new thermostat , full coolant ,still no heat . what could it be ?

why wont electric locks work when car is off and all fuses are good???

My accord's radio/cd player works off and on. I have only began having problems about 2mths ago, while driving I heard this loud piercing noise out of my speakers and the cd player just turned off. My volume was not loud when this happened. Now when I try to turn my radio or cd player on it may or may not work. Like a game of chance. What could the problem be?

i have changed the relay by the brake petal and the bulbs an they still dont work

transmission not shifting right

I have had my car for five years now and I'm realizing that for almost two months that when I drive my car it sounds really heavy, as if I am lawn mower or an 18 wheeler. I've been told that it's coming from my engine and that its not worth fixing and that I should just get a new car. But I am still curious as to why its making the noise. Has anyone ever had any similar situations?

what engines will fit my 92 honda accord besides the stock engine

i have changed every thing that would make it not start ie the distributor the coil main relay and the ecu and still nothing

The clutch hydraulic system appears to have air in it. There are no visible signs of any leaks. Where is the bleeder valve locate?

the fuel pump will not come on the computer say the fuel pump relay is off and all fues look good but at the the power reading is very low

The car suddenly stops, loses all power, all dashboard lights come on, and the engine won't start. Happens infrequently, but off and on for several months now.

AM works on only local staions. FM and XM fine. Front end body work done. AM fine before work.

My wrench lit up and then i got a A1 15% oil life. Does this just mean I need a oil change

how much should it cost to replace the rear pads and rotors by a dealer compared to a private mechanic?

key will go in door panel and ignition, but will not turn.

One of my spark plugs had to be replaced because of oil burned carbons. What causes the oil to seep inside only one of my burning chambers and what can be done t repair it ? Was told to sell the car cause the repair is too expensive. It has only 113k miles on it over 10 years...

My 1998 Honda Accord needs a catalytic converter. I had one replaced about 7 or 8 years ago at the dealership and at that time it was under warranty. I know this is what I need and I've been told that this car can't have an after-market converter; it has to have the Honda converter to the tune of almost $900. I can get one at the auto parts store and was wondering if this was an option. My car has over 234,000 miles and I need to drive it a while longer and it is almost due for auto emissions in my county.

My brake lights on my 1997 honda accord wont go off. This is the first time I have encountered this problem...whats the solution?

I bought a 2000 Honda Accord from an individual, it has 224000 miles on it,I had the timing belt replaced and it has started cutting out on me alot the maintenance required light would flicker on when it cuts out. it seems to happen more when my a/c is on. now the check engine light is on along with the maintenance required light, plus my gas milage is not good at all. i was told it was the fuel pump but after reading i dont know if it might be the fuel pump relay? how do i determine this. also to replace the fuel pump it says to check and note the radio security codes? how do i find those. thanks.

The air conditioning is intermittent. It stops blowing cold air from time to time however without any inditcation (sound, visual) it stops blowing cold air. This has only been happening since last week of July 2010.

My sensor light comes on and goes off for about a month now. Also my car yesterday sounded like a flat tire when I braked and I took it to the shop and they said all for rotors were warped. For all four to be bad is this a possbility and what could have caused this? What should be done about the sensor light?

i installed the rack and now all it will do is rotate on its own with force

The malfunction indicator lamp and the immobilizer system indicator light came on, on my 2003 Honda and immediately the car started running poorly. I drove it home and the next day took it straight to the dealer. The dealer performed a diagnostic because the problem was not obvious. The codes were always pointing to a problem with the transmition but the mechanic didn't think it was the transmition. They finally found that the coil pack melted in the head. After the car was repaired I was told that the computer system failed and had to be replaced. Can a system computer failure cause the coil pack to fail?

I let my car over heat badly one day. car died on me and now i can not start it. It has spark, I can see fuel spraying out of the spark plug well when one is removed. distributor timing looks like it is on. I have not checked the compression or fuel pressure but I do see fuel coming from the cylinder and fuel sprays from service bolt on fuel rail. cranks sounds good but it dosnt want to catch. pgm-fi gives all clicks so I would assume it works. Im running out of ideas

Car details:
Honda Accord 2004 LX
Mileage - 113K
Bought recently from a car dealer

I am ALWAYS able to unlock the doors (using the driver or passenger side "unlock" button) but the "lock" button doesn't work all the times.

Form my observation I can say that it is more likely to work -
- after I have driven the car for sometime
- during hot weather conditions (when the car is warmer)

Once the "lock" button starts to work, it continues to work for the next many hours.

I replaced the driver side power switch but even that hasnt fixed the problem..

Appreciate any help in isolating the real problem...

After I do about 50 miles and turn off the engine, I hear the water boiling and I see the overflow going into the overflow resevoir. After the engine cools off, the water apparently is sucked back into the radiator. Sometimes the water is low in the radiator. If I add water to the resevoir and radiator, if neccessary, the same thing happens over again. The temp guage is normal and I recently changed the thermostat but there is no improvement. Most of my driving is local street trips and now I am affraid to take it on the freeway. The problem is about 3 -6 months. No other problems.

I have a 2000 Honda Accord EX and everytime something goes wrong on the 2000 Nissan Altima GXE it ends up a maintenance issue for the Honda. Just wondering can the parts to the Honda fit on the Nissan...

So my key got stuck halfway inside of the tumbler, and won't come out, but the car starts. Shall I get a new tumbler, or is there a common work around?

The fan does not operate at any level (high/Low). I have checked the obvious such as fuses and relays. I pulled the blower motor under the glove compartment and it checks out ok as well. Is there a switch behind the fan knob? How would I troubleshoot and repair? I don't want to take it to a shop and get nailed!

I had a crack in my radiator so i replaced the radiator with a brand new one The car is still over heating when the car is sitting still it starts to idle funny like it revs up and the down and then up and then down continuously til it over heats.