the tacometer spiking, and the motor has hesitation at higher speeds. The repair shop replaced the fuel filter 4 days ago problem is back.Also i found the car runs better with a full tank.

car starts fine but could not accelerate- moving at less than 5miles/hr. parked and restarted again after a few minutes; noticed lit icon on dash display (left driver side) indicating door ajar - I re-closed the door; and attempted to drive - works fine. Is it a safety feature or a coincidence and needs to be taken for repairs? Please help!

how much should it cost to swap an engine in a 2003 honda accord 2.4 dohc

I had it changed Sept 2009, should it be changed again soon?

had my timing belt replaced two years ago during maintenance. Recently had problem with faulty spark plug wires. They were replaced and now I need a new water pump. Since the timing belt is two years old, does this need to be replaced again? The car has approximately 170,000 miles, but has been a great car! Just want to be sure that this service is really needed since it was replaced two years ago.

Where is the fuel filter located in the motor of a 1991 Honda Accord LX?

I just had brake flude flush. After have fluid flush my car started making grinding sound. Is there anythig possibly done wrong during flush?

Can I change this fuel filter myself at home?

i`m trying to find out if my alternor has gone bad, what does it means if your car won`t start with a good battery in it and someone is giving you a jump off and your car still will not turn over or crank

190,000 miles. Not getting fuel to the engine. What is the chance that the fuel pump has stopped working? Can a fuel filter become suddenly entirely clogged? Is replacing the pump something that should be left to a mechanic and a shop set up to do it? I think you have to drop the fuel tank to get to it.

Your estimates of transmision fluid change do not specify if the service is draining or suctioning the fluid. The suctioning is much better and costs more! Don

car pulls tto the right when braking. and sudders a little. Dealership say SR work needed but mot sure what that means. Not sure what needs to be done of all the items listed on repair list. What does a "brake Job" consist of?

I have 2004 Honda Accord EX Leather/navigation/Satellite. Problem started 2 weeks back - If I set the temperature to 58 or above, the passenger side vents are blowing hot air, while driver side is cool air as it is supposed to be. However if I set the temperature to less than 58 i.e. 'Lo' setting, passenger side does blow cool air though not as powerful as driver side.

I tried the settings in manual mode i.e. without using 'Auto' feature. Same is the issue.

Appreciate your help,


While driving my car it would shut off so I would have to pull over immediately. I researched and found there was a recall on the ignition switch. It was replaced and drove fine for a long time. After losing my job my car sat parked for several months. When I finally needed to use the car I had a problem getting it started. The battery was replaced and it started up fine. Now when I crank it up it drives for a while then shuts off. It usually takes a while before it starts up again then it shuts off immediately. Please help. Do you think its my fuel pump or another defective ignition switch? The spark plugs were replaced and my car has a new computer(2yrs old). There are no strange sounds and I do not see smoke coming from the steering like the last time. Thank you in advance.

How often to replace--- If it breaks what damage

SRS light is on. How do we fix this?

I've noticed that my rpm hand only reads less than 1 rpm while idling. I have experienced no loss of power but it is even lower when the a/c is running. What could cause this and is it something to be concerned about? My Honda has a little under 200,000 miles.

the lights for the gear shifter and the clock don't work how do i fix them

i have the f22b1 model engine and it does not start but i see the number 2 cylinder spark plug gets burn marks as if a fire is lit but not an explosion from cylinder compression

My car had the front wheel bearings replaced.. Afterwards, the ABS and Triangle sensor lights came on and won't turn off. My mechanic checked my sensors on all 4 wheels and they are working correctly. The code 84.1 after doing a diagnostic test states to replace the computer for the ABS? Help!! Expensive and this Honda accord 2003 has had nothing but problems.

today i was moving my radio wires around to cut off a ground noise, after that i restarted the car and the dash board doesnt work my guages dont work cant tell how fast im going .. gas,temp,everything... and the windows wont go up or down . and when in park accord doesnt wnna go into drive i have to use my key to move gear into N start it up then put on D or R is there any one out there that can give me an idea what it can be??? plzzz

Hello my name is mike and Iv owned a 2000 Honda accord LX 2.3L 4 cylinder VTec for about 2 years now, I have the following problem: I replaced both, the master and slave cylinder because my clutch was dropping to the floor, and was not returning back after shifting gears. After the clutch dropped it would block my gears which would lead the car to turn off, because I would have to step off the clutch. However never having a problem with the way my gears used to shift I encountered a problem after the cylinders were replaced. Now it is very hard to shift gears after stepping on the clutch and sometimes first gear gets blocked and I have to pump up the clutch in order for me to put it in the gear. Can you tell me what the problem is please?-Thank you in advance -Mike

It's not the battery, because radio works. I was told, by folks who don't work on cars, that possibly it's the starter or fuel pump. any thoughts? Won't turn over

car does not have pick up and feels like driving an old car. makes a jet ski sound

While driving my 1994 honda accord, the gear indicator for the gear I am in will start flashing. At the same time, the speedometer drops to -0- and will not move. What could cause this?

d4 light is blinking, and i check it with computer it says solnoied A is bad were is it located.


wiper fuse in fuse box location

After I drive for about 50 miles and shut off the engine, I hear the water gurgling. When I look at the overflow tube from the radiator to the resevoir bottle, the water is boiling out. While driving, the water temperature is normal.
Most of the time, when the water has cooled off over night, the resevoir bottle is empty so I fill it up about half.

I installed a new thermostat and bled the line but there is no improvement.

What is my problem???

car has no power when drive gear is ingauged also when shifting from park to reverse the shift indicator light on the dash will go out but the drive light indicator is still on even when in park or reverse does anyone no what the problem is can you help