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should i just have the engine replaced?
how much will it cost to fix a crushed front bumper?
engine overhaul cost
in every gear, when stepping on the gas, there is a lound knocking,pinging rattle that seems to be coming from the stick shift, and it stops when you back off the accerelator. Could it be clutch bearings or valves? we...
The problem occurred on Friday when i turn on the switch nothing happen . I have since gone to an electrician an he checked the fuse but said that no ground is reaching the valve that controls the gas flow. He is sugg...
car only blows cold air ,blower motor works,radiater is full. no lights come that indicate a problem. i'm thinking heater core or thermastat. any other suggestions
Looking for a diagram or instructions on the removal and replacement of the speed sensor
Hello, On Wednesday. My car got dented. I brought it to the shop and it had drivers side door damage the gas tank was damaged the hood was damaged. I was wondering how much would it cost for this to be replaced? ...
Two weeks ago, my honda stalled while driving. Would not move at all. I turned it off, and then on and worked fine. Took it to the shop.Couldnt find nothing wrong. Now while driving to MD, from Ny. Same thing car stal...
how to fix the noise that comes in to my speakers when i turn on my sterio
shock absorber replacment
I changed the oil and filter for the first time as the new owner at 12,600.I bought the used with 7500 miles on it and looking at the papers from the dealership it was changed around 5000 miles. This car has a sensor ...
When car is in park it ideals up and down also when driving at low speeds it putts
my maintanance milage needs to be reset how cn I accomplish this?
front end vibrates when braking and also vibrates above 60mph.
i just noticed that my gas gauge doesnt work what can i do
Its a 1994 honda civic 2 door car will not start has no fire.The ecu fuse is hot under the hood.
how can i install a new power window switch? my drivers side window and passanger will not work from the drivers side.
when i try to start the car, it seems to take a few seconds for the engine to ignight. also, when i am stopped at a light, the car seems to do a sort of jerk, almost like it is accelerating.
the cooling fan wont start,
My brake lights aren't working, and I wanted to check the fuses, but there is no book or diagram with the car; purchased used
my speed sensor does not work i replaced the sensor and the cluster i also checked the continuity and its good i don't know what the problem could be.
Hello, the hatch back lock on my 1998 honda civic is stuck. The key will raise and lower the lock "knob" and the exterior handle seems to have its full range of motion. I removed the interior hatch panel and I beli...
i cant find the fluid capacity anywhere... does anyone know how many pints or quarts a change will not reinstalling so dont need to fill the torque converter. thanks
Replaced the clutch no more than 5 months ago and now it is only catching 3, 5 and reverse.... what can cause this problem? Do I have to replace the clutch again?
How do you get the dasboard off to reveal the blower position switch connection to the cable? I think it is just unhooked.
I have a standard 1.4i engine in my civic i wish to change it to a 1.5 vtec is it a matter of changing the engine, ecu, and engine loom or is there more too it.
The alternator belt is squealing, did tighten the alternator but the belt is worn in spots and needs to be replaced, but I'm not sure what the steps are to replace this belt.
I have a 5 speed manual transmission and when I put the car into 2nd and 3rd gear I step on the accelerator and I can hear the engine revving but it takes a good 2-3 seconds to start going. And forget flooring the acc...
my 1997 civic blower/fan motor was running slow to non-existant. I replaced to motor/fan and it works like crazy good now but the air flow is not being directed out of any vents. HELP!