I see smoke out of tail pipe when accelerated

2 Dealerships can't figure out the problem. What is causing thiis?

Car braked perfectly. Sat for 1 month, then full front vibration. Drove, heated brakes, broke off rust build up, just wheel vibration when stopping at about 40 MPH. Was told I needed front brakes, rotors, etc. and all kinds of work on rear. Went from smooth as glass to warped rotors in 1 month? Review and advise if this appears correct.

it's not getting the gear signals from the transmission/shifter to the dashboard/car not letting me turn it on even by unlocking the shifter it still will show no signal on any other gear

No current problems. In 2009 I was sideswiped by a semi along with 4 other large vehicles. My Element was the only one to drive away but after a day or so the transmission & clutch had problems. So the repairs were to replace/rebuild the transmission/clutch along with front end repairs and side repairs and she was good to go.
My first extended warranty ($7yrs for $1700)was up in 2012 and now I'm wondering if I should get an additional 2 yrs for $2300?
Its such a good car...I love it! But I don't want to end up hating it cause of issues that may go wrong with this car type?
I don't drive it hard just whipping around town and some back country but nothing crazy.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.


the check enginge light is not on but the mant reqd lite is on - I faild spog once, right after replacing battery BUT for 5 years I have had check engine light on on my 2000 Toyota Corolla & have passed smog every year after disconnecting battery before I go for test

It stops running at a stoplight, or when I'm in park and shift it into gear after it has been ran for about a half hour. This could be a fuel filter/pump problem, but not sure. Has anyone got an answer?

I was driving 90si
In the winter. And we got a cold snap nd i never drove it for a few days.
When i started it up next my idle was terrible and would just stall out. It ran perfect before.
My ecu has had some codes like o2 sensor. But i just had it replaced
Tps also had replaced before..
The biggest change in my ecu was it now shows the cylinder position sensor..
I have had it to the shop and they said my distributor was done and changed it.. But fixed nothing.. The said my computer was done. But i think they didnt want to get into it.
I have a air/fuel gauge and once warm runs so lean it doesnt register. Would that mean that my air is rich and gas is lean? If so could any lines have froze causing water in tank? Will putting gas line antifreeze in gas tank get that water out.. Completely stuck
This happened in march and still runs bad? Would any water have come out by now?

otherwise it drives like a champ we bought some kind of fuse that plugs under hood that did not help but its the same part for reg and overdrive where is the other fuse located so i can plug it there parts house said to try in one and if it didnt work plug it in the other but we cant find it help

Recently jumped started my 2012 Odyssey, afterwards the abs & traction control warning lights came on. The van only has 4000 miles on it. How do I reset these warning lights?

Recently Jumped started my 2012 Odyssey, now power side doors will not open when van in running. How do I reset?

Resister R1 is burnt. any one know the specs on R1. I'm thinking I will try replacing R1. Found loose ground on battery and on engine fuse box. Any advice is appreciated

The crank shaft pulley came loose on my acoord and I need to know what I can do to fix it and what size bolt I need

Hey have a 1993 del sol si turbo my corner lights the drivers side stays on when I turn on my lights the passenger side doesn't not but the passenger signal works fine? Any suggestions or advice for me to get it to work, hard wiring? All the wiring looks fine as well not ripped split or anything my car is very clean, kinda bugging me have to see it at night all the time please help!!! Thanks guys

I have jumped strait to a ground and A/C will work that way, it will turn on. So I don't know what to make of it.

Lube place changed my oil and 180 miles later it had lost 3 qts. Brought back and they "discovered" crack in oil pan about 3 inches long starting from outer ridge of bung hole. Stated that it was NOT done by them. Pan is not rusted at all, They repaired it with JB weld but I dont trust it. How much would it cost to replace oil pan, are they available new for my 1997 and Could there be any other explanation than they over torqued the bolt and cracked the bunghole?

Car was dead jumped battery. Drove home battery was bone dry.Filled battery, but car would not start. Tried jumping again nothing. Replaced battery nothing.Checked fuses. Maim 100ohm fuse blown. Replaced fuse. Car runs fine, but all brake system lights are on.

I can hear the fuel pump when i turn the key to start it.Someone told me it could be the Relay switch under the driver side dash?

My Honda Accord AC has stopped blowing cold air on the driver's side vent and the upper on over the radio on the driver's side. Any ideas? Mileage 57,000 - 2004

When you are at stop light/sign the car noticably virbrates and rattles on the left side when teh AC is on

Just replaced brakes on rear less than 2000 miles ago. When driving car in the morning(first time of the day), I notice a grinding coming from the rear when I apply the brakes. After about two or three stops grinding goes away. Also this does not happen everyday.

My back passenger door will no longer lock on its own without manual force or being taped shut (and even then, it prys back to "unlock.") So now, when I drive, because the car senses that not all of the doors are locked, anytime I go over 8 miles an hour, it locks. Then unlocks. Then locks. Then unlocks. It is getting obnoxious and I am worried about the security of my car. What do I need to do to fix this? How much is the average cost to fix this?

After we change more drive in reverse