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my engine check light come on while driving. what can i do to fix it
How much would a transmissin pump w/labor for a 2001 Honda Civic cost?
If I ride over a pot hole or manhole cover, it seems like I'm going to loose control of my car. the steering wheel becomes very shakey.
I have a Honda that the bright lights both went out at the same time. Could it be a bad wire on the switch? The fuses are still good and I have replaced the bulbs.
How can i fix the transmission shifting hard?
What Media do I use in my PC Card slot? it's part of the navigation system that also plays CD's.
procedure for clearing abs memory
Hi, I have a strange situation here. Yesterday the engine check light came on. I went to the local AutoZone and they checked the code with a OBD II reader. It came up as P0430- Cam shaft position indicator malfunction...
can the IACV (idle air control valve) be cleaned or rebuilt? i believe mine is not functioning correctly.
my remote or the lock button inside the car will open the passanger door but quit working the drivers door is it the lock solonoid
the air conditioner blows hot air when turned on. What needs to be replaced?
i have a 4 speed automatic,can ireplace it with a 1991 civic 5 speed automatic?
will my car overheat if i dont run the heater?
how to change parking light In side the beam
Would it be advisable to change the water pump and distributor cap and leads? If so, how much would that come to? Anything else that would be essential?
I own a 1998 Honda Civic, Manual Transmission. I got the car about two months ago and it has recently (over the last week) been failing to start. The engine will turn over, runs for 5 seconds and then quit. Fluid lev...
What should I expect to pay to replace the charcoal canister on the emissions system for my 06 Honda?
Is this a serious problem.... could it occur because I am about 500 miles over an oil change?
how do I know if the slave cylinder is bad?
After 3-5 min when car is starts a regular up & down on RPMs, not many maybe 500-800 increase then back to fault codes that would explain it, one o2 sensor,but it did it before that fault came u...
Trying to find top dead center. Changed head gasket and got the crankshaft pulley turned different from cam pulley. Is there a difference between the compression stoke and the exhaust stroke?
When I start my car with the engine cold, it starts up no problem. But as long as my engine is cold, when I shift into first gear and step on the gas the car shakes violently and barely moves forward. To get i...
when i turn on the head lights the dash lights go out.
Hey, Im the do it yourself kind of guy and I wanted to know how I could fix these problem and where they are located. thank you.
My radiator is trying fast in approximately 3 miles run. Why?
A year ago, I had a used engine replacement, new thermostat and all parts, from intake manifold and all needed headgasket replacement. Now, my car is running hot once again. Some guys that stopped to help me said that...
it has four vales that are loose
The break lights on my civic will not go on. I have replaced the bulbs and check the fuse. What else could keep them from working?
Where is the module (ICM ) located at on the engine or ?
why does it make noise when accelerating ?