We test drove a 97 Civic which shuddered briefly when accelerating from a full stop, each time. Otherwise it ran like a top. I've read that this could require cv joint repair, replacement fluid, or a new transmission. How can we tell?

Had head gasket replaced by ASE certified master mechanic, now engine codes are P0401 (insufficient egr flow), Catlyst, and O2 Snsr. I didn't notice any smoke when the gasket blew, but now, even after the repair, the car has hardly any power. The car is my wife's 2002 Honda Civic EX 1.7 Auto 4DR. Any qualified help is GREATLY appreciated.

Quarts of oil needed to change oil and filter in a 2009 honda civi ex?

How do you squeeze the alternator out from behind the engine? I've removed the bolts and wires but can't figure out how to get it out from behind the engine. I've got air conditioning so its in the back of the engine.

How much can cost to replace the rusted brake lines on Civic DX '96?

the driver seat frame is cracked and the seat is tilted

My ac belt is squeeking at start up and sometimes while I drive. How do you remove the transmission mount to replace the belt?

MY Honda Civic Lx is running hot. I think i need a new radiator. The radiator shop said i need a need a water pump. But i took it to a mechanic and he said i didnt need one. The Anti-Freeze is running out fast, but there is no leak.

Tonight, i parked my car at wawa, took the key out and it was warm to the touch. the metal park was yellowish brown. just happened for the first time. parked my car at home and took key out and it was warm again.

The radio, sunroof, and the locks all stop working at once what could it be? We checked the fuses and they was not blown what else could it be?

I had a simple repair done to the air conditioning. When I left the dealership, the check engine came on, and the engine began to putt-putt. It almost stalled and then it would gain power. I took it back to the dealership and now they tell me it is idle valve arm or something like that. The cost for the part is over $300 and the labor is 2 hours. Could this repair be this expensive and is this a legitimate repair?

when the front breaks are applied it sounds like something rubbing against each other. It is even making noise when the breaks are not being applied

after it's started engine will begin to sputter and RPM's drop almost to a stall then it will run up and idle fine. It may do this 2 to 4 times and then it runs fine after words.

How do I reset the maintenance reminder light?

my 95 civic ex redline at 6000rpm which it is to redline at 7200 rpm i tryed swicthing it with a friend but it still does the same

I wanted to know, how much will it cost me, if i get my breakes checked, AC checked, as it does not have gas in it, and is not working and regular check up of the car, as I am gonna drive it for 1800 miles in the next week.

Also, suggest me the cheapest repair places as per rankings in Lubbock, Texas.
Thank you.


very excessive heat, replaced the cat/header assembly, replaced ELD, car is running very rough and putting out very high temp new cat got red why?

i have an oil drip from the bottom of the ignition coil, is it a complicated repair that needs a mechanic or can I do it at home/

My clutch goes to the straight to floor. I cannot get it in or out of a gear. It will start up though. So what can be the problem and with 234,000 is it worth fixing.

Is there a fix for a clutch that chatters on cool, damp mornings? It goes away after the car warms up.

my car turns off when driving for a while but when it does i let it stay there for about twenty min. and then it turns back on and all over again.

After a going to the market, I come back and start my civic and moments later it stops. It eventually started after tryng to turn it on a lot of times. This happens a lot. I changed the fuel filter and battery is new. What's wrong?

I have this car for 11years now. The problem is the distributor. The oil going inside the distributor from the engine I replace the o ring & the distributor cap rubber gusket but oil still going inside the distributor so that the reason my car stop when is in motion & can't start anymore if you don't remove the oil from the distributor. Sir, should I change the distributor a new one. Thank you so much sir, for your very kindness.

The air conditioning doesnt work. it only blows hot air. i took it to a shop to put freon in it and within ten minutes the air was hot again. There must be a leak

I bought a 1996 Honda civic a few months back and the car ran really good until I put high octane gas in, not saying that is the problem, but every since then I have run into nothing but problems. I have changed the plugs & wires, took it to a mechanic to get the check engine light to go off (the code was the catalytic converter), was told it was the plugs, put new plugs in, the check engine light would go on & off, so I took back to the same mechanic, who said it was the MAP sensor. He stated that 2 codes came up, the sensor & cat. efficiency. Well, that didnt work , so he changed the fuel filter, that didnt work, he wanted to readjust the timing belt, so I took it to another mechanic who specializes in Hondas, but he stated there was too much work done, i needed to take it back to the original mechanic. I took back to him and said to readjust the timing belt, but if that isnt the case, i am not paying!! Well, it didnt work, and I didnt pay, so now, I took it to the Honda dealer, who says they can diagnose it (of course charge out the wazu), wouldnt you know, it gets there and they can't diagnose w/o the check engine light on, which minds you hasnt come back on in about 1 month........ even though the car wouldnt crank for them and they had to push start it, they cant figure this out! Please help,I have exhausted every opportunity I know and nobody can figure this car out? For real? The car runs OK until the motor warms up and then it literally putt putts down the road. if you stop at a stop sign, it takes forever to get it to go, like it isnt getting gas, then all of a sudden out of nowhere, it takes off. I was told 100 different things it could be, from the cat. converter, to the oxygen sensor, to fuel pump, and the o rings on the injectors...... I was even told the car was a pc of junk and to trash it!!!!

I've got a grinding noise coming from the area around my wheels in my car. It is not like a grinding gears noise, nor is it like a brake rotor kind of grinding/whine. It is not consistent except that when I turn harder it tends to make noise more frequently. The noise has a sort of rhythm when it does make the sound. It happens in all gears 1-5 (I have a manual transmission) but more frequently in 1-3 gears when I do more turning or harder turning.

I took the car to the dealership (and I don't trust these guys) and they said that the noise is the clutch pilot bearing.

What kinds of noises do clutch pilot bearings make and about how much would it cost to fix? (My other problem with the dealership is that they looked at the car, gave an estimate, and then couldn't tell me how much of the cost was labor and parts. Not impressed considering it is supposed to be written up somewhere.)
Or does this description sound like something else possibly?
My friend who races cars said it sounds like wheel bearings or suspension problems, but that doesn't mean it's certain.

iwas driving last night when my bright lights shut off and will not turn back on headlights work fine what could problem be

If the A/C cools intermittently, is there potentially a "switch" problem with the compressor. If so, where is it located and can it be changed inexpensively?

Have a honda civic 2001 Ex what is the cause off check engine P1705 code and what is necessary to fix this.

how I do to fix code 1337 .