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i checked all the hose's plus the pump and the belt how would i know for sure that the pump is damaged?
smell like gas sparkplug were black and wet of gas the check engine lite blink at the same time a big s on the dash bord started to blink need help
The door will not open ever. How do I remove panel with door closed? Should I take to dealer for repair? Expensive?
now I have a misfire on 2,3,and 4. I had a compression test done and all had good compression except for cylinder 4 , what is wrong with my car. please help me out.
I recently got a 1993 Honda accord and the door worked fine at first but now the passenger side door is stuck open. No matter how hard I try to close it it won't fully close. It latches somewhat (it doesn't open up wh...
The cd display does say CD-1 or CD-2 like it used to. Only cd and doesn't let me access aux
How to test eger valve and ignition output signal
I just got a jump for my 96 Honda Accord after work that I left on all day and after my starting the car back up my running lights won't go out.
Map light do no work. Switch is in proper position. Assume bulbs are bad but cannot figure how to change them.
Why does the coolant temperature gauge stay between 1/3 and 1/2 even when the car is turned off?
The lights will come on in the button and stay lite if working but these would flicker an not come on well our mechanic can't see anymore so we have got go find another on there is cracks in the back of these buttons ...
Hi Guys, Originally, the 1996 Accord LX would start without any issues. Then after traveling about a mile, numerous hesitations arose for the next few miles. It felt like it was starving for fuel. If I pumped the gas...
My 91 Honda ACCORD 4cyl with over 300,000miles....idles when turned on. Once I put it in gear I cant get any power it just putters and wants to die. I have replaced fuel sensor and a few other things that it "may be t...
The ignition must be in the on position for about 10 or 15 minutes before the engine will start. The coil doesn't seem to have good spark till then is it the ignition or the coil?
I took my 09 accord in to get smogged and oil change and the guys technician noted that the p/s output shaft seal is broken and it was leaking really bad. Back in July I had it serviced at local dealership and told th...
Car engine runs incredible, no problems with it. Just trying to keep this car in incredible shape for a long time. I read that you only need to get a valve adjustment if you routinely go over 6-8 RPMS... Any help wou...
I have replaced the nav. Unite new from honda it will not work I have checked fuses I have changed relay and bought a new disk for the trunk cd still don't work please help
My a/c compressor want go on either I have filled freon rt I jumped relay it works fine but won't work other wise the nav. Panel won't lite up
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