Vehicle is a 1997 accord, Special Edition, with 180,000. Problem is extremely intermittent. I can go 2 to 3 weeks between occurrences. When this occurs, other electrical components (lights, radio, etc) are functioning properly. Mechanic checked out all systems and they appear to be fine. He seems to think may be ignition switch, but not sure.

The brakes on my Honda seem to fall to the floor and grind when braking and going over bumps at the same time. I'm unsure if this is working as it should or not but it feels wrong.

Wondering if this could be one of three things: starter (maybe), possible alternator starting to fail (doubtful but possible) or the main relay/ignition switch problem again (which I've had fixed 3 times, seems to go every 3-5 years). Also, I doubt it since there is typically no warning, possibly the start of timing belt failing (it's due for the 2nd time). Car also seems to run hard. I've been told the squeak noise awhile back was my alternator but I have had no problems with lights, battery, etc, though that may be an issue with the starting too. The TX heat is brutal on the main relay/ignition switch it seems. Any thoughts or other suggestions? It turns over, just takes it a bit, but sounds like it will go soon.

catalytic converter replacement cost

already check all part and found no d/c supply to compressor.. pls guide us tq

We check fuse box and light bulbs also check the radio.

A/C was blowing warm air, intermitten at first, then just warm air. Had a/c compressor, receiver drier, replaced. Worked fine for 3 months, but it didn't seem to get as cool as before. Now hot, and I mean hot air is blowing through the drivers side vents, and the passanger side vents seem to be fine. Does not matter if auto or dual climate is on. Tried to manually use fan & a/c, at different temperatures, does not matter. I've read about the a/c condenser problems, but if this was the case, wouldn't it blow hot through all the vents? I've been told that there is a ambient air temperature sensor located in the front of my vehicle, and this could get damaged or stop working and cause this. Haven't looked at this part yet, but will try. Someone mentioned the air blend door, and I will check this out to. If anyone fixed this problem or has an idea, I'd like to hear it

For some reason it jumped timing as I was cruising down the road about a week ago. Although I'm nowhere near being a mechanic, I'm pretty sure that's what it did simply because when I try to start it, it sounds the same as a Honda that I had some years back when the timing belt broke. It still turns over and the timing belt is still intact, but it sounds like it's just spinning freely.

But the wires from the aftermarket switch are colored differently than the ones on the original?????

car turn off on turns/ someone said change oil/what do you guys think is wrong, i'm learning how to work on this car myself, so help; an thank you all!!!

Have checked injectors for pulse with noid light. No pulse.
Have pulled and tested spark plug for spark. No spark.
Have checked codes - getP1290, P1299, P1295, P1515, P1220.
Replaced TPS and checked harness for continuity. All good.
Have replaced the crankshaft position sensor, had PCM checked by technician.
Still no start.
Cleaned and checked grounds, tested coils for voltage, tested injectors for voltage. All good.
Have unwrapped and inspected engine wiring harness for breaks.

NO START. Am ready to drag to auto auction.
Please help!!!

It will usually start again in an hour or so. It turns over well, but fire.

I'm used to driving manual, inside of car is so dark. I want to see when gear selections. Thanx cmr6737

Just bought a 97 Civic LX automatic trans with 70,000 miles. Noticed an intermittent knock after the first day of driving. Happens in turns at normal speeds, but also happens when driving straight, especially over dirt roads. Thinking it's suspension related as noise continues in neutral. It is not consistent. I can drive my dirt driveway with no sound, and other times it's audible. Engine is smooth, no sway or vibration, just a mild knock, knock, knocking. I thought about flushing the power steering fluid and adding recomended fluid. If it was dampeners or springs wouldn't the noise be constant? I don't think it's bushings or ball joints but the noise is not from the front - more underneath the seats... Any ideas?

motor - just got quoted $700 installed!

this will happen more at slow speed, not on main highway at driving speeds.

DVD wont eject.Perm. stuck.

V6 3.0 L Automatic

I need to replace the calipers and the brake rotor. I also need to swap the computer. I have a problem with a constant ticking noise coming from under the dash on the left side of the steering wheel and my indicator lights and signal lights flash in conjunction with the constant ticking. It still happens when I take out the ignition key. I have to take a post off the battery when I stop to prevent this from draining the battery.

AC works fine when air is cool. It engages fine a works for a while. Once the outside temp rises compressor stops engaging and AC start blowing hot air.

knock sensor

Does anbody know how to get rid of that IMA light without replacing the battery pack?I tried removing to 12volt battery terminals and putting them bk on but that light eventually came bk. Please help thank you

My 1997 Honda Accord loses power when I'm driving it. it hesitates to take off and then it picks up speed, slows down when I'm at a stop light. its scary I wont get on the freeway,, because of this problem. but once it gets going it goes. what could be the problem HELP ME PLEASE!

Vibrate when parked and put the gear to drive