l thought it was the park brake when I pulled it up it became brighter. when I put it back down, it still remained red. what is this. it just came on yestweday 4 12 2015.

It came with 3 keys. Two black that look new and a grey one that looks like the old one. All of them will make it turn over but none will make it fire. i have been reading some stuff on it and saw that there is a green key light that might tell me somthing but i have already removed the switch. i didnt realize that it was chipped because of ots age. when they told me about the lock smith i had just finished removing it. I counted all the wires on connections to make sure there were pins for all wires and vise versa. Thought maybe it could have been for a diffrent modle that fit but wouldnt work. Not sure what to do. not sure if i should find the lock smith again or What. Not sure why he wouldnt have checked to see if it was gonna work before he left and with that said dont know if it will do any good

not sure what the hole thing is, but I see no visible damage. my car is lowered and there is possibilities of bottoming out or scraping but since I've had the car I haven't done either, the leak just started a couple days ago, I do sometimes use the auto stick. D15 b7
stock motor stock Tranny.

The car had srt up for over a year n I bought it cheap people just didnt want it

I was sitting at Kroger pharmacy in the drive through and all of a sudden the engine starts intermittent whining and smoke filled the cabin and it was coming out of the hood. I stopped the engine and restarted and I got home with no trouble (about 10 miles). No lights or anything came on. I am still scared to drive it. It also had the odor of antifreeze?? Any suggestions on what this could be?

I was driving my car all day took it home to replace the distributor because it had been gettin oil in the cap causing to sputter, not thinking to jus change the Oring. Took the old distributor off replaced it with the new one, it started up ran fine then it started gettin worse car barley will start for only a few seconds then cuts off. Any one out there can help me?


Sometimes when I start my my car the engine temp gauge will go to the hot range, then return to a normal range. Is this a problem?

It seems to come from the F right wheel. Sometimes after I hit 40mph it stops screeching when I apply pressure to the breaks.


Lately i have been feeling/hearing this very faint scratchy feeling on the gas pedal when i start moving from a dead stop. It only happens if the car was off and I start it and drive it. It doesn't happen during normal driving. For example: I wake up to go to work I start the car, 5-10 meters away in a 10mph speed and i feel like a slight scratchy feeling at my foot for like a second. But if i stop at a stop light or anything and i pull off i dont feel it anymore. Just after I start from a dead stop, every time I start the vehicle with a key, that's when it occurs. Weird. Any ideas?

Both my driver side and passenger side doors will not open from the outside and if I roll the window down the door flys open and will not shut unless I roll the window back up

When I put the key into the driver's side door, it doesn't unlock. It can't be moved to the right or left. Dealer told me that I would have to replace the whole part inside for $200+

Small sparks come from the distributor on my CRV. It won't start in the morning when it's really wet out side. I see that I can buy a distributor cap for it but I'm not sure if that would solve my problem or would I have to replace the whole distributor?

Before I got in my 2012 Honda Accord this morning as I was walking to the door I noticed the dash lights were flickering every 3-4 seconds. I tried to start the car but it seemed like the battery was dead(no engine cranking but was clicking) I may have had the high beam switch pulled to the on position all night b/c when I pushed the switch forward the lights stopped flickering. I then took the train to work. I just thought it was peculiar that the dash lights must have been turning on and off all night. I will try and jump it when I get home. Anyone else experience something like this?

It's a v6 ex 3.5 sedan.

also changed spark plugs.

I've seen ads for OBD interface diagnostic tools. I'm tired of paying mechanics for diagnostics. There are so many to choose from! Any suggestions?

Noticed last night when I would get to third gear it seemed to get stuck