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My daughter owns this Honda. It the last time she took the car in was for the brake pads. Now the muffler needs replacing and her gears get stuck. She has an estimate from the shop of $290 to replace the full muffler and $400 to repair the transmission. I am afraid if she gets the repair, something else is going to go wrong. We really never had a problem with this very dependable car even though it is old. Should we get another estimate?

What does P0780 Shift Malfunction mean, do I need a new transmission? Check engine light came on 5 months ago, sometimes my car shift gears hard then continue shifting smooth. This happens more frequent now. CODE P0780 Shift Malfunction

What is the weight reccomendations for this car ?

Example: 5W20 , 5W30 , 10W30 , 10W40 ?

My check eng light came on I got a reading and it read p0442 so is it a hose that is leaking?and how much does it usally cost to fix at a shop and if someone knows how to fix it what do they need for parts?please help

Car has 170,000 miles on it and the driver door is becoming hard to open and shut. What should I do?

Does anyone know where I can get my car rust free/repainted for dirt cheap? The lowest I found was $1200. Does anyone know any cheaper places?

Please e-mail me at

How much to replace a clutch

Hi, I am trying to buy a 1992 Honda Accord and the seller has informed me that the power steering fluid leaks from time to time and he adds some when needed and says he may use a 12 oz. bottle a month. He's not sure if it's just a leak or if the rack and pinion will need to be replaced, which is very costly he explained. Can I easily tell which needs to be done? And how much will the rack and pinion repair cost? I'm getting the car for a great price and would just like to know if it will be worth it all. Thanks!


i have a blue spark juping around my crank pully?

I've had high oil consumption, rough running engine which lead to a burnt valve - that was replaced and yet the problems still persist. Now I'm being told I need to replace the cat as it is not "clearing out" the build up. First, does this sound right and second, what other issues are caused by a bad cat? Thank you.

I hear a clacking sound when I brake to stop and when I am breaking slow to turn. I have had the car looked at and it is not the rotors or brake pads.

My speedometer had decided to quit. Is this an easy fix? Since it quit it has very randomly worked and then very quickly again fell back to zero. Any ideas?

the seal at the oil pump is leaking severely. Can I get the seal as a separate part?

My sport light on the dash has decided to just flash all the time. I did not put the car into "sport" mode

My 1991 Honda Accord Lx is having a problem. I put a new fuel pump in it, but when I start it up it will run for a few minutes and then it start to sutter and the battery indicator light comes on and it shuts off and the battery indicator is on. What could be the problem?

Recently had service engine light appear. Scanned system and the code read P2422. I know this is related to the emissions system and has a failure somewhere in the cannister or purge solenoid. Is there any way to narrow the problem down or some quick checks i can do?

I tryed to replace the front right side top blinker light bulb, it is very impossible to access to change this bulb. I've removed the battery out of my way. It is such a tiny squeese to get to. Its not possible for your hands to get to the bulb changing area. Please help me figure out how to replace this front right blinker.. Sincerely Shaun

replace the headgasket

The D light is blinking and the vehicle drags when engaged in the drive position. What could be the posible cause

what can u recomend?

how do i change the transmission filter on a 1998 honda accord

idk why tho

I have a 1997 Honda Accord SE 4 door, auto, 4 cyl non vtec....My question is, there is a continuous "waaaaahh" sound coming from the front driver side, gets louder after 30 mph, and stops under 30,and is getting worse. Thought it was my tires they were a little worn, replaced them with some nice BFs but the noise is still there. I just checked underneath and the boot closest to the tranny, driver side is torn on the axle end. Im sure this is my problem. whats on the inside of the boot? whats making the noise? will a simple axle replacement fix it?

1) what is the best way to replace the steering wheel cruise control switch, mine will not stay switched on, and 2) what is the best way to replace the front interior door handles, the chrome finish is peeling and I have cut mey fingers many times on these

where is the antenna located and how to replace it

After changing the timing belt & water pump (pump went bad & broke belt - while driving)...The car runs but very rough. Noticed that my helper had not pushed the plug wires down on ANY of the plugs...restarted the car...but still runs rough...Checked the plugs...& #1/2 have black soot...#3/4 clean. Swapped plugs around..same0same0. Can remove plug wires from 3 or 4 & car stops running. 1/2..does nothing. Is this bad plug wires/distributor issue or another LARGER issue?? Please help if you can.

The control lights have stopped working in my car and there is no heat. It started out blowing hot air constantly,even in summer when the control was off, and now blows cold air. Ive had the thermostat replaced and the antifreeze level is consistant and full.

I need a detailed description of how to remove the interior plastic cover to access the belt mechanism for inspection (the belts no longer retract) and /or replacement.