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My Power Seat does'nt work? wHAT SHOULD I DO?
cost of brake overhaul service
Recently I was driving on the freeway and my rpm's dropped to 0. I tried to push the gas and I wasn't going anywhere. I pulled over and turned the key off. I turned the car on and it struggled as if no gas was going t...
cruse control swithch does not work anymore, and has to be replaced.I have removed the module, but do not know how to disconnect the connector from the cruise control module
I have a 95 honda accord after my husband put a radio in it the fuse for the radio and lighter blows every time the lighter is used. what is the deal? I think it had something to do with the way he wired the wiring ki...
No problelm, 88,000 miles on car. Always kept in garage when not in use. Mild California weather where I live..
My front car windows will automatically come down using the master control on the driver side. The passenger side will come back up if I use the switch on that side, however, neither one of the front windows will com...
AC condenser fan very noisy and run continously. Sometimes it still runs even after turning ignition off.
car has 250,000 miles on it does it need a new clutch? clutch peddle does not to the top, after pressing
What is the life expectancy in miles of rear brake pads? We've had our 2008 Honda Accord for two years and 25K miles, now the repair shop is recommending replacement of the rear brake pads? Seems that 25K is not ver...
engine making a whinning noise after replacing timing belt,pullies
car drive good for a while & then lose power could this be the fuel fiter?
it start drive good for a while then loses power 20mph
i have a 97 honda accord Lx, that iam not getn power , the battery good but my top speed is 20mph, what could be the problem?
When I start the car in the morning during winter months and take out of the garage there is a whining noise. The noise increases specially when I turn the steering wheel. The noise appears to come from the belt sys...
My car recently has been overheating i tried flushing out the radiator nearly three times and i replaced the fluids with new 50/50 antifreeze n coolant the gauge is still at the same place. I then ran it with just wat...
i want to purchase this 2001 honda accord 2001 coupe for 2500. thing is it runs fine but the transmission jerks when shifting gear. as well, the mileage on that bad boy is 258,024. should i not bother with it?
Is there a certain mileage I should replace the timing chain & water pump? I don't want to wait until I start having problems. The car has approximately 86,000 miles.
can i put dual exhaust an do i get perforance better milege etc.
My gear jerks on low speeds and the D4 light do i fix this problem?
my antenna motor makes the sound of working but the antenna stays up instead of retracting when i turn off the radio . can it be fixed?
the radio comes on but it doesn't play. the volume goes up but there is no sound. Sometimes it may play for 3 days and then some times it doesn't play for 11-12 days. This started in 2009. The CD doesn't play when thi...
The plugs are all white, so I know the engine is running lean, but it recently started to seriously affect driving. Sometimes can't get over 35mph (the problem is very intermittent, I can't reliably reproduce it). Rep...
can i have a bad exhaust converter if noise is coming from the pipe in front of it it rattling like there is something in it
the car was reving up like this 1...2....3 then back to 0 on the rpm meter at the same time the heat in the car was risin fast just wondering what the probelm was
I had some one install my battery for me while at work and i think they installed it backwards and it blew a fuse under the hood now when i replaced that fuse and tried to hook it up again the same thing happened what...
do you know where the crankshaft posion sensor is and is it hard to replace
I have no spark from Ing coil?