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location of transmission filter on 2004 pilot
It was working one day but not the next. No unusual noises or smells as a warning something was going bad. Have checked all the fuses. Any other suggestions before taking it to a Honda repair shop?
I recently damamaged the radiator on my honda causing me to replace it. After it was put in the mechanic noticed to wasnt sucking in the water so the head must be warped. Fine, got the head shaved put back on without ...
While I'm driving the car shakes and it has a flashing check engine light
One of my head lights will not go down. When I use the swith on the dash it will not respond. Also I have an oil leak and I can't determine where its coming from. What are your suggestions.
Installed a Ebay generic Short Ram Intake. same 3" size as factory but car is throwing codes p0175 & p0172. how can i fix this problem with out getting rid of my intake?
Installed a Ebay generic Short Ram Intake. same 3" size as factory but car is throwing codes p0175 & p0172. how can i fix this problem with out getting rid of my intake?
After starting and then driving car green sports light will start blinking,speedometer will stop working but will then work intermittingly and then engine light will come on.
I'm just curious as to what service i absolutely need done at 120000 miles? nothing is really wrong with my car. Just had break pads changed and put new tires on about 20,000 miles ago. (i commute a lot and put on rou...
I have a 2002 Civic that needs a head gasket replaced and it's currently stalled out at the local dealer down the street. I was curious as to what this procedure typically costs. This "single gal" doesn't want to get ...
flashing drive light on the cluster. The sevice people said I needed a range switch, additionly my car now reveres roughly. With the new range switch what is the likelihood this will solve the problem or am likely to...
Though I keep the temperature setting to very low, the passenger side and one of the central vents blow hot air intermittently, and automatic temparature control is not working. I have built in navigation system.
You cant hear any noise coming from the ac unit. Heater isnt working either. This problem started about 5 months ago and i hadnt noticed since then. But today it just stopped working.
my 2005 element wont start no ilumination lights when you turn the sitch on every thing gos dad, but with the battery jumper lights goes on and car starts but when i turned off it dies again, how to fix this problem p...
my battery light stays on at night when i run lights and comes off and on during the day and cuts off. what is the problem?
The front passenger and hatch door locks will not properly operate. They will intermittently lock and unlock with the key fob and/or the button from the drivers side. When they malfunction, I must unlock the passenger...
I have a 1998 Honda Civic LX and was told by dealership that rear control arm bushings needed to be replaced. Was trying to lookup estimated cost for this type of repair on repairpal but it was not listed. Thought it ...
I ran my battery down and now I need the code to reset my radio?
has freon, but compressor won't come on,what could be the problem
Honda civic dx 2dr coupe...can inner be replaced w/o the outer
ECM on 2004 has 1 single plug on back side ECM on 1999 does not have this plug in the harness. have no fire and D4 flashing on steering column. Can you help Thank You. Harry
after car warms up, doesn't seem like it is getting any fuel. doesn't go over 20 to 25 miles an hour even if I floor it!
The car was shut off after running normal, and the next day, there was no battery power. I tried to jump start, but still nothing.
I heard that the act of disconnecting the battery terminals for terminal and post cleaning ruins the integrity of computers and other programs already installed as part of the normal car operation---what negative impa...
The car will start but the petal wont disengage nor can I shift into any gear.I can manually pull on the petal to bring it to its "disengaged" position. The reservor is full of fluid and there seems to be nothing that...
spark plugs,spark plug wires,battery ,distributor cap, ignition rotor. what is the next step
Is there any video that shows how to replace the valve cover gasket?
cant afford new cables for my 5 speed accord transaxle. had to get picknpull ones for now. dont know right oil for shift cables. need to find out. no one at my dealer could answer the question for some reason.