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It work's when i pushed the overpass button. it was working fine i just replaced the tps sensor also clean the whole trottle body and after that this happen's i wonder if it's related please help me
It has about 250000 miles and check engine light came on and I lost power. Mechanic says timing chain. Is it likely that it damaged the engine when it broke? If so, what price range am I looking at to repair?
Honda Civic LX Sedan - 2014: Is it possible to remove bottom of rear/back seat for installing car seat covers
The radio will sometimes work as it should but more recently it has a mind of its own. As the car warms up, the radio will change inputs. After 15 minutes of random change, it will stay on the selected input. When the...
Sometimes when I start my my car the engine temp gauge will go to the hot range, then return to a normal range. Is this a problem?
It seems to come from the F right wheel. Sometimes after I hit 40mph it stops screeching when I apply pressure to the breaks.
coil 4 was misfiring. But when i swaped the coil with another cylinder, the coil was fine. every time i put a different coil in cyl. 4 it misfires. what could be the cause for the misfire other than the coil and spar...
Towed car home, removed all old parts, purchased new parts. How do I set up the cam gear to be in time with crank pulley timing. Car was running 65mph on highway when belt broke. heard no banging noises when belt broke.
this all happened after a new car radio went in have very little power to the car now speedometer stuck on zero drive 4 flashes car barley drives goes maybe 5mph with pedal to the floor what causes this
What is the drive cycle to reset the catalytic converter?
Can a code p0705 cause sputtering while excellerating with a cold motor and then run fine once the motor gets to normal operating temp? I had several misfires and gave tune up, replaced fuel filter and the ect. The on...
sometimes intermittent is it the speedometer or sensor or both rough estimate costs does dashboard have to taken off
I bought a 92 honda civic 4 door car from a buddy that has headers rebuilt motor and cams and stuff we'll I had CBC axel changes on drivers side done today we'll I picked it up And I'm leaving to go home to arizonia a...
Washed car, under hood as well aprox 30min later engine stalled, restarted once for aprox 30 sec and died again for final time, did a lil troubleshooting on site I have fuel pressure, (I took the line off of the fuel ...
this car was recently in an accident that caused the air bag to deploy, we installed the new ones and figured it'd reset on its own after installation that wasn't the case maybe we missed something?