i recently left the country for a month and when i came back the car would not start. first, there was no sound or activity when i turned the key; the battery was dead and the positive terminal was severely corroded. but after replacing the battery and terminal, the car still won't start. now when i turn the key it sounds like it will start, but never fully starts. instead, the engine revs unevenly. it is not a grinding but an uneven sound. it will sound like it might just be starting, but then it dies out if i let the key go. any suggestions for where to start?

also, when i came back the alarm was set even though i did not set it, i thought that was strange.

My husband and I bought a 96 Honda Accord yesterday and we got in it after we bought it and the window doesn't go up or down you can hear that the motor is trying to put it up and down but it is not letting it go up or down can someone help me figure out what it is and what we can do to fix it because we need the window to be able to put it up and down. Please someone help me!!!

I was told my car has a california exhaust system.

the screen in the middle of the dashboard that shows the clock, radio station, and heat/AC control selection has gone dark.

What will it cost to replace/repair the problem

everything works, you just cannot see the numbers

does a 1992 honda accord fuel pump make a humming sound

po 441 95 honda accord v6

Is there anyway to get my radio's serial number other than removing it from the dashboard? Is there a universal code (backdoor) to get my radio working again? The silence is killing me !!

My car is heating up, the water circuit is full but the heat indicator is indicating to more than half in less than five minuets of running the car; i'm suspecting the water pump

I have a '87 Honda Accord LX. I woke up one morning to go to work, started the car, and found that my check battery light was on and my head lights werent coming on, so I took another car. Later that day I tried the brights and they worked but low beams still did not and the battery light was still on. I found that the low beams were burned out so the following day I bought and installed new higher quality lamps which worked. I had other problems with the car so I didnt drive it that day. The following day when I thought I had every thing fixed so it would be drivable, the low beams were burned out again without the car being driven. The battery light is still on. Ive checked the fuse and it is fine, i just replaced the switch, and the connections are fine. Any sujestion would be wonderful.

the shift lock in parking position and cruse control don't work.

...the old clutch does not support the power of the engine. The engine seems to over power the clutch a lot and there is definite clutch slipping. Easing up on power does help some but for the driving and traffic conditions, a clutch assembly change-out is very necessary.

check engine light is on, took it to mechanic and they keep getting a code for the distributor, we have replaced 2 already and it doesn't seem to get fixed, any suggestions?

What is a TSB and what does it actually mean?

Do I get to that from under the dash?

it stops at red lights or sputter and then speeds off.

Ther is a roaring noise while driving down the road sound like it comes from the tires the faster you go the louder it gets. I Front right and left axles have already been replaces. It sounds kinda like a 4 wheel drive going down the road.

code po441 incorrect flow

How can I replace power window switch in my accord?

how often should the power steering fluid be replaced?

when does the engine air filter have to be replaced?

the S light on my car came on and wont go off.when i get ready to pull off it act like it dont want to pull and will not change gears but it will drive good once i get going.What wrong


replace the hood

ac air flow at the vents is very low and at red lights it gets hot at night its cold but during the day its very hot replaced the ac compressor

my start making a creaking noise at the front around the passenger side wheel, i think it could be part of the suspension

my car will loose fuel pressure after switchin it off. i reprime it by switching it off and on repedidly and it will eventually prime back up. replaced fuel pump not the problem

Our is making a horrible noise when the car is
running. We are afriaid it's losing a bearing.

car idles up down, recently car over heated because of damaged radiator

car shakes when i apply the brakes to stop

can't enter the car on drivers side. door handle broken.