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hi idle on cold start
door do not open everything looks good but still would not open.
It makes a lot of noise when I start it up on a cold morning.
can anyone please help me !!!????? lite's come but when i turn key not even a click battery ;
Any idea why the fllorboards of my '91 Accord DX stay wet? I can't see any visible leakes, and I have not yet checked the wheel wells for rusted holes, but after a strong rainstorm, the floorboards get wet and stay w...
i have a 1992 honda accord with 324000 miles on it, i keep it in the garage every night, each morning it starts at a very high idle around 1500 rpm, then gradually slows, it is a five speed. Do you have any ideas what...
Hello and thank you for suggestions. My car suddenly lost its purr while driving, and began to sound like an old car that barely runs. I was about 15 miles from home, so being a honda, I figured it was good until i ...
just did a complete tune up and my 1990 honda accord LX still son't turn over. what else could it be.
I hear squeaking near the timing belts but i know that its not them. Could it be the A/C thing?
Water has started to accumulate in the front and back passenger side floors of my car. It just started two days ago I noticed it. It seems to be plain water, no distinct smell or anything that I can tell. I did run...
What does the 100,000 mile service entail?b
the only change i have noticed is there is a scratchy sound at the front left wheel. specially when i turn to the right.i planned to go to a shop. after few days the maintenance reqired light is on. are these two thin...
replace front brake rotors
I have the panel loose at the bottom and sides but it is still attached somehow at the top near the clock. I don't want to break it by putting more force on it. How is attached at the top?
My mechanic states the egr valve opens sometimes? The mechanic states after my oxgen sensor is replace and my port unclogged, the car should pass the smog test. Thanks CA
what is the estimated cost to replace the 02 sensor in a 1997 honda accord se?
I need to replace the clutch in my accord and was wondering how difficult it is? I am a mechanical engineer and a mechanicaly inlined person. So I was wondering if this is the kinda of repair I can take on my self?
I've been told I should change the transmission fluid. The car has 67,000 miles on it. The check engine light is on but I cannot figure out why. I put gas in it and the light goes off for about a day.
When my car go through raph road, bumpers or when the car body was shaking, there's always noise from the door rubber. What should I do?
I am driving to the east coast from colorado what is the danger if I have a bad rear wheel bearing.
how to install or check wiper motor?
is it due to cell phone charging device/
I own a 1996 Honda Accord LX and my car is loud especially when accelerating (a roaring sound). I have had my muffler replaced and had the wheel barring replaced on the right side but its still loud and very nerve wr...
I accidentally hit the car underneath by going on a center median in the middle of a parking lot (it was almost like a sidewalk-but diving the center of the parking lot) and the plastic from the front (underneath)came...
how do i compress the caliper cylinder back in when changing the brake pads and rotors. do they push in like most gm cars or are they a screw in cylinder and wich way would it need to be turned to compress it all the ...
My timing belt went out. i belive
Hi, The gear knob of my Accord has come off. How much cost will it take to get it fixed?
My dashboard lights won't turn on, however the turn signal lights, the 'park, reverse, drive,ect.' lights work, and also my tail lights don't work. I replaced all the fuses, I checked the light bulbs for the tail ligh...
Should my valve cover gasket be leaking at 51,000 miles?
I have a 1990 Honda Accord Ex with 262,000 miles. When the engine gets hot, the car tends to have acceleration failure. Pressing the gas pedal decelerate the car and it will not normalize itself until I stop and start...