my transmission crapped out on me, i was wondering the estimated cost of replacing it, including labor, on a 2000 honda accord v6 v-tec.

HOW many hours of labor is required to change the right front engine mount on my accord EX V6

HOW many hours of labor is required to change the radiator on my accord EX V6

When I back up in reverse my car makes a high pitch squell noise.

i took my car to the mechanic he told me that i needed a tune up. Because the newer spark plugs would stop the engine misfire. After only two days of driving the check engine light is on again. What could the problem be

why would my car take 5 or so seconds of me holding the ignition to start?

What makes transmission fluid mix with antifreeze on a 2003 Honda accord v6 3.0. It occurs all the time, it is doing it now.

I replaced timing and balancer belts, water pump, all seals
spark plugs - made sure all timing marks good @ TDC - now,
engine won't start - turns over and tries to crank, but
something is wrong - was ok before I started - can anyone
help ? thanks - steve

started today 11/20/2010, that i thank timing belt needs replaced.

I am in the process of purchasing a 2003 Honda Accord EX 4 Cyl. with 96K miles. The code P0341 Camshaft Positioner A Bank 1 Ckt. Range / Perf is being read. Is this the CP sensor , faulty wiring or does it lead to another problem. The car is driven daily by the owner and drove the car for one Hr when it was cold and another Hr after it had been running for some time. What is the process to diognose this and the location of the sensors

I am looking at buying a 2003 Honda Accord that has a code P0341 crankshaft pos. sensor Abank 1 ckt range / perf. The car runs fine. I drove it for 1 Hr when it was cold and 1 Hr after it was warmed up. The owner drive it everyday. It has 96K on it. Is this a bad sensor , bad wire and how do i diognose it. What resistance should the sensor read. What is the location of the sensor?

My power steering pressure hose is leaking and I'm set to replace it. The problem is that my maintenance manuals don't cover it so I'm a little leery about how to change it out.
Should I drain the fluid first or just have a bucket under the hose when I disconnect it? Any other advice? Thanks.

what can be the promble

drive cycle reset

The driver's side door won't stay open when stopped on an incline. The door checker no longer resists gravity pulling the door closed. How do you replace the door checker?

The brake lights only work intermittently. The automatic transmission can't be shifted out of park except by depressing the shift interlock release on the console. Rapidly and repeatedly pressing the brake pedal occasionally turns on the brake lights and releases the shifter.


removed the fuel pump but still cannot locate the filter, can you offer any guidance?

Does P0700 Mean I need a new Transmission or is this code for information only? I had a Transmission scan done for P0780 code and was advised by AAMCO yes I have a code P0780 but I have a new code of P0700 and they recommended I need a new transmission $1900-$2400 to repair, but my car shifts smooth at times but sometimes in 2nd or 3rd it shifts hard. Can someone please expalin what does P0700 mean?

is occurs like 3 to five times a day when im at work or anywhere i go

my oil light wont stop flashing, and i just had an oil change done

looking at inspections it doesnt I need one at 80,000 miles its lists 90,000 miles. Which is it? If I need brakes can you give me a estimate?

Just purchased car for my daughter. When excellerating we get a vibration from the motor drivers side and some noise. when this happens. knocking from the right front when we turn could this be CV JOINT

my 99 honda accord will not run over 4000rpms.everything runs good as long it stays under 4000rpms.when it would get low on oil it would start doing that oil leaks are fixed and oil level stays good it does it all the time.the oil sending unit was changed also

What is a reasonable cost to replace broken bushings?

Ok, so i have a 2006 honda accord with 2.4l vtech 4cyl. 63000 miles. no fluid leaks, no engine code, went to check the pcv system and my automotive instructor said to pull engine oil cap off with engine running and i should have a slight suction. I had the opposite and had air blowing out. Is this normal. Alldata said to pinch the pcv line going from valce to crankcase and i should hear a distinct click of the pcv valve.. and i heard nothing. pulled off the hose and everything in the pcv valve is clean... car runs fine. I am 3rd owner. my instructor says i probably have worn piston rings or grooves in my cylinder walls.. Should i be concerned?? pleanse let me know

cost for replace honda accord 94 timimg belt and water pump
Emailme Thanks

When I try to start the car, it takes a couple of tries before it starts; then when it is running, it feels like it shakes a little as if it would lose power.

My CD player is jammed. When I press load or eject, it makes the noise that it is shuffling the cds but nothing ever happens. Does anyone know any tricks or solutions to my problem. thanks.

The clear coat is pealing and its only 5yrs old. its all over the vehicle. where can i find recal info on paint

My daughter owns this Honda. It the last time she took the car in was for the brake pads. Now the muffler needs replacing and her gears get stuck. She has an estimate from the shop of $290 to replace the full muffler and $400 to repair the transmission. I am afraid if she gets the repair, something else is going to go wrong. We really never had a problem with this very dependable car even though it is old. Should we get another estimate?