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My car is making a loud noise while driving i was told it's my wheel bearings how much does it cost to change them.
My 2005 Honda 2.4 engine has 95,0000 miles. When does the timing belt need to be changed?
The button light comes on when the defroster is on. The button doesnt stay pressed in, it pops out.
The drivers side electric seat does not work to move the seat forward and backward. It still works to move the seat up and down and the tilting of the seat still works. What should I do?
honda heater core replacement diagram
Trunk cover is dented about 2" or right side at botton. Trunk cover still opens and latches. Dent runs up to where trunk curvs horizontal with ground. Desire to take out the dent if possible. No paint included.
Does the transmission fluid change also need the transmission filter change?
What do i need to do to take passenger side door panel off? I was just made aware that the passenger side door's latch fell off.So my question is how do I take the right side door panel off on the inside.
My car smells like gas whenever I put more than 4 gsllons in the tank and now the car is loud what causes this problem and what fixes this problem?
is it true only honda ATF-Z1 can be used or is there another in autoparts and which is it
where is the oil pressure switch located on my 99 accord 3.0
Are ther special plugs for a Tune-up? I ask because the first scheduled one is at 100k miles
My buddy changed my thermostat without taking the negative wire from the battery. Now my car wont start. I dont know where to look for the problem and what could've caused it
oil light is on
when i turn steering wheel it makes a winding squeaking noise,my power steering fluid is at normal level.
Where is the oil sensor located on the 1995 Honda Accord
I have 1995 honda accrd sedan and i replaced battery. after replacing battery, car stereo does not turn on. i checked fuse and fuse is fine. any ideas what can be wrong ?
Yeserday, my car started smoking out of the hood on the driver's side? I smelled a rubber burning smell. By the time, the tow truck driver came, the rubber belt that is around the alternator had split and was hanging....
opposed to relpacing the catalitic converter can hollowing it out work and if hollowed out will that cause more problems
Un sure what the problem is looking for common problems.checked fuses and bulbs already, and Im pretty sure that they went at the same time. My brake lights still work and my head lights and all other lights, just no ...
No cold or hot air available when switch is set to activate blower. No sign of life at all there.
how would I know if the coil is bad, there is not spark coming out out the coil
what does a l5000 miles check include
when does the timing blet need to be replaced.
The clutch is very soft and I have to press down further than normal to take off. It is extremely difficult to get the car in 1st gear from stop position.
My car shudders when braking from high speed. I know I need to replace the rotors - but which ones? Do just the front rotors usually warp, or is it all 4 that do? Should I start with just the fronts, then drive it to ...
Car starts every time, but it makes a rather shrill screeching noise. And it has been turning several times before starting up recently, although when I bought it a few months ago it started up on the 2nd or 3rd turn....
I have been told by two people the rack and pinion system needs replaced. both with very different costs. how much is ususal cost range?
Sometimes when driving car stalls wondering if this could be caused do to a rusted out catalitic converter