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how to install or check wiper motor?
when i put trans into 5th gear nothing happen just spins loose not grabbing holdis this a repair or replace job?
is it due to cell phone charging device/
I own a 1996 Honda Accord LX and my car is loud especially when accelerating (a roaring sound). I have had my muffler replaced and had the wheel barring replaced on the right side but its still loud and very nerve wr...
I accidentally hit the car underneath by going on a center median in the middle of a parking lot (it was almost like a sidewalk-but diving the center of the parking lot) and the plastic from the front (underneath)came...
how do i compress the caliper cylinder back in when changing the brake pads and rotors. do they push in like most gm cars or are they a screw in cylinder and wich way would it need to be turned to compress it all the ...
My timing belt went out. i belive
After last winter, my car's A/C do not work well. When you open the A/C, some cavernous rale sound can be heard. Is it no freon or others error? Please some one could tell me the reason and how to deal with. Thanks
Hi, The gear knob of my Accord has come off. How much cost will it take to get it fixed?
My dashboard lights won't turn on, however the turn signal lights, the 'park, reverse, drive,ect.' lights work, and also my tail lights don't work. I replaced all the fuses, I checked the light bulbs for the tail ligh...
Should my valve cover gasket be leaking at 51,000 miles?
I have a 1990 Honda Accord Ex with 262,000 miles. When the engine gets hot, the car tends to have acceleration failure. Pressing the gas pedal decelerate the car and it will not normalize itself until I stop and start...
I was driving my car and it shut off and the brakes were really hard to push, I couldnt even slow down, and the steer locked up and feels like the power steering went out. I looked under the car and saw the coolant wa...
How many quarts of oil does it take?
Im thinking it time to replace cv joints is this a possiblety? Drives fine but very noisey!
I removed all the screws on the inside of the door the front panel does not come off the bottom of the door. how do I remove the front or remove the door?
when i disconnect the spark wire from cylinder # 3 there is no change in rpm, i have a spark the injector tested good, do' anyone have any ideas what i should do next i don't have a compresion tester i just took one s...
I removed lug nuts on my honda accord se and the wheel won't come off. I just wanted to rotate tires. I took the plastic cap in the middle off and only see a metal cap that cannot be removed. Can someone advise?
Inspected, recharged, by good mechanic. Does not perform at idle, but begins to perform as engine speed increases. Has worked fine until now at 52K. Mechanic says expsnsion valve or compressor. Your thoughts?
How can I tell if work was done as stated? I had rear pads replaced and rear rotors machined on my Honda. My car feels the same as before. What would the machined rotors look like?
Does the belt of chain neet to be changed on 4 cly-2.4 L
i want to know whats the problem with the a.c. that when its working in normal and i press the max button it still blow out the same as normal
hi i want to know whats the problem when i turn on the a.c. it blows out cold air like normal but once i press the max swicht it still blows out air but its still the same as normal
The mirror part of my side view mirror popped off and broke. Do I have to replace the whole side view mirror? Or can I purchase just the mirror part somewhere and attach it back on?
My car is making a loud noise while driving i was told it's my wheel bearings how much does it cost to change them.
My 2005 Honda 2.4 engine has 95,0000 miles. When does the timing belt need to be changed?