My mechanic i trust says the worst case scenario to fix it including oil leaks is $2500. I can't find a car i really like to buy and I'm in a rental. Do you agree it's not worth fixing? I've been looking at a 2015 Camry base model and a 2014 Subaru limited. Which car will have the fewest repairs/problems and hopefully last as long as my Honda. Open to any other suggestions. I need to buy something in the next couple days/ just can't pull the trigger. Don't really love anything for the $. Thanks for your input!

on battery light is on and not charging, then turn engine off restart and light off and now it is charging

I want to swap out my stereo with a tape player for one with a cd player. Found one on ebay for a 2002 honda civic.

The clutch is about a year old. Spinning sound in between first and second gear. Happens more when the car is cold. Intermittent not always.

i am buying this car. every thing is perfect about this price but crankshaft oil seal. should i get this car or not?

Is there anything I can do or does it have to go into the shop?

power windows will not go down or up.

05 Honda Pilot, 200k miles, need new engine and transmission. We don't know if we should do it or just trade in for new car? Money is an issue...

I need to trace wires that connect the ambient outside air temp sensor so my cars stops blowing hot air on me in FL!

I just added some freon ...a week ago so now we know that is not the problem? ?? And it happens every time after we drive for about one hour ...then the air conditioner quits working and/or the heat quits working and then we just tear the blower's going nothing comes out of the vents anymore it was working just perfect before then we were getting real cold air out of the air conditioners or real warm air out of the heat and then it doesn't work anymore???