My car has a 2002 VTEC 2.3 liter in-line four. Model 23 f-series motor. I need to replace the power steering return hose. (The one that comes off the top, the thick one.) The fittings on it are brass and look pretty dedicated... I'll change my profile picture to it so all can see. Some help would be great! My drivers teat is soon and I need my car in the best shape I can to pass.

How to reset code p0507 of Honda crv . The check engine light is on the rpm is 1000 . How can I reset this code. Please reply me as soon as possible

The RPM is 1000

i need help to reset the code

light is blinking.What is wrong? I was just sitting still with the engine running right after someone had test driven it when these lights came on.

the motor runs OK could it be transmission or axle

We've replaced everything except the flex lines, still gets hot and smells like burning rubber.

all the time

All power movements of the seat works except the back part of the butt of ythe seat will not raise or lower it stopped mid movement.

temperature guage goes down and when it is down car take more RPM to shift gear

while driving 20 to 70 miles per hour the rear end of the car is making noise ,the tires are good and brakes are good. i have about 75000 miles on car,its been doing this for 2 years but getting loud. thanks

Maintenance light it says maint serv. Wasnt on before. What do u know about that?

I keep replacing the brake switch and it blows every one to two days. Ehat can be causing this to keep happening? Is something draining it? I cant get the gear sgifter out of park when this happens either. There is no shift lock release on my 98 accord lx. How can i fix This?

Had all AC System replaced and by that i mean sensors, pump,condenser, etc.
And yet, AC wont work properly. It only works if temp outside is not hot or when i drive it on the freeway. If i hit the streets with a temp of 80+outside, the ac will startblowing warm air and after a while cars temp will also go up. I need help. Im.stuck with this car..sadly we just bought it last year.

can re-lock doors, hit bump, locks pop up again. weekly driven - 20 to 30 miles max

My 1998 Honda Civic DX, hatchback has developed a problem with the hatchback's lock. One week ago we discovered that the external release handle will not open the hatchback now. When testing locking/unlocking with a key, I can see that the locking post moves up/down as normal. Yet, the hatchback will no longer unlock. I did lubricate the hatchback mechanism about 3 weeks ago with WD-40. Worked fine at that time. Any suggestions?

car is in san francisco, CA

Local dealer quoted $250 just to assess what is wrong with A/C on this car, told them over phone was getting weak, warm air flow.

I have a factory alarm and it sets byitself without using remote. And after i unlock car using key the alarm sounds head lights flashing.. Light on dashboard flashing every 3-5 seconds.. But wont reset with remote key and wont dissarm using ignition?.. Whats wrong?. How do i fix?. I am having intermittent issues with doorlock on all doors and passenger front door wont work using automatic driver side master control.. But during all this the car starts and i can drive it.? Please help.

I replaced stabilizer link and rattle still happens on light to heavy bumps

Dealer said it is common with Pilot. Problem is not too noticeable but I feel it. Software problem?

He said there was oil leaking into it. but Repair Pal doesn't even show that on their Estimator list. There was an ignition switch recall years ago so he didn't think that was prob. Any idea of what it should cost parts and labor. Car would start right back up. I appreciate any comments to give me peace of mind.

new coolant added as well can it be the heater core?

Are there any draw backs to having a 19 inch or a 20 inch wheel and tire versus the original 18" wheels and tires?