This happened last year and I reset the code and the light went off and has not returned until today. When diagnostic was run last year and yesterday Rocker Arm came up both times. Light does not flash, just stays one. What is going on

My son hit a curb and set off the passenger and driver airbags? I need to find out how much it costs to replace them?

what should my cca be on my battery?

When I turn on my car, it starts massively leaking engine oil. It's coming out about as fast as it does when you empty the tank during an oil change. It looks like it is flooding through the big timing belt cap. Any idea what needs to be replaced and how much I will be in debt after this? Is it better to take it into the dealer or will any repair shop know how to fix it right?


i drove to work this morning and when i went to leave it wouldn't start. a friend jump it and it started. on my way home it started like doing little hiccupps and then this light came on

I just recently had no pressure on my clutch, as instructed by a friend check the fluid, I had none, so I added fluid. I pumped the clutch to release air bubbles and it seems the clutch is not taking on any fluid, even if I just hold the clutch in, I am doing this with two people so while they push in on the clutch I watch the fluid.

Looks like this could be a difficult job ???? Anybody do this themselves ? Thanks, AWB ( 4 wheel disc & ABS )

i just service my car and it is still showing a service. and the spanner light has refused to go. and oil is not showing

So, Im looking to buy a vehicle. Its a 1995 Honda Accord LX. There are a few issues which are being resolved, but I keep getting different answers. HOW is an oil pan gasket changed in that Honda? Does the ENTIRE engine HAVE to come out? Or the ENTIRE suspension? Also, he said the "fuel bobber" may need to be adjusted...What is THAT about? I cant get ONE straight answer from shops so, Im hoping I can from you!!!Thanks for your time and for reading this!!!Hope to hear from someone soon:)

This is a first time occurence. While sitting in my apt parking alot all of a sudden the car stopped and wouldn't start. The gas gauge read 1/4 of a tank, I had just serviced the automatic transmission fluid. My daughter said she had problems on the interstate that the engine had to be down shifted to get up the hills ( not a normal occurence). I did a web search and stated that the main fuel pump relay is a common problem. Note the check engine light did not display any code while the engine wouldn't start.I put 3 gallons of gas in the fuel tank in the afternoonsome three hours after the engine quit. I thought I would give it a try and the engine started up and kept running. I was planning to change the fuel pump relay as this is a known problem with this engine. Also why didn't the engine flash a code identifying the problem ( I know this is a OBD 1 diagnostic sytem. Need assistance since the engine quit in the apt parking lot is less distressing than breaking down on the the highway.

my 2003 Honda Accord gear doesnt get off park when the brakes are pressed. my brake lights come on and i have changed the brake switch and its still the same problem :( my horn works so i dont know if its a fuse problem. been puzzled for about a week now.. im only able to use the car with the override.

okay so i hav a faulty propotioning valve where do i find one with 2 inlet lines and 4 outlet lines i looked on line and no luck any suggestions?

had a master cylender replaced but no fluid going to rear brakes so no rear brakes what could be the problem

i have got a 2004 honda accord when i mash the brakes both of my turn signals come on in the dash i can turn it on the left or right and they still stay on what could it be

how can i fix my engine light

What would it cost to replace a 2nd Clutch Pressure Switch? The check engine light is on and the computer says this is what the problem is.

the pully that has the alternator and polution controler was moving side to side with the outer belt seemingly to keepon has finally stopped .. how do I repair it and what broke

radiator leaks at cap side corner, not sure if fans are working properly. could that be the issue?

I have this sort of humming noise coming from the front end of my car when driving. It seems to get louder when I go faster and quiter when I slow down.

I parked the car.When I came back it wouldn't start.Dead no starter noise ,nothing,dead.Nothing came on.I boosted it and drove 2 miles.When I took my foot off the gas to turn onto my street.It died and me still rolling.Dead again.

when the first start after the engine cool my engine knocking on no one cylinder.sound ketang ketang and rpm raise up. At the same time I smell gas around.After rpm raise down to normal idling speed and temperature raise up,the knocking sound reduce but still knocking.

found fuse box under hood ..but no (key/legend) to refer to

I just fired Frontenac Honda for cheating and telling lies about mycar and exorbitant c harges. I like to maintain my car and want a reliable auto repair company. Can you fill the bill?

when i put the car into gear it want pick up speed like it need to

if timming is not right will it still start or can it cause the motor to not start and just winde out when you try to start it?

Just reset my trip A&B display after refueling and when I arrived home my mileage display was showing all 1's. Was showing correct mileage and in about 6 miles the mileage disappeared.

I need help getting my 2002 Honda Accord radio code by using my vin number and serial number.

hard to start when cold

distributor leaking oil

my transmission crapped out on me, i was wondering the estimated cost of replacing it, including labor, on a 2000 honda accord v6 v-tec.