Motor clicking but seat back would not move forward or back. Took to dealer informed actuator is bad will cost $1300 to fix it. Any suggestions

I have a 1991 honda accord that failed a smog test three times. thay say that it is to rich it is it fuel ijected i have changed the oxgen sensor and the fuel ijctors the map sensor is ok any idea.

First Battery light was going on intermittently. Now it is on all the time. Had the battery checked and it is fine. Is the alternator going out? What is an average cost of repairing alternator?

The light behind the clock/radio has gone out completely.

I can't get the rear drums off the car why is that

does this model honda accord actually have a timing belt

how long does it take to change the oil and transmission fluid?

Car seems to run great, just bought used with only 55K miles, but idle speed seems low at stop signs, traffic lights etc.. can it be easily turned up?

Car was not driven for approx. 5 months. Started it up; no problem. During idling approx. a couple minutes; the engine began to rev up and then down, between 1K - 2K; in which I turned the engine of. Repeated starting the engine again and after a minute or so; the reving started again. Parking brake was on, trans on Park. I tried to step on the accelerator but it appears to be 'stuck' despite the engine reving. Turned it off. Therefore, what is the problem and how do I resolve? Thank you.

1992 Honda Accord EX manual transmission.
I have had intermittent "brake light warning" lit on my dashboard. Changing bulbs didn't help. I finally bought a replacement Tail/reverse light assy (PN 043-1171)which fixed the problem. However, I noticed the back-up lights were not present on either side. When I put in new bulbs, they light when the car in NOT in reverse and they go out when the car is IN reverse. Bulbs/fuses are good. What could the problem be?

Sometimes the blower swich does not always turn the fan o. Is the switch bad??

what cause the car to vibrate when riding down the road

what will cause the maintance required light to come on after a oil change?

power steering making alot of noise, and feels like it's goiong out.

My honda accord runs fine, but now is at 63,000 miles....If i keep it what would it cost to replace a transmissionm a/c system, ,etc?

2000 Honda Accord EX
In the morning car will start and run fine. After car is turned off and sits, it will not start right away. Ignition key turns, radio works, lights work but engine will not catch to start and stay running. After the car sits for about an hour, it will start with no problem. Timing belt has recently been replaced as well as an engine mount belt. Sometimes has to pump the gas petal to make the car stay running. Car has had regular service and no other major problems.

I have a 2001 Honda Accord that needs a new transmission. The Honda dealer said it would cost around $5000. Can you tell me if this price is about accurate or could I get it done much cheaper? And, would you recommend only a Honda dealer replace it or can someone else do it with just a good of a job? Also, I have 130,000 miles. Any recommendations for the area with zip code 23188 or 23601. Thank You

Where is the location for the obd connection?

92 honda accord side marker lights bdriver side

Engine has flat spot in accelarater, suspect tps switch.

my resistor blower stopped working mechanic said $400.00 for part and labor. He uses genuine honda parts. Is this a fair price?

The brakes feel spongy, sinking to the floor when applied. Pumping brakes slowly helps some. No change in brake fluid level. No noise from brakes. When stopped at a light, brake pedal slowly sinks further unless pumped. Help!

My brother-in-law has a 92 accord wagon w/ 4cyl and a manual trans. When shifted into 3rd gear, the engine revs high after clutch is released and then idles back down.Doesn't happen all the time.Any suggestions ?

how do I remove the steering pump?

I have 130,000 miles and my transmission started slipping last year. I took it to Williamsburg Honda and they said I needed a new transmission. He said he would drive it until I could not drive it any more before replacing it. That is the only major problem I have. I don'tknow if it is worth it to replace it or to get a new vehicle.

the engine light came on a day after Midas replaced the clutch master, clutch slave and clutch kit. they did a lousy job after charging me over $700 dollars for labor. I had to return it the first time after the car wouldn't start. They finally fixed the clutch. then the engine light came on. they said code 6 was indicated. however, after checking it, they said there was nothing wrong and I should ignore the engine light. now the car is taking a long time to start. this has all happened within days apart. what would you suggest I do now?

I have a power driver's seat. It reclines fine, but it will only return to an upright position halfway. It begins to make a clicking sound halfway up. I am forced to drive in a reclining position. There doesn't seem to be anything stuck in the treads, but I can't figure out why it's stuck and clicking.

Its never been diagnosed etc.

How much would it cost to have a small crack and scratches in my back bumper repaired from backing into a cement pole?

While driving, suddenly my speedometer & odometer quit working. The check engine light came on & the D4 transmission light began to blink. I drove the car home, the car drove ok. Ive had the transmission fluid checked. It's ok. And the car seems to shift as it always had. Still, what could be up with the speedometer/odometer? There should be no way to defuse them. I am being driven to & from work because I don't want to drive it.