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It will come on even if the car is turned on and back off. It is running the new battery down
I've done all the fuel treatments(seafoam&tectron). What could it be?
I have replaced the ignition switch and key lock assembly. I get 12 volts on the battery as I checked it with my multimeter. What happens is that I can turn the key and nothing. I turn it again and a couple of times l...
When I Turn The Key Over, It Tries To Crank, But Wont. I Have Found That If I Turn The Key To The On Position & Just Wait, It Will Eventually Make A Noise, Which I Believe Is The Fuel Pump From what I Have Read. Then ...
Has gone into gear before, but mostly makes a grinding gear noise. Auto trans
passenger driver side does not open from inside or outside the car, and we to get it fixed, but door handles do not work
the pedel travels much to far before engageing. thanks for helping
I guess honda built a safety mechanism in the ignition switch I just wanna know if that's what it is. There's power but it won't turn over or go into gear.
Changed termostat from 170 to 180 works fine,flushed heater core not dirty engine tempere gauge works fine control temperature knob moves fine ,just takes long to get heat 99 accord vtec.what could be wrong engine is ...
I have 94 Honda accord some times while driving down the road I will hear a clicking noise in my dash and the engine will die majority of the time I can put the car in neutral turn the ignition of the it'll fire right...
It's crack where tha manifold meets the motor bolt housing
Is there a difference between abs nd the (abs) in like a bubble because mine is just abs
It also gets stuck in park but you told me that either adjust or replacing the brake switch will fix that but does that have anything to do with the gears not shifting?
the coils good, distributors new and good, its got spark and new plugs, fuel system relay is good and new, however it still doesn't want to start, but it wants to...what do I need to check or do...
I got a p0740 code and turns out my TCC Solenoid is to blame. So I pulled out my multimeter and tested it, both ohmed within spec and clicked when given positive charge. I only experience this problem for the first 20...
it only does when doing it when driving i already did oil change and major tune up
Happens intermittently and usually under acceleration.