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Cost of a brake job
my honda makes a deep clicking noise when making slight right turns. it makes no sound on left turns, and if i make a hard right turn it is not as loud. it also makes the same noise when i go over bumps or dips. i had...
I had my 2008 Accord in for a wheel alignment. After i made a stop. When I came out of the store , I unlocked the door, put the key in the ignition, and nothing. No lightd, no internsl lights, no cranking of engine...
I changed the wires as suggested and all is well so far. But when I changed the wire there was oil on one of them? Help again!
When turning on ignition switch to the run position the panel cluster lights do not light up, when ignition switch is turned to start position the engine fires up and panel cluster lights up, but when released engine ...
While driving everything seems normal. Then out of nowhere the car will act as if it is missing a spark. I will lift hood to find that one of the plug wires has lifted away from the housing. Not all the way just lifte...
how to check auto tranny fluid on 94 accord lx in neutral or drive or park?
my honda accord v6 power not working for my car..the power to my stero is not working and the smoke plug is also not working i check all the power wire and it still working so i dont noee what wrong with do you...
how much will it cost to fix my passenger window power because my regulator and motor is not working right. my window doesnt move when i operate it
Wipers opperate, however they either slap the windsheild seal gasket or dont make it all the way to the seated positon when turned off. When this happens, the wipers seem to struggle to get across the glass, especiall...
Trying to locate the engine coolant temperature sensor #2 and intake air temperature sensor #1. My check engine light comes on and have had tested and the above 2 problems keeping showing up. Please help me
The left turn signal on my 1992 Accord has started flashing and clicking twice as fast as before. The Haynes Manual doesn't say anything about this. Is it telling me that the bulb is wearing out, or something else?
I have a 1994 Honda Accord and my trunk wont latched. My dad put WD40 on the latch and used a screw driver to latch it but once we tried to close the trunk it wont latch
how much will it cost to repair or replace the back brakes of this vehicle?
My timing belt was just changed and now my car is shaking do anyone know whats the problem?
After pricing maintenance for this, it is way more than I can afford. Is there any way around this? Are there some things I absolutely need to do now and avoid others to save cost?
I need to replace the PCM. Is it better to buy a brand new one or would a better deal be to buy a refurbished one? Also, where is the PCM located?
the front passenger side tires keep needing to be replaced every couple months and it shakes on the interstate. the guy at the tire place said it needs a ball joint. how much will that cost at a shop?
At what mileage marker should I begin looking into replacing the timing belt/chain on a 2006 Honda Accord EX V6 6-speed manual transmission with a 3.0L engine?
im trying to replace the the front brakes and roters, how do i get the roters off the car
how to repair an input shaft speed sensor circutit malfunction
When I push slowly on the brake pedal it goes to the floor. When I push it a little harder then slowly they work fine. Trying to determine if its the master cylinder or power booster or both. i need a little help on t...
My brake pedal seems to hit the floor if I push it slowly coming to a stop. If I step on it a little harder they stop fine. Trying to determine if its the master cylinder or the power booster or both.
the car cuts off and useally stats right back up
The gear shift is stuck in park. I start the car and press the brake, when i try to move the gear it doesn't move. I also notice the brake lights are not coming on. Any ideas?
I was told by my insurance company that Honda Accords are designed to be repaired these days and that a bent frame is sectioned off and that they replace the bent frame? Is this really true?
How do I change the parking lamp bulbs?
what is the most common problems to go wrong with motor around 160,000
A red warning light immage has lit up on my lower right dash and looks like a steering wheel with a ball setting on it. What does it mean?? There is no manual available. I am trying to find one I can view online and ...
The drivers side power (electric) in our 2000 Honda Accord won't go down! When the power window switch on the inside door is depressed, you can hear the window motor working great, but nothing happens...just the sound...