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Fuses are fine...dimmer is turned up..check engine light abs and D3 and D4 lights all work..but behind speedometer, fuel gauge, and thermometer all wont work. Any ideas!?! Im clueless!!! Thanks.
We have a 2003 Accord EX 4 Cyl...two days ago the car started fine, yesterday when we tried to start it you could hear the engine trying to start but it wont. Today a friend came and he said he could hear the fuel pum...
does this happen to all 2006 models or am i the lucky one
they say it is my transmission going out.I would like to know do the transmission make the speedometer stop working.
Whenever I went to start my car one day it started up just fine, whenever I went to put it into reverse all it did was make a whining sound but it didn't move at all! But if I put it into drive it will move and sounds...
Especially when I slow down, stop at the light or most times when I climb a little hill
We are unable to completely lock the hood. The letch under the hood works fine, but the letch under the dashboard, once pulled to unlock the hood, does not catch to lock the hood once the hood is dropped to close.
This car has been packed for sometime. Change battery but car wouldn't start
My check engine light is on. Car runs fine, but is in limp mode. Cant rev over 3000 rpm. Plus every now and then the instrument lights flash all lights, but engine continues to run fine.
door actuator sticks
Have replaced fuel pump n fuel filter. It will decelerate and cut off. After a while may be a day it will start a drive maybe 50 miles n do it again....HELP!
I took it to a mechanic and he told me it was the main fuel relay switch, I replaced it and still having same problem then he goes to say it must be going into vapor lock. How can I be sure this is the problem?
Son has a 96 Accord Value model, 160k miles. Yesterday the check engine light came on, the speedometer stopped working and then the car stopped accelerating while driving. All power stays on. If you stop the car an...
My motor mount had broken inside the block i had it change but the motor mount is rubbing against the power wheel pump in also look like the engine is leaning a little plz tell me whats goin on
mine is a standard i even tried to pop the clutch but that doesnt work at all, the engine will turn over but it wont catch, i tried to start it last night and it would creep as long as i kept my foot on the clutch and...
Will not engage into 1st. gear from a dead stop, like a stop sign, always takes off in 2nd. then shifts in the higher gears OK. Would that be one of the shift solenoids...Thanks
I had a mechanic replace the timing belt and water pump. The day I picked it up, the car did not start. It would engage, like the lights came on but it would not turn over. The mechanic said, "Oh, it's ok. It just nee...