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I can disconnect the battery and the power comes back on untill you turn the key to engage the starter then it goes dead again
on alldata this calls for the removal of the drive plate cover and I can not find anything on how to remove this or what it is if I can figure that out the job should not be to difficult just not to sure what a drive ...
Took the car into a mechanic shop,to fix the fuel tank breather 15 minutes after leaving the shop the driver door dosent open never had this problem before.
at times when the car is in motion and brake is applied, the engine will be off and the car will stop. if you switch off the ignition and start the engine again, it starts.
door locks became sluggish at first and then quit altogether. When driving in the car and push down drivers side lock, all other locks respond. FOB still blinks running lights twice. Want to check this before replaci...
I have automatic transmission, and i think its stuck in Drive. So i can't start the car. Moving the lever doesn't do anything. So, i want to manually put it in Park. I was looking at online forums and people said they...
When i would give it gas it would do like it dont wanna go but when it would catch it would drive fine
My son's Honda has been throwing a check engine light for the last 8 or 9 months and we can't seem to get it fixed. Have changed the distributor cap, two different temperature sensors multiple times and the manifold ...
with new battery or a newly charged battery get all four gears and transmission works fine
I bought a speed sensor for the transmission
"94 honda accord, car was fine until i put it in reverse one night and she died. just like that, nothing. would not start back up, and dead as a doornail. i have replaced the alternator, rebuilt the starter, re-wired ...
For the past 2 weeks I have this starting problem. Sometimes the car start in 3 attept. Sometimes not. Sometimes when im driving it stops.
please provide a photo of the location or diagram
Car ran fine except for one time for a couple minutes 2 months ago. It is continually running rough now.