It also does it while it is idling

car starts sometimes. turns over wont start runs good when it starts

recently, got rough transmission only when car used over 30 min

I have a 2005 Honda Accord. Engine light, break light, all my lights are on on my dashboard, my radio doesn't work, when I try to crank my car it won't turn over like it's not getting gas up top. What shall I do?

I think its a solenoid problem its slipps in 1st an 2nd gear when in 3rd it drives without slipping but the rmp keep raising high like 5 an more just going like 35 an don't go down till I slow down an starts to downshift hard an sometimes when I put my car in reverse it won't go nowhere ..its like I'm in neutral.. I have no light on beside a maitnace light ..I had a buddy check my Tanny fluid an it looks fine ..not burning or anything ..no metal shavings either ..it has a sweet smel to it so I think the tranny is fine an has to be something else...can someone pleaseeee help me ..thank u

I think its the hub well at least that's what a mechanic told me and of course being a woman and knowing a little about cars, I don't know it that's what it is

My brother changed the plugs and wires on his 2000 accord and now its not firing...what could it be

How long do brakes usually last

I got incarcerated and during my incarceration my.car was stolen. After I got released i was able too retrieve my car but the steering wheel column had Been to destroyed and my car won't.start any ideas.

I'm not able to even drive my car cause when I crank it up the manifold red hot in no time I don't know what it is

I took my 2005 Accord to a Honda dealership because it was vibrating (it would start at about 20-25 mph then it would stop at higher speeds). They said that I needed to have both front axles replaced. I chose to have aftermarket parts. The shaking continued, so I brought it back the following week. They said that the passenger side axle "failed" and they replaced it. The shaking still continued. I brought it back the following week and they said that they weren't really sure what was wrong. They said that using OEM parts might not solve the problem, and that it might be the transmission but they weren't sure. That was back in August. I started taking my car to another dealership. I paid to have them look at the axles that were installed and they said that they looked ok (weren't loose). I just got my car inspected and was told that the axle seal on the passenger side is leaking bad and they suggested I take it back to the other dealership. I did and they told me that I need a new transmission ($4,088). Is it possible the axle that "failed" caused the damage to my transmission?

just happened, cleared haven't driven it yet...

He has done a full tune up including cap, rotor, new npk spark plugs and wires. He just had a new catalytic converter put on today and he is still failing. What else does he need to do?

Once vehicle stopped - brakes resume functioning - very scary situation to say the least - anyone else?

FM signal very weak a lot of static fades away

& oil light stays on.

new wires, spark plugs, fuel filter and did a compression check all good. no codes but 4$3 plugs is black compare to 2&1 look to be pretty good and real slow about picking up speed converter have remove.Please help

check engine light blinks rapidly 3 times then rapidly 6 times pauses then slowly 4 times. How do I go about finding the codes. Thnx.

How much is involved to have it repaired. Does the door have to come off?? Dealer said roller, as the door starts and then stops, very jerky and very hard to move.