Hey guys, when i drive my car it feels like its choking/hard to press on the gas just to get it passed 20 mph..but after that it drives ok when im going faster. any ideas thnx!

Cost to change Timing Belt, Motor Mounts, Wheel Ball Joints, Leaking Transmission and EGR Sensor (otherwise car runs fine)

My 1990 Honda Accord shakes violently when I press the brakes. I already know it's not the brake pads or rotors because they have been replaced. Someone told me it could be a CV joint (because it also clicks when making left turns). Could someone please tell me all the possible things it could be?

What would it cost to replace an alternator in a c1995 Honda accord?

How much will it cost to replace the rack and pinion on my Honda?

where are the engine monts located on the 2002 accord ex and how manys are there/ are they all the same

When I brake, it sounds like a police siren behind me

when the headlights are on and i activate the power windows, the headlights dim

car shut down due to low oil pressure, how do you restart engine after filling oil?

need price of o ring replacement

How much is the price for changing the timming belt?

In the morning, when I first turn on the engine, I turn on my car heater. However, when I start driving, I begin to smell gasoline inside my car. When I turn off my heater, the smell goes away.

when does the manufacture recommend changing the spark plugs.

I have 300,000 on this accord. Engine mounts are bad. When I look online for Engine mounts for this car there are so many options out there and they all seem to be for this car. How can I be sure which ones are the right ones? And is one better than another?

can you put a motor and transmission from a 97 accord in another year accord my car is wrecked but my engine and transmission are great and i loved that car but having trouble finding a 97 body

Cannot pass my inspection because the engine light is on.

i parked my car in my driveway and when i tried to drive away i started the car but i could not shift to reverse(manual transmission) then i back up on neutral because the parking its a slope, after i tried to shift to 1st or any other gear and it wouldn't shift, but when the engine its not running it does shift......what could the problem be?

tcs light comes on after u start the car and drive for two miles. transmission feels like its fine. the check engine light stays on and the only code it will give is 0401.

When should I replace the timing belt and water pump, spark plugs? The mileage is 100,500.

I hear a high-pitched sound on acceloration when a/c is on. It feels like the engine drags. When I turn a/c off, it goes back to normal.

I have oil in the coolant,but no coolant in the oil. The head gasket has been taken off and machined and put back w/new head bolts.It was pressure tested and magnafluxed. W/in hours the problem reoccured. Again, oil in the coolant,but no coolant in oil. The mechanic changed the pcv? behind the firewall w/no luck. Less then 1 qt leaks and then stops. Help please.

how would a aautorepair shop test for a blown headgasket and what are the symptoms of a blow head gasket? in the automobile industry does a repair shop need written authorization to repair something on a car not previously discussed? thank you tara, san antonio

were is the knock sensor located

I am looking for an average cost (parts + labor) to replace my master and slave cylinders of 1990 Honda Accord w/ 130,000 miles. The symptoms are - the manual gears won't shift and clutch is sticky

my honda accord starts but stalls out at times

Showing a Misfire on all cylinders changed engine in a 2003 Accord 2.4L to a 2006 2.4L used original manifolds and electrical Have fuel pressure to the injector rail engine runs on ether but misfires on all cylinders.

Car was without battery for about 5 months. It now surges when in park and neutral as if the idle is set wrong. Is there someway to reset the idle. It also now slowly accelerating when in drive without the accelerator engaged.

EX model with 219k mileage

My car will start then I will drive around the corner, turn off engine and it will not restart. I purchased 2 new batteries within 4 months with no resolution of the problem. I took the car to Honda dealer, they replaced the EGR, drilled & cleaned the intake ports, charged me for a throttle kit, EFI injector kit and checked battery, starter and charging sytem which checked out ok in Jan 2010. Replaced altenator in 2/06, replaced main relay in 8/03 and changed out the Ignition switch key recall in 6/04 as well as the Ignition Switch in 10/02. Oh I forgot-I also had timing belt, water pump, ps pump belt,and compressor belt changed in 4/09. They keep bugging me to replace broken motor mounts. Today the car doesn't start-dome light and wipers work great when the key is turned to Ac and I hear a quick click and slight hum for about 2 seconds. Remote works on it and jumped battery with no luck. Is it time for a new car or should I take it back to Benson Honda..HELP!

i recently left the country for a month and when i came back the car would not start. first, there was no sound or activity when i turned the key; the battery was dead and the positive terminal was severely corroded. but after replacing the battery and terminal, the car still won't start. now when i turn the key it sounds like it will start, but never fully starts. instead, the engine revs unevenly. it is not a grinding but an uneven sound. it will sound like it might just be starting, but then it dies out if i let the key go. any suggestions for where to start?

also, when i came back the alarm was set even though i did not set it, i thought that was strange.