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Do did the mechanic bang something while replacing both axles and knock loose a seal?
When I put the other one on I crossed negative with positive post, blew the main fuse so I bridged with a piece of wire it started but died . so replaced the main fuse now it start's but dies after 5-8 seconds check a...
Can't figure out why brakes are locking up after replacing front brake pads and master cylinder.
All my lights in my car work headlights, fog lights brake and reverse except the running lights and license plate light... we have checked the bulbs and they all work just no light coming out can anyone please help me...
i had the battery disconnected to take off the sensor. Once i replaced the sensor i tried to crank the engine and it would not start.
Marked distributor to head, it went in fine, starts right up and idle is fine but when I took it out for test drive it only goes 30 mph, no more power, what could cause that ?.
Leak test was run, in a leak was detected on the passenger side. tis problem occurred right after the alternator fail. a yellow smoked came out the engine while we were driving.
Changed plugs and wires, value cover gasket and gromites. No cil. No water in oil.cil light goes on and off .When the cil is on when I turn the car off it goes out and stays off for awhile
l thought it was the park brake when I pulled it up it became brighter. when I put it back down, it still remained red. what is this. it just came on yestweday 4 12 2015.
not sure what the hole thing is, but I see no visible damage. my car is lowered and there is possibilities of bottoming out or scraping but since I've had the car I haven't done either, the leak just started a couple ...
I was driving my car all day took it home to replace the distributor because it had been gettin oil in the cap causing to sputter, not thinking to jus change the Oring. Took the old distributor off replaced it with th...
When I put the key into the driver's side door, it doesn't unlock. It can't be moved to the right or left. Dealer told me that I would have to replace the whole part inside for $200+
Small sparks come from the distributor on my CRV. It won't start in the morning when it's really wet out side. I see that I can buy a distributor cap for it but I'm not sure if that would solve my problem or would I h...
It's a v6 ex 3.5 sedan.
I've seen ads for OBD interface diagnostic tools. I'm tired of paying mechanics for diagnostics. There are so many to choose from! Any suggestions?
I don't know which intake systems would be better for the car, can anyone help out please and thank you
It overheats when I drive more than 50kms. There is no water leaking into the engine oil. It has had a new radiator and water pump fitted recently
Car runs rich, surges at idle until warm
my car is broken down I'm fairly sure it's a transmission how much will it cost to repair or Rebuild transmission