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Cost of Timing Belt Kit

We llive in Indiana where the use salt in the winter on the roads. My gas line is leaking badly and needs to be replaced. Hou much should it cost?

after how many miles i have to replace timing belt i don have the factory manual

How much it would cost to change my timing belt, valves and water pump?

This noise seems like a noise that comes from a fan, speeds down in frequency and only happens when I start braking. I recently had a brand new brake job done, and the guy did good job. Plus it does not sound like a worn out brake pad or rotor. I also recently replaced both my CV axle assemblies, so I know that is not a source either. What else could be? Suspension, worn out engine mounts? The guy who did my brakes told me that it might be a good idea in the near future to consider replacing some rubber bushing parts at the top of the struts, I guess, that stick out into the wheel area, may be that?#@!

Took my Honda to the dealer due to my check engine light stays on. I was informed that I would need a new cater liter
converter priced at around $800 including labor.

The engine light is on and when I go to take off it doesn't want to go, some times it will die.

My car periodically stops on me when its idle or parked. The AAA guy came and tapped something under the hood and said it has something to do with my fuel injector not getting fuel through. Since then that's what I've been doing when it stops and it will start back up but more recently the car has stopped while driving.

I got an estimate from an independent car shop and they are telling me the estimates are $1,100.

I went outside to shovel snow and all the windows were all the way down and the sunroof was open all by themselves. My car was full of snow! What a mess! Brand new car full of snow! Why did this happen?

Some swell guy racing in a Jeep ran me off the road into one of those log fences on a country road.
the car has been running well, but the light is smashed in, and the area around the light looks like the Hulk sucher-punched my headlight. Ballpark, how much do you think this will coast?

engine starts and slowly shuts off after 5 seconds. I need to check fuel filters but I had a problem locating them.

where is the electrical connection to the blower fan ina 1992 honda accord? All fuses are fine and I want to see if the switch is bad before pulling out the blower itself.

My car will not start when the weather is very hot. Now that it is winter, it starts just fine. would this be a sensor problem or what?

I was turning my car on the other day...As I turned the key and the accessories came on before I started car I heard a thud noise...then, when I started the car the AC/HEATER still works BUT it wont alternative from normal air flow, (coming staight at you)to bi-level or feet or defrost.

how can u tell if tec, really changed trans oil by dropping pan, and if all oil was taken out?

t first it seemed to be a slight grinding but after three days it became louder more present grinding noise. At best is the noise coming from the rotor warp or lack of material on the rotor itself or pad demise.

what is the actual labor time?

i would like to know the error codes are please

I turned off the car and went into a store for 15 min. When I came out the ac was not working. The fan will only comes on when you turn it to high. It also blows high in the low position and nothing in-between. What should I do first?

my accord all of a sudden started losing power to all gauges radio works when nut running i have no battery light on at all but acts like its dead,i have a new battery,starter and terminals on it

what is an axle seal leak in the front of my accord? How is this repaired?

My front passenger side squeaks like an old mattress when i go over a bump or uneven part in the road. My mechanic thinks it's the control arm. He sprayed it with lubricant, but I don't see a price on your site if it needs to be replaced.

i want change this in december in houston,tx. i dont have problems now but somebody told me that i need change every 100000 miles and my car has more than 150000

my warranty is about to expire, will i need to have my transmission repaired at 92k miles because i feel a sudden jerk when i step hard on the gas.

cost for power steering flush and how often is this required

Cost of replacing throttle position sensor/switch for 99 honda accord 4 door.

Was having problems with my front brakes. I had my rotors turned but my car is shaking and making a loud screeching noise whenever I come to a stop. Could you tell me what the problem may be?

also, may not be financially able to do this for a couple of weeks cause of xmas etc. will that present any dangers other than wear and tear associated with movement by the engine?

i here the timing belt must be replaced at approxiamately 125k miles. if so, what about this idler wheel squeal i read on this site? should i repalace both parts? 2. how soon should the rear engine mounts be replaced?

In the winter time my windows have trouble closing back up. It got stuck once and wouldn't come back up. My father decided to fix this himself, after he fixed the window problem my door now makes a weird noise (groaning noise) everytime I lock my car. I assume my father didn't do a great job and left something un-screwed when he took apart my door to fix my window. What is the best solution to this problem? If I happen to take it to a shop, how much is the estimated price?

I am assuming this is a "Power Door Lock Actuator Replacement" problem?

*a groaning noise from the door as the lock is operating.