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It leaks a lot of water right above the oil filter I've been told two things that's is freeze plug and a pipe but idk what to actually think
My f22a1runs great when you start it from a cold start but sometimes when you take off and try to ease into the throttle it cuts out(almost like a cylinder misfire) but all cylinders are firing fine). It has a check e...
I have 160,000 miles on car. Problem occurs usually after it has run then it is parked for 10-20 inutes then the problem starts. When I press on accelerator the engines chugs as if choking or hard to get gas to engine...
Is there 2 computers? One PCM (for the transmission) and one for the engine?
Bolt housing is cracked all the way around the where the bolt goes to the engine
Front and rear brakes
The light does not read on the dash board nor the cruise control
it has a yellow spark and put a civic distributor in the accord
While driving usually when the car is cold. The car engine revs
The power steering is making a sounds, and I want to make sure it gets the proper adjustments.
Done fuel pressure check good on that. change distributor new plugs checked sensor under valve cover for screen plugging
Manual Up to date on maintenance Seems to run fine. Dad reset code and it came on after 24 hrs again.
well i did change the cylinder head gaskets and the whole nine yards since it was wasting coolant and heating up a little before doing the job the car except for the problem prior to the one mentioned before the car w...
Hi i just removed the ECU fuse from its box for 10 minutes and put it back on but i tried to start the car and now it wont start it only makes a clicking noise, i know its not fuel or starter it was running before.tha...
My CEL is giving out 10,17,22 and my D4 light shows 1,2,4 i know there is a speed sensor problem but my real problem is the automatic transmission having a hard time shifting, the Honda tries too much to shift and rev...
I had a body shop prep the front end and return it to me. I am installing the new parts and the new radiator but I cannot locate any transmission cooling lines that attach to the lower radiator. Where do these lines c...
The doesn't overheat.infact I recently changed the waterpump and the hose on occasion remains cold. Why cud this be happening
i have a accord 2010 i turn car on the srs light stays on and does not blink at all i but code reader it says there are no codes i disconected the passngerseat to see if the passnger light turnson so i belive that is ...
left and right turn signal gets buss sound on my 2995 honda accord. what is the issue and how do I fix it or how much costs at repair shop.
left and right turn signal gets buss sound on my 2995 honda accord. what is the issue and how do I fix it or how much costs at repair shop.
I am looking at ordering a complete Power Stop brake kit to help prevent known problems with 08 Accord brake problems.