My back passenger door will no longer lock on its own without manual force or being taped shut (and even then, it prys back to "unlock.") So now, when I drive, because the car senses that not all of the doors are locked, anytime I go over 8 miles an hour, it locks. Then unlocks. Then locks. Then unlocks. It is getting obnoxious and I am worried about the security of my car. What do I need to do to fix this? How much is the average cost to fix this?

After we change more drive in reverse

This has increased over the last 6 months. I replaced all 3 engine mounts at Honda Dealer- helped a little, took it back and they replaced front link stabilizers. Helped a little, but still not good. Has new tires. Will new shocks help? or might it be something else?

Steering wheel was vibrating and so as per STS tires, replaced two front strut assemblies, two new fron tires and did front alingment. After this work now the van is being pulled to right side when I drive. Not sure why. I spent a lot of money and now the problem is that the van is getting pulled to the right when I drive. Please advise and assist in any way you can. Thanks . Preyas.

I have a honda civic 2000 lx. The engine light came on right after filling gas "full tank". I also added a bottle of redline fuel injector cleaner before filling the tank. The engine light came on right after i left the gas station, just a few yards away. I stopped and check the gas cap and it is tight, i made sure to hear at least 3 clicks. Also, i took fuel cap off and put back on and rotated it a full circle just to make sure it is very tight and secure. The engine light still on. I used my OBD2 reader, and getting "p0301, p0302, p0303, p0304, and p1399". I looked up the codes and i got:

P0301- Cylinder 1 misfiring
P0302- Cylinder 2 misfiring
P0303- cylinder 3 misfiring
P0304- cylinder 4 misfiring
P1399- Manufactures control Ignition system OR Misfire

A rep at a local auto parts store advised it could be something related to EGR valve having clogged ports. It may need to be cleaned or replaced. Or it can be the spark plugs? What things/parts I should ask the mechanic to check? I am newbie when it comes to car fix. Any advice is appreciated, thank you.

I have been having problems with a the idle ever since I accidently started the car with the MAP sensor unplugged. Ever since then the car has idled very low, just over 500 rpm. I bought a new MAP sensor, cleared the error code and did a "idle learn", I cleaned the idle air control valve because it has a very rough idle. Now the car has started to stall when I put the car in park and turn the AC off. PLEASE HELP!!!

unplug headlight switch and lights still stay on.have to remove fuses to get them out.cant find a relay anywhere.wiring,fuse panel?any suggestions?thanks

The sun roof wont work the windows wont roll up or down the gears with shift if I stick the release key in theres an anti theft have checked the fuses fine. will start if I use a screw driver on starter but wont shift into gear unless I put the key in the gear shift the dash still dosnt work window still wont work and wont start any other way changed starter and relay still nothing

Gage isn't reading that temp is hot but when we got to our destination after driving only about 15 miles - saw steam coming from under hood and heard fluid boiling. Checked and noticed the hose connecting to heater core had a hole and it was leaking from there. Thermostat seems to be openin g. He fixed hose n next day samething happened and it was at night. What else could be issue besides needing new hose?

Need a low price and good quality

Turned key left to lock it will not turn back and won't come out.its my only key HELP

new tyre bushings balljoints aligned yet when driving and the passes over waves in the road it jerks to that side the shocks are a bit bouncy the camber reads05 all wheels the front left shock appears to be a bitlower than the right

Anything besides oil pan, exhaust pipe, and oil pump need to be removed?

Mechanic suggests I should replace both right and left at the asme time.Do I really need to replace both link pins when only one is bad? . CRV has 94K miles on it. thanks

I had the front mount engine replace couple of months ago, at the Honda local dealer, now when I turn the engine key on, I hear this sound like roughness last 3-4 weeks and now still hear vibration...

Whenever I put the key into the ignition it won't turn at all and the steering wheel isn't locked or anything but still if I turn the steering wheel while trying to turn the key the ignition won't move like it's stuck or something. I have a spare key that isn't programmed to start the car and that one won't even make it turn so I don't think it's the key.

Would cost a lot to have glove compartment rekeyed

I haven't had an accident, ever. Will the honda co just hope nothing will ever happen and it will escape responsibility for all these recall problems?

my rocker arm bank is stuck in bank 1 and my car will not start what needs to be repaired

not start. So then I left the car alone for about 30 minutes and then it started with no problem at all. What is going on?