I am no mechanic, but am mechanically inclined. Whats the most common problem associated with this, and what is the easiest fix? Thanks for your help in advance!!

Recent 100,000 mile tune-up w/regular maintenance. Passenger sliding door (electrical) not working, rear lifts? on back door not keeping door open (slams on your head), old problem suddenly returned - vibrating intermittently between 60/75mph (was a motor mount problem years ago-actually broke off-mechanic said it would have taken a tremendous amount of force to have that happen). SAVE OUR VAN!

Great van for years, recently had 100,000 mile tuneup/repairs. This week, 1 sliding door lost power, back door will not stay open, vibrating returned after years of no problems (had motor-mount issues first 3 years - literally broke off (mech. said he had never seen anything like it) Love our van...need it to work.

When driving, 1shift and the 2shifting changes. But after that nothing changes.

dash board light is not tuning on?

The check engine light came on, the error code is p0706. I did some research online, is it the park/neutral position switch? If so where would it be located? Thanks

the alternator bearing makes a whining noise when turning on the engine also when accreting, is their a part in the transmission that makes a whining sound(torque converter)?changing gears no problem, just the whining sound?

When this happens, seems as though car is going to stall out. Happens randomly. Occurred more often during the winter months and as the engine warmed up.

The word "Code" is displayed on the screen and the time is flashing.

The car will go to boiling hot within 15min

What could be causing this problem,car has 22 k

I've never had water leaks from sunroof or windows, tried everything I can think to find a leak from outside the car and nothing has materialized this is the only other scenario I can think of

I am having a head gasket fixed and the mechanic said if the head is cracked it will cost an additional 1400. I want to know how much a head actually cost?

Mechanic installed rebuilt cat converter. Light off until I had flowmaster installed & light back on. Tried new gas cap. Mechanic reset computer, light off briefly but came back per his prediction. It went off before I got back to him, but returned. Have taken off battery cable=off but returned. Help??8

what kind of problems can occur when i do this? my bottle is so difficult to see the level

Normally smooth running and no start up problems. But very terrifying to lose all power, though lights/hazards weren't affected

My car was overheating & shut off so I had radiator hose replaced(the one all the way at the bottom so much had to be taken out to get it. Now its fixed but car makes putt putt noises & moves slowly after my first & second stops then it works itself out & drives normally. It doesnt do it all the time though. I'm getting paranoid to drive it. I'm thinking will it cut off & did shop not do something right? Or put parts back correctly. It is like exhaust system jerk putt putts.

how can i get the installation disc for my car so i can use my navigation in nigeria

and i have vibrations when i brake on top speed

the coolant temp switch is working, however i had to bypass it for the fan to operate continually and then it will not stall. the MIL is not working. i got a P0135 but not voltage to the sensor

It won't budge, not even manually, when I try to open it I hear the 3 beeps, but nothing? HELP PLEASE

The Dashboard switch does not light up green, nor work to turn the cruise control on and off.

Any help would be appreciated.

what to remove the door