1995 Honda civic 1.5 litre. changed engines due to oil leaks & mileage. replaced water pump and timing belt did not move crank or cam while replacing, installed engine in car went to start and nothing, cranks but will not start, checked timing and I believe it is correct according to Haynes manual. Checked and have spark and fuel but it just cranks attempts to start but does not start.

How do I remove the drain box for AC to clean out sludge so it stops leaking into my passenger side floor?

What's a fair price to replace a heat resonator or heat guard?

just replaced the timming belt now it has a major loss of power . why?

does the crankshaft pully have a right or a left handed threaded bolt

overhesting have replaced, hoses, radiayor, thermostat , thinking it might be water pump need directions on how to replace pr do you think its something else?

i have civic 2007 every time changing engine oil i found only about 2 liter remaining while there is no any oil leake or evaporation from exahust, so is this common in this type of car

My car was running hot on my last highway trip. I had it check and was told to replace the hoses and radiator. Now I'm told I have tiny air bubbles in the coolant system. I'm told the head gasket is leaking. What is the cost to repair this? If

check engine light is constantly lit

My Honda is a 1.6L and has been a pretty good car until here recently. I was pulling out onto a highway and the engine kinda bogged down a little, i pumped the gas pedal and it eventually took off with no problem. I was then drivng down the road about 15 minutes later and the engine bogged down again, cut off and i coasted to the side of the road. Now the car will start when you disconnect the air filter tube from the throttle body and cup you hand over the inlet just right....sounds wierd i know but it does help it start. After it starts it idles fine...no miss or jerk but when you push the gas pedal down about halfway it loses all throttle response and just dies. If i apply the gas real slowly you can rev it up as high as you want, but if you push the pedal down fast it dies. We have replaced the fuel filter and the fuel pump. We belive it might be the throttle position sensor. If you have ANY advice please help thanks Phillip


My high tail light in my 2007 Honda Civic EX is not working. The dealer wants $200 to fix it! Other options?

I was told by me repair that I need to replace them.

I see the words "CSC was received" under the recall notices. What does this mean?

How much does it cost to replace ac expansion device and where is it located in car.

My Honda Civic needs 4 new tires in a size 16. My friend has 4 new tires/rims in a 15. Can I safely use the smaller ones?

trying to buy gasket,dont know if one or two piece need to see picture

My car has been having an idling problem for the past few months. Whenever I am stopped at a light, stop sign, or in park, the engine rpm's drop to about 200-300. Yesterday, when parked-car was running, I heard a steady clicking sound from the engine. I popped the hood and found the sound was coming from where the timing belt is located. I got back in the car and gave it a little bit of gas increasing the rpms to 500. The sound went away. I heard the sound several times throughout the day when while in park. I only heard the sound at about 200 rpms.
I went to a local mechanic.I told him about the problem and he came out and listened to the car. He said that whenever the car is idling at that low of rpms the cam and timing belt have a hard time working and that the clicking sound was "normal" for that low of and idle. He then told me some things I could do to fix the idling problem. Is this clicking sound normal coming from the timing belt at low, low rpms???


How do you replace a dimmer switch in a 1991 honda civic
where is switch located

Hello; My radiator coolant fan does not come on. I hot wired directly to the battery and it spins. Fuses check out ok. I want to test the fan relay, but I can't locate it on this 199

Interior thermostat at MAX! Pulled over and resovoir water is bubbling. Cooled down for over an hour, now no water in resovoir and raditor mostly empty but not try. AC fan blows but not coolant fan. Fuse to coolant OK. Hotwired motor and fan turned on. Now advised to check themostat/temperature switch and I cannot locate??? Please provide direction to a diagram to locate the switch??? Or any advice would be helpful.

break rotor and hub make noise and get very hot

Before deciding to spend all that money on parts and labor.

stops when driving. i have to sit for about 15 - 20 minutes for it to start up again, when i get it started and start driving it sputters, i then , while its is still rolling put it in "N" them it starts up, it don't last long. What could be the problem?

El Aire Acondicionado this Bloqueado , necesito Diagrama El párrafo Poder arreglarlo , gracias.

Automatic no reverse

The Honda dealer said I need new struts in front and new shocks in back, and alignment cost $1100.00. Another shop quoted me $866.52. I shopped around and some mechanics say I need 4 struts. I want to go with what the car is supposed to have. recommend shop??

adding quart /s in less than 1000 miles. had big service (timing belt, water pump, alternator belt, cam seal, oil pan plug, valve cover gasket, distributor cap and rotor, etc) at 104,000 miles. Still losing oil. Have changed oil and filter each 4000 miles but let oil get low twice and car recently overheated ;split radiator. Replaced with new radiator. Compression checked out ok. Running and sounds fine but still using oil and can't see where its going. not on the ground. miles 121,000 now. If shop didn't replace front main seal could that be prob? How costly to fix? Do the dye tests work to find leaks?

i am wondering if anyone can answer this question...
my car was recently stolen and recovered. there's no sign of ignition damage, but whenever i turn my car on but not to start it, i have no power throuh out the car. like if my car was off. could it be my ignition switch and cylinder?

My car is getting 25 mpg. so far I poured a bottle of cleaner into the gas tank (it was designed to be poured into the gas tank), replaced the spark plugs, replaced the air filter, and pumped up the tires. someone also recommended that i clean the mass air flow sensor so I bought a spray can of stuff to clean it with. the instructions are vague so I'm not sure how to clean it....any help would be greatly appreciated.