I bought this vehicle brand new and never really liked the feel on the steering wheel. Always has a little vibration on the wheel over 70mph. Now that I have over 80,000 miles on it and I've put brand new tires on too there seems to be a clunking noise as I go over bumps. I live on a very bumpy road and you don't notice it on good roads just the bumpy ones. I've had 2 mechanics check it out and they say everything is tight but I don't remember it making so much clunking and banging except the last year

The check engine light is on but the vehicle is operating properly.

I keep having a re-occuring problem with shaking when the brake is applied. Have had the rotors replaced then turned and this time the problem only stayed away for a day. What else could be wrong or what might make the rotors be a problem?

I was driving my 2008 Honda Civic when i started to lose power. I was feeling really sluggish. Won't go 20 - 30. Even slower up hill. Went to auto store so they could check the Engine light and they said Cylinder 2 Misfire. Just lost my job so money is an object.. Please help

Where can I find? Order?

i have had 3 times that the radiator hoses have blown....once was the top hose and the last 2 times was the bottom hose. After changing the hoses it will run for approx. 500 miles and then the hoses blow again. anti freeze all over the place...what could this be???? The mechanic said the thermostat was okay??

I have a standard 5 speed and sometimes it starts and sometimes it does not. Battery is good, radio and lights turn on. Just changed air filter, oil change is upto date. Has all fluids. If it starts and travel few miles turn off it may not restart.?@#$%&*?????

My car has always had trouble with the windows, they got stuck half-way frequently, I had it repaired at least 3 times. Now for the last few months, they do not move at all any more, except when I open the driver door all the way.
Any suggestions

repalce timing belt ans water pump ac belt and altenator belts

freon charged 2 time already. The car was parkied under hot sunny day, turn on air condition nothing but warm air comes out. If turn on early in the morning cold air comes out ok. its just if the car parked hot sunny day then turn on air condition warm air comes out. My mechaninc could not figure out why its doing this.

Air conditioning vent stopped working. Will not blow when air is off. Had blower motor replaced, still not working. Told it is an electrical problem. What is it exactly and how much will it cost?

car is trying to start ..no check engine light on...someone said could be the fuel pump or something injector...can someone give me an idea if that is right?

My ac belt is squealing at times. I was told this pulley has a clutch. Could it be the clutch pulley is worn out? And can just the pulley be replaced? Does the ac compressor have to be removed to replace the pulley? Any help appreciated!

My car hums when I turn the wheel right or left, in motion and when still. I'm not sure what the problem is?

the web states problems with 99-07 odyssey transmissions
I am trying to decide on replacing with used or rebuilding the one I have (2nd one).Not sure used will be any better than mine ,Do other honda transmission fit this van ? I have read that the 2 and 3rd gear are weak , would a aftermarket rebuild kit fix this and last longer than the 30,000 -60,000 miles
When replacing the transission what are all the steps?
Does the engine,tranny and transaxle have to come out the bottom ?

The car was running fine until yesterday. Now it won't start or even turn over. When I turn the key Ihear a single 'electronic sounding' click. I checked all the fuses and they are ok. Any ideas?

Hi, we are having problems with our 2006 civic hybrid. At times when you need to accelerate the car just will not. You might expect this with a hybrid, not much power, but this is a relatively new problem-the last year or so, and Honda is not willing to help us. We really feel that the car is unsafe to drive. Thanks for your help in finding an unbiased person to give us an idea of what they think the problem might be.

I have a 2004 Honda Civic with automatice transmission. When I get the car to about 30 mph, the engine loses power (Can't accelerate) and the engine knocks. What should I be lookin\g for to further diagnose the problem?

Honda has 240,000 miles with regular service done started sputtering and jumping while driving at various speeds. Distributer changed to include coils, egr valve cleaned, all wires checked for shorts, fuel pump checked out fine, ecu computer pulled and 2 others used to see if that was the problem, it wasnt. Spark plugs changed twice. Passed a compression test with flying colors. Engine light never came on and problem started randomly, and continually got worse. On our 6th mechanic (who is a wonderful retired Honda mechanic) and no one can find the problem. Car starts fine, no other electrical problems that have been noted. Any ideas?

Hey guys, when i drive my car it feels like its choking/hard to press on the gas just to get it passed 20 mph..but after that it drives ok when im going faster. any ideas thnx!

Cost to change Timing Belt, Motor Mounts, Wheel Ball Joints, Leaking Transmission and EGR Sensor (otherwise car runs fine)

My 1990 Honda Accord shakes violently when I press the brakes. I already know it's not the brake pads or rotors because they have been replaced. Someone told me it could be a CV joint (because it also clicks when making left turns). Could someone please tell me all the possible things it could be?

Whenever I am idling (such as during heavy traffic or when the car is on but in park) my car will begin to overheat, and I have to turn it off. I've had a sensor and the thermostat replaced, but they only worked for a few weeks and my car would start to overheat again. I don't know of any trusted mechanics. Can anyone help?

What would it cost to replace an alternator in a c1995 Honda accord?

My cd player in my crv does not work the radio works fine but when I put cd a code comes up on cd player it is either peo or ped, I have tried cleaning it but same problem any ideas?

I am looking for instructions on how to remove the power window switch assembly from my dashboard. My driver window will go down, but I have to jam a screwdriver into the right side of the switch to get it to go back up. First I want to see if I can get the switch apart and see if I can either clean contacts, or some how repair it. Also if anyone knows where I can buy a new switch assy for less than $180 that would be very helpful...
($180 for a switch?! ugh)
[edit: I'm not in NY, I'm in Canada, but this thing requires a *ZIP* code...]

Update: So I dove under the dash and figured this out myself.
Solution: the face panel is held by retention clips, I used my pocket knife to pop it out. I had to remove the panel under the steering column to disconnect the dimmer control, as this was holding the panel on the opposite side as the connector for the switch assemlby (this sticks out the right side and locks it in). I promptly cut the ziptie that held the dimmer wires in so far under the dash.

After disassembling the switch assembly I found there was a lot of carbon (I'm guessing) build up on the contacts for the driver window switch. I cleaned all contacts with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab, and now the switch works 95% if the time. once in a while I have to push it to the left slightly to raise the window, but thats not too bad. And is better than spending $180 on a new one!

Disassemble switch: Do not try to remove the backing, it pointless and the second layer (which has a small circuit board soldered on) wont come apart.
All you need to do is lift the rubber shroud under the switch itself, and pull the pin from the left side (try pushing from the right).
CAREFUL it may pop apart, there are two spring loaded finger-like retainers that are also held by the pin, under those are some copper rocker style contacts. Remove and clean these. Putting it all back together was slightly annoying but not too hard.

The drivers seat stopped moving forward or back. It sitll moves up and down. It stopped working a few months ago and then out of the blue it started working again. Now it has stopped again!

How much will it cost to replace the rack and pinion on my Honda?

& what is the procces for change it?

where are the engine monts located on the 2002 accord ex and how manys are there/ are they all the same