car has hard time starting in morning the key just clicks for one or two times then it starts and runs find the rest of the day do u think it couls be the starter going bad

How do I remove the drain box for AC to clean out sludge so it stops leaking into my passenger side floor?

i recently buy a honda accord 04'whil it is run only 51k.but soon after the D is blinking & feel a strong jerk or clunk while shifting the A/gear.tjnx in advance.

If my tail lights, and my dashboard lights are down would that be a blown fuse?

What's a fair price to replace a heat resonator or heat guard?

My '97 Honda Odyssey has 115,000 miles and has been maintained very well, oil changes every 3,000 miles, tune-ups when recommended, recommended servicing on its various components at Manufactuer's suggested mileage. 3 months ago, I started noticing unusual gas useage. I ran 3 successive checks on my gas mileage and My MPG went from 26 MPG before these checks to 13 MPG on these 3 checks. No engine lite has come on. Honda dealer mechanics cannot find any gas line leak, there is no gasoline smell, and the car runs great. Nothing showing wrong on the car's computer readout, so there is no "diagnostic code". Honda Mechanic suggested I do a "hard re-start" of the car's computer by disconnecting the cables from the battery and with the ignition key "on", touching the "positive" and "negative" cables together for 30 seconds. Then reconnect the cables to the battery, start the car and let it run for 15 to 20 minutes. No lites on nor A/C running, nor radio. This I did. Still no "Check Engine" lite and my MPG is remaining at 13 MPG. Could a "Fuel Injector Pressure Regulator" go bad without the car's computer picking it up? Or could it just be a "sensor" that has gone bad? Honda mechanic seems to want me to tell them what I want done about the problem.

The left side turn signal blinks quickly even though all lamps work fine. Right side work fine. Could it be flasher unit. meeksed@gmail.com

I think my air conditioner pump is worn out. Could I remove the pump, and find a belt to fit only my steering pump, and alt.? I'm afraid to drive it as the pulley locks up from time to time and smokes the belt. I don't feel the car is worth the money to replace the pump.

just replaced the timming belt now it has a major loss of power . why?

The belt slipped off when my husband sprayed it with oil.

How much should I get charged to fix a valve ring which is leting oil to seep in the burning chamber in one of my 6-cyl. Accord ? I do not expext an exact quote, but I'm not very familiar with this repair and what needs to happen..?

How do I replace spark plugs on my 2004 Honda Odyssey

does the crankshaft pully have a right or a left handed threaded bolt

I replaced the battery in my 2002 honda cr-v. I have the code for the system but the radio will not power on (no display) to enter the code. The fuse is good.

My 1999 Honda Passport has a rear tail light out. I replaced the bulb but it still doesn't work. Fuse?

estimated time to repair

Timing belt

My 2001 honda odyssey transmission was failed 2 years ago. And I took it to honda comany and they told me to change it.And they charged me 3600.00 dollars.Now again they asked me to change tansmission .what should I do ?

I had a coolant leak and the dealership found one heater hose that was leaking coolant. They replaced this for $170 and then found another heater that was leaking. The second hose will cost $130 to replace. How many heater hoses are there? I need to know how many could go bad. Also, are the replacement costs normal? They seem a bit high.

How do u get car into neutral if gearshift is stuck

overhesting have replaced, hoses, radiayor, thermostat , thinking it might be water pump need directions on how to replace pr do you think its something else?

Need to replace new engine

I just turn the car off and after few minutes ,turn it on ,but the car shift get stack on parking

What is a fair price I should pay for replacing the transmission fluid?

I have brakes that scratch in the morning and then quiet down by the time I am at the first stop. Mechanic tells me they are O.K. I just want to be sure they don't wear too far.

just need direction already have the parts

my car just started mis firing and now my check engine light came on what is causing this? And my speedometer quit working and my mileage doesnt either Thank you for your time

Where is the evaporative emissions control valve located?

Just recently my wife has been having a issue taking the gear shift from park into drive. She has to play with it until it releases any reason why? Thanks

My battery died and I can't find the radio security code. Is there an universal code or where can I retrieve my code?