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Not sure if its the starter or gas filter or what. I have changed the engine air filter and cabin filter about a year ago but thats it. I even took it to my local mechanic but it started fine evrytime i tried to dupl...
Cost to fix my Rear window defroster
When the car is cold it runs just fine. The temp gauge goes up and the heater will put out heat. Once I move the car the temp gauge will be reading right and then will drop to cold, but the heater will still put out h...
And now it won't start it turns over like it want to and all but it won't start the gas light was on at the time so I tried putting a little gas in but still nothing. And also I have a key with a chip and its broke do...
The ignition. Was taken out of the steering column and now car won't start.
After the car is warmed up, or driving around a while, the noise stops. Is it the steering wheel fluid?
i stated in here before i was wondering again maybe if my problem was in my electrical. i wasnt quite right on the last statement i made, (it had been about a year since i drove the car)i said everything but high drov...
I changed the water pump and it drove good for two days. Then drove 2 miles, got got, the coolant blew somewhere under the distributor. Notice oil, opened distributor cap and oil coming from inside and took the plug w...
My car was running just fine and now all of a sudden wouldnt start so I canged the fuel pump. I checked for a spark but there wasn't any spark.
all lights start flashing
I'm getting 12 volts to the coil.also replaced cap and rotor.what would cause the fuel pump to quit and what tells the coil to fire?
The key is not in the ignition. We noticed it when walking by the car. No pattern to it. Very random.
This is a regular, recurring issue. I have replaced the alternator twice, and the main relay once (under dash, left of steering column, pain to get to!). Battery tests good. Battery cables appear fine. I will be cruis...
Only when it goes over 60, it won't do it while driving in town. It won't turn off till I turn off vehicle
Someone helped us reset this at one time, but I can't remember how.
just came on, had the code changed, and the light went off, but a week later it came back om. the computer relayed 9-3 problem