'03 honda civic. Low beams (both sides) stopped working but high beams are fine. Bulbs look good and so do fuses. Fuses are for right and left sides only. Any guesses?

I have an automatic 07 honda civic ex coupe. this issue just started with my car. This happens every other time or so that i drive the car. When i put it in reverse and press on the gas, my car shakes a little and makes a loud roaring type noise while i am backing my car up. As soon as i put it in drive, the noise goes away. Someone mentioned it could be a reverse apply band in the transmission. Does anyone know even an estimate of how much it costs to have the reverse apply band fixed? Any info would be appreciated.

driver side door won't lock, at all

my whole car is damage and i need to know how much will it cost me to get it fix and where

100k car ,which service i should do/

i have never replaced a water pump on a honda civic lx -1.6 engine and just need to know what's involved- i checked the price of the pump -it's only like 40.00 and i got an estimate of 220.00 from a repair shop-i need to know if i have to pull the timing belt as well?? if so would i be better off paying the repair shop the 220.00 thanks

Auto Zone's advice is: Failed ELD (electric load detector), what should I look for? Where is the location of the ELD?

it leaks onto my garage floor

at how many miles should i change my timing belt, and how much will it cost me?

My two passenger doors on my '97 Honda Civic are locked, like if you had the child proof lock on but can't open them period

what is the average cost to replace an engine labor only

My car is eating my tires! Then I learned it probably needs new struts. How much do they cost to replace? Do I need 4 struts or 2 just for the front? Help!


looking to flush motor with prestone flushing tee

How do I remove the front caliper bolts, there is a square washer that turns when I turn the bolt, it rides up against the husing preventing the bolts form being removed, I changed many disc brakes but never came across this, Is this to fix a defect or standard, need help please, dealer wanted 120 to just turn rotors.

99 honda civic dx 4dr keeps overheating.... i've replaced the thermostat and a leaky hose and recently the fan quit coming on and the lower radiator hose is not even warming up. the top hose is blazing hot however and I even rigged the fan with a switch to see if the fan was the problem and it is not there is about a 140,000 miles on it and i don't believe the water pump and timing belt has been serviced could the pump be the problem???

Maintenance required light comes on when starting the car, then goes off.

I can jump start my 1994 honda civic and it will start the minute i try to restart the car it won't start unless i jump it again will a bad alternator cause it to not hold a charge

I am trying to enter my 1989 Honda Civic DX but your drop down window doesn't go that far back..........

This was recommended by the Honda dealership.

Stop lights stay on after engine off, lights off and doors closed

i had a new radiator installed a few months ago and the car was running ok, with the radiator maintaining the antifreeze at the full level. Then I brought the car in for a tune up at another location. The mechanic said he checked all of the fluids, etc. Within a week, there was a steaming sound and fumes started to come out of the engine area. I checked the radiator and the fluid level was really down. After I put antifreeze in, I checked with both mechanics. The first looked at the bottom of the car and said there was no leak (no diagnostic check was done) and suggested I just put antifreeze in and it should be ok. The second said they had to look at it to determine the problem. I brought the car in for inspection. They said it might be a blown head gasket and would not comment further.

Please advise what should be done here. Tx.

side right window is not working at all. i love my honda!

1995 Honda civic 1.5 litre. changed engines due to oil leaks & mileage. replaced water pump and timing belt did not move crank or cam while replacing, installed engine in car went to start and nothing, cranks but will not start, checked timing and I believe it is correct according to Haynes manual. Checked and have spark and fuel but it just cranks attempts to start but does not start.

How do I remove the drain box for AC to clean out sludge so it stops leaking into my passenger side floor?

What's a fair price to replace a heat resonator or heat guard?

just replaced the timming belt now it has a major loss of power . why?

does the crankshaft pully have a right or a left handed threaded bolt

overhesting have replaced, hoses, radiayor, thermostat , thinking it might be water pump need directions on how to replace pr do you think its something else?

i have civic 2007 every time changing engine oil i found only about 2 liter remaining while there is no any oil leake or evaporation from exahust, so is this common in this type of car