just need general idea of the time involved to calculate labour cost..i live in Toronto, Canada...

I have maintained my car impeccably from the day I've owned it. In the 8 years I've owned it, I've had to completely replace the whole airbag system, air conditioning system, heating system, and the IMA battery. Now the transmission went out yesterday. It isn't worth repairing anymore. This car has cost me more to operate in the 8 years I've owned it then my 08 Ford F150 I purchased in 2008. I will never own another Honda product. I've called Honda of North America and they have refused to help with any of those repairs including the IMA battery, which went out when the car had 130K miles. They argued with me for days and then finally paid for labor cost. I paid $2200 for the IMA battery, $650 for the air conditioning system and $1200 for the airbag system. Honda is terrible in customer service and paying for any repairs the government hasn't forced them to under recall.

Already purchased parts just need a quote for installation for a radiator

It has about 250000 miles and check engine light came on and I lost power. Mechanic says timing chain. Is it likely that it damaged the engine when it broke? If so, what price range am I looking at to repair?

I recently had my rotors done and the guy said within the next 4-5 months I'd need to replace the wheel barrings but every since he did the rotors I hear this click when I go from drive to reverse, and I just had the tranny replaced 2 months ago????

It is hard starting but will start shortly after being run or if I cycle the key to on and let the fuel pump prime then off and on again three or four times. This makes me think that it is fuel starvation as it runs fine until I accelerate with too high a gear then it will chug or stall.

car bogs down when accelerating as if it isnt getting enough gas,check engine lite flashes during acceleration

they replaced valve cover gaskets and head gaskets and all of the cam plugs and all the o-rings we could find

what is cost to replace timing belt and front axle seal

Honda Civic LX Sedan - 2014: Is it possible to remove bottom of rear/back seat for installing car seat covers

there is a popping sound on passenger side of car near the wheel when I from 40 to 50 mph.

my check engine light came on and I experienced the blinking of the lights, gears getting stuck while am driving, as well as it just locking up in the gear. I was told I need a new transmission and I purchased a md to confirm the diagnostic and it read,"po780" does that mean I need a whole new transmission?

Body for Honda Civic Brake makes squeaky noise

Body for Honda Civic Brake makes squeaky noise

car was not running hot but went to pour water into radiator an it was leaking outs bottom side of the motor thought is was the hose it wasnt just at bottom of engine can it be busted water pump???

my 2012 Honda Insight heating system at 75 degrees will blow cold air. At 78 I will get heat and 85/high I will have hot heat. Any suggestions on this one?

Timing belt

We have one estimate and a warranty to help with cost.We got when we purchased the car last March.The diagnostic codesareZL0110 and ZP-12182.

8419 power steering hose R&R pressure. We have one estimate and our cat does have a warranty to help with cost from our purchase of the crv last March.

2006 automatic Accord. 180,000 miles all highway. Car never neglected for service. Check engine light shows 02 sensor malfunction. Major tune up at 150,000 miles. Replaced fuel pump, 02 sensor, checked vtec sensors, mechanic cant find reason for problem. Does not do it when cold, happens 15 minutes on highway when attempting to accellerate, cannot exceed 2500 rmp. Anyone have any suggestions for mechanic to check next?

the front is "locked up"

It doesn't happen very often but when it does the car seems to loose power and there's a burning smell coming from the engine. Smells like antifreeze.

I cheked.the codes a.saids.that is the TPSensor , i replaced already but still. P1125 P1295 P1120