My car turns on great with no engine light but let's say when I get about 2 miles or 3 my car turns off and the engine light comes on there is some times when the engine light comes on but my car doesn't turn off. I have bought a new distributor, new spark plug wires, and also new spark plugs and still the car turns off after 5min can anyone HELP ME..

car was parked recently because I was out of town.Today while driving,engine cut off.after coming to complete stop,it started and I drove home.Tried to drop hood shut but wouldn't close completely.I locked the doors and maybe 15 min later the alarm was sounding.alarm stopped after I unlocked the doors.What can I do?

I checked the sway bar links myself and they are solid. A new clue that I noticed when this noise came was that it went away with slight pressure on the brakes. Could this be the same problem? Should I replace the links?

whenever i drive and cut off the engine and try to put the passport on park it gives trouble and i havto try it alteast 3 to 4 times before it stays on park.also it wont start whilst on park and i havto bring it down to neutral in order for it to start plz help!!!!!!!!

the key doesnt want to go to lock and the engine doesnt lock

Low on fuel, engine light turns on, few min later oil light is flashing!

Put more oil in, then started car, all the oil poured out!

but it still will not turn over. do I need to reset the system someway.

Rear passenger window works fine when operated from that door. When operating same window from master control It roles down but not up. Used a tester on the switch at master control center and the switch seams to be fine. I can't seam to figure this out, Help please.

Check engine is on. When it is read it says all cylinders (Spark plugs) are miss firing.
Any ideas?

Hey guys I bought a 94 accord not to long ago at first the speedometer would work when I went pass 40 mph but now it's not going at all. I switched the spped sensor cable and the speedometer itself. Can anyone help??? Also I'm looking for a replacement hood...

Does not happen everyday, radiator isn't always empty...one or the other. No leaking on floor, no steam out of tail pipe. Could it be heater core?

Is the air intake from inside cabin thru the cabin filter? If not where is it from.
Also the hotter the inside of cabin is the longer it takes to get the air from AC cold

On Tuesday my driver side door all of a sudden would not open. I pulled the panel off and when I press unlock it appears to be operating and moving the lock up to an unlocked position. The door will not open though. On Saturday when I tried different methods of locking and unlocking all of a sudden the back door on the driver's side wont open either. Any idea what is going on with my car? My main concern is the driver's door. I don't want to keep climbing across to get out of the car. Thanks.

i've never had issues.. 1st time. can this be as simple as a fuse? or a motor part? and would it be a simple fix?

normally, the indicator D4 light will light up when shift to drive. however, after a few minutes driving, the D4 light will start to blink - on/off mode. Even if I shift the gear to D3 first for initial drive, when car is running, the D4 indicator light will blink as well, while the D3 light remains on.

ac works all the time when engine is cold, as soon as it warms up to normal operating temp. it stops working. no codes, ac does not work again till engine cools down.

89 Honda Accord lxi..when coming to a stop, it turns off(CUT OFF), what is causing this problem,please help, trying to learn to fix this car, myself/ Ha ha, no joke!!!

I have a new battery, I charged it, It will start the car, I read the voltage at 12 volts, over night the voltage drops to 8 volts and will not crank the car. If I charge the battery then disconnect the negative side and the next morning re connect the negative side the battery is 12 volts and will start the car; I can drive the car shut it off re-start the car all day fine. Can anyone help?

It uses a lot of oil, car won't start, can't get it out of Park, engines runs real ruff. had diagnostic test, said it was Cam position sensor?

Sometimes when I'm driving it will stop working.

But I don't know we're the ac fuse is located. Help please.

The rear A/C on our '09 Pilot has stopped blowing. I read that a failed power resistor in older model Pilots was the problem, but unsure about our model. Has anyone here had a similar problem and how much did it cost to repair or replace?

everytime I go to start my car it make a buzzing sound.I have to turn my key several times before the car finally starts. I have had the starter and alternator tested and everything under the hood is working fine. I have been told it could be the ignition switch. Is replacing just the electrical part an easy task? and how do I do it?