i changed the MAP sensor and the TPS sensor and cleaned the air intake valve

code says 2nd clutch pressure switch is stuck or stuck on. What is the price of fixing this? Is there anything else, I should also have changed?

1. In 'Park', if I rev my motor to 5,000 rpm it cuts out down to about 4600rpm then picks up back to 5,000. It repeats this about twice per second. 2. While driving and I hit the gas causing a downshift, the motor does the same thing (at a much lower rpm) No check engine light
Timing belt has 100k on it. Any ideas on what this could be, or a diagnostic direction I should go in?

This car is a civic Ex Coupe 2dr.
Thank you, John

Sparkplug wirers

My car lighter and radio/cd player have no power but the clock on the dash just above has power. Any ideas? I have checked the fuses on the side panel inside the cabin of the car and the tester lights up on all of them. I also checked the small fuses with the same test and they work as well. I couldn't test the larger looking fuses but looked at the top and the metal doesn't appear to be broker so I'm assuming they are fine.

usually overnight or while sitting for 2/3 hours

The car has been taken care of an just has 189,000 mfiles.The catalyst convertor has been removed an problem remains.Any help would be appreciated..

The back left speaker makes a horrible(loud) static noise only when turning left. Seems like some kind of loose wire, but everything's been checked out. Next step is replacing head unit. Anyone ever experienced anything like this?

When I try to take off the car stalles then it's jerks The TC light comes on and D4 gears starts blinking the I have to pull over and turn the car off and restart it..sometimes when the car runs along time then ita not jerk as bad..

My D4 light blinking but the car shift okay most of times,but sometime it hole the gear a long time before shifting.Will changing the fluid help this or it's the TCU please help

How can I fix it this is my driver side manual sliding door

Yesterday a loose cat lower heat shield was ripped from my van while driving taking the downstream o2 sensor wiring with it. Immediately the Check Engine, Supplemental Restraint System, Traction Control and door ajar lights all went on. The drive indicator began to blink and the transmission mostly disengaged. It would still drive but it was as if it was slipping severely. The next day I replaced the o2 sensor but the symptoms remained. After a short test drive I discovered that the gauges and odometer were intermittent. After a stop and attempt to restart i discovered the alternator had stopped charging. Volt meter shows about 10v at the battery terminals while running after a jump with voltage steadily falling. Checked the wiring downstream of the o2 sensor connector and it looks unharmed. All fuses ok. Attempted to reset the ECU according to some online instructions (which I'm suspicious of) without any change. Any help or insight would be much appreciated. Pretty Desperate in KY

My car is giving a problem to start especially when its driven, but all injectors, glow plugs was tested and engine and electrical diagnosis was done and all seems good.

to order the filter, gives me a response of, "non-servicable repair." Does that mean only a certified Honda shop is able to replace it for me, or am I able to attempt to tackle the replacement myself??
Thanks for any insight you're able to provide. Good day.

transmission seems to be fill past the top mark on the dip stick

The air work good when the van is runnig.when the van stops sounds again like a belt noise..belt or compressor cluth ?