldnt pick up speed, then a few seconds later it was fine again. Driving down the hi...
estimate for replacement of trailing arm bushings?
When does the timing belt need to be replaced?
Battery died and when charged and reinstalled, radio would not work. How do we get the reset code without having to take out the radio?
where is it located. what does it look like and I believe there is a gasket. How can I find schematics
I have to replace the upper radiator hose so I have to remove the 2 clamps. How is that done?
Right after purchasing my 2010 Honda CRV, the battery went dead after sitting for less than 2 days in my garage. Charged it up, took a fairly long trip, then let it set again. Started right up, drove it about 100 mile...
On a very hot summer afternoon (temperature was close to 100), I drove my 2008 Honda CR-V about 30 minutes longer than I usually do and stopped at a traffic light. I felt the vibration first and then saw steam coming...
There is a howling sounds on the rear tires.Sounds like one is running snow tires on the back tires This 4 wheel drive.