When I roll up my driver's side power window, it comes off the track and ends up outside of the rubber on the outside of the door. I live in San Francisco and would like a recommendation on where to go to get it fixed. Any ideas?

my car will not start if it has been in the rain, but does start after a dry day. What could be the problem?

my air warning light is on but my air bag has never deployed. a tree fell on my car braking the windsheild and busted the dash pad i replaceds it myself, how do i get the warning light to go off?

I recently purchased a car that I knew had problems and while I was driving it home on the freeway the muffler started shooting flames. I got it home (thank goodness) without any other problems outside of it not wanting to pick up speed. Supposedly the distributor was changed and that is the problem but when I looked under the car I notice the pipes from the engine to the tail pipe was glowing red..Fire RED! Any clues as to where to start?

how does four brake replacement normally cost?

I have what appears to be tiny shreds of paper coming out of my vents when the air is on. They cover the dashboard much like ashes from a cigarette would

i pulled to the right to avoid a deer and hit a curb i noticed the rim had a chunk taken out of it and my wheel was off centered how much would it cost to have the control arm fixed. does anyone know

I both the car used from a dealer about 6 months ago.

I do believe the dash board and tail lights went out when my son was playing with the stero. The stero has been acting up and is not locked into place. It has a little free play sitting in its slots. The stero is still working but the dash board and tail lights are still out. I have checked every fuse. Three times! Can it be the a relay switch?

Tranmission want pull in any gear. Should I have get used unit or rebuild old one.

the water and coolant is slowly disappearing from the reserve tank. 4 days ago the reserve tank was full and now it is almost empty. The temperature guage never goes up, but it dose seem that th engine is getting really hot. The major hose from the radiator to the engine was recently changed because it was bloated. How can I tell if the engine is getting hot or if a head gasket might blow. The reserve gets lower and lower.

My automatic transmission was rebuilt, including torque converter replaced. My transmission is now working properly, however, there is a noise like the transmission revs up. The noise wasn't there before, but you can hear it reving up. Any suggestion/tip would be greatly appreciated.

My dealer quoted $850 (or $765, giving me a 10% discount because I'm broke) to replace the timing belt (and associated belts, serpentine, etc.) and the water pump on my car. An independent dealer with excellent reviews on Yelp quoted me $490. I've never been anywhere but the dealer, but $850 (even $765) is a lot of money for me. It's important to me to get this right, since it should be the only service I do on the car for a while if it's done correctly. Should I go to the dealer because I know they have to guarantee their service, or should I try the independent dealer who's much cheaper with good reviews (even though I've never used him before)?

The car only has 65K miles on it, but since it's a 2001, the dealer says I should replace the timing belt now (and the water pump while the belt is off).

What do you guys think?

I was told that the front axle shaft needs to be replaced. The car does not click or have a steering problem. The wheel bearings were replace earlier with also ball joints. The car is still making a roaring noise at a high speed over 40 on the same area. What do you think is the problem...tire noise?

Imy car is getting hot really quick and I think its the thermostat but I am not 100% sure When i am driving it stays in the normal zone but when I stop like at a red light it jumps up to the H and the coolant is boiling out of the over flow tank. Is it my thermostat? if so how hard is it to replace myself?

why is the oil from my engine leaking?

transmission fluid was put into my clutch resevoir and i need to get it out so it does not mess up my warrenty

i think my altenator went out but my radio still works
does that mean it may not be my altenator

Check engine light always stays on NO codes turn it off to pass emissions which it does fine.This time car won't start.Cranks no spark but the check engine light and the key light which always comes on when you start it are not coming on..can still hear the key chime.It's not the ignition coil-replaced that since it had a burn spot and didn't trust it.Also new spark plugs.Thinking the lack of those 2 lights coming on and no spark must be related.Has never happened before

it's making a low groaning noise when i am slowing to a stop / and or totally stopped. some guy suggested timing belt. mechanic said he didnt hear it, and that my timing belt should be replaced because i have 100,000. can't he tell after inspecting it? how much will it cost approximately/

My car is making a noise when it is stopped. It is a high pitched groaning noise.could this be the timing belt? what is the approx cost?

I have a standard 5 speed and sometimes it starts and sometimes it does not. Battery is good, radio and lights turn on. Just changed air filter, oil change is upto date. Has all fluids. If it starts and travel few miles turn off it may not restart.?@#$%&*?????

car is trying to start check engine light on...someone said could be the fuel pump or something injector...can someone give me an idea if that is right?

My ac belt is squealing at times. I was told this pulley has a clutch. Could it be the clutch pulley is worn out? And can just the pulley be replaced? Does the ac compressor have to be removed to replace the pulley? Any help appreciated!

The car was running fine until yesterday. Now it won't start or even turn over. When I turn the key Ihear a single 'electronic sounding' click. I checked all the fuses and they are ok. Any ideas?

Honda has 240,000 miles with regular service done started sputtering and jumping while driving at various speeds. Distributer changed to include coils, egr valve cleaned, all wires checked for shorts, fuel pump checked out fine, ecu computer pulled and 2 others used to see if that was the problem, it wasnt. Spark plugs changed twice. Passed a compression test with flying colors. Engine light never came on and problem started randomly, and continually got worse. On our 6th mechanic (who is a wonderful retired Honda mechanic) and no one can find the problem. Car starts fine, no other electrical problems that have been noted. Any ideas?

Hey guys, when i drive my car it feels like its choking/hard to press on the gas just to get it passed 20 mph..but after that it drives ok when im going faster. any ideas thnx!

Cost to change Timing Belt, Motor Mounts, Wheel Ball Joints, Leaking Transmission and EGR Sensor (otherwise car runs fine)

My 1990 Honda Accord shakes violently when I press the brakes. I already know it's not the brake pads or rotors because they have been replaced. Someone told me it could be a CV joint (because it also clicks when making left turns). Could someone please tell me all the possible things it could be?

What would it cost to replace an alternator in a c1995 Honda accord?