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Oil leak with crankshaft, idling problem, crack in radiator
Also same question with radiator crack. All problems happened in short period of time.
Also crack in radiator could it be tampered with. Car repairs happened all at once in short period of time?
Transmission pulls a hill a little slow sometimes
I think its a solenoid problem its slipps in 1st an 2nd gear when in 3rd it drives without slipping but the rmp keep raising high like 5 an more just going like 35 an don't go down till I slow down an starts to downs...
This happened once before and I move the gear shift through the gears a few times and after about 20 mins. It finally started. This time it won't start at all after 2 days trying. I am stranded.
Also car doesn't inch forward when foot is off brake and gas pedal also brakes become very touchy and stiff
possible blockage, and my gauges were reading high pressure until i let out freon then they read normal but the compressor still wasnt kicking on. what am i doing wrong.
the condenser comes on but there is very little air coming thru the vents, it is full of freon or so the or atleast that is what the gages are reading. but it has very high pressure, like there might be a blockage. an...
or if I'm setting still with the engine idling then turn the a/c off the engine goes dead
Need catalytic converter covers, left engine mount, oil ring seal leaking. Wondering if I should get the car repair completed at this stage of its age.
I know some one with a 96 accord with bad engine good transmission. How hard is it to swap engines?
My car is honda accord 1997.. Its auto car having gear problem..D4 gear is not working well...then the car speed is not fast now..sometimes the car is stop during the running time..i need help..please suggest me
I had it towed to a place that originally didn't want to fix the car. They took weeks finding a used transmission. There was nothing wrong with the engine until I towed it to them.
I recently had my rotors done and the guy said within the next 4-5 months I'd need to replace the wheel barrings but every since he did the rotors I hear this click when I go from drive to reverse, and I just had the...
there is a popping sound on passenger side of car near the wheel when I from 40 to 50 mph.