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according to chilton's, when the engine light comes on, there should be a code showing on those 4 led lights, but none flash although the engine light is almost always on, when light is not on it runs fine, is there a...
Just bought a 93 del sol, i can't get the radio/cig lighter to work-fuse is good, i didn't see a relay for these,what am i missing?
My 95 Del Sol starts but I am unable to shift it without releasing the switch and my power windows don't work as well as nothing on the dashboard-tachometer, speedometer, clock, radiator guage. The radio works and the...
oil light came on engine started knocking. read oil on the dip stick... think it could be rod do i check
how do i change the clutch slave cylinder on my car
no spark to the plug - replaced icm, ignition coil, cap & rotor, all bought from honda - still no spark - what did i miss? thanks
My brake lights stayed on after I 5turned car off-have done everything I could think of-finally disconnected battery -only thing that made them go off. What could be the problem? I just had to replace brake light bulb...
put new coil and wires and sparkplug timming is off how do u ajust
seems I have to pull the distributor to do this.....any suggestion?........thanks
What is the trick for compressing the rear caliper when replacing pads
My Del sol has approx 93K, when is it required to replace the timing belt. I have no issues with the vehicle. Also the bottom of the hood has been collecting moisture and rusting. I had Car-X strip and repaint, but...
How can I locate the thermostat on the 95 del Sol?
Exactly how much horepower do the factory 1.6 liters produce in the honda del sols
Where excactly is the lower raidiator hose located??
honda del sol back window are there drain tubes
3 weeks ago, when I started my car it made this noise. Boyfriend said it sounded like the hydraulic fluid was empty. Sure enough, it was. Refilled it. Car was fine for 3 days. Then began NOT wanting to shift. My ...
I have a 1993 red Del Sol and the rear spoiler is badly faded. The rest of the body is fine. Is there anything I can do to restore the paint on the spoiler only? Thank you
My 95 Honda Del Sol is currently stalling immediately after putting it into reverse. It starts fine. What could be causing this? I recently had a new timing belt and leaking head gasket put in. It was running great up...
Can I reset the check engine light from a code 41 and i suspect it might have been triggered by a exhaust leak. also, on a 95 honda is the O2 sensor just before the cat. coverter????//
I was told that my "clutch release bearing" was making noise and needed to be replaced. What would be a fair estimate of that repair? I was told the transmission needs to be pulled out to make the repair and that wo...
How difficult is it to replace all hoses, heater,radiator, and emmission?
How do I replace a starter motor
I just replace both the drive axles with brand new ones but the clicking sound still persists..did I miss anything? Please adavice. Thanks