Showing a Misfire on all cylinders changed engine in a 2003 Accord 2.4L to a 2006 2.4L used original manifolds and electrical Have fuel pressure to the injector rail engine runs on ether but misfires on all cylinders.

'03 honda civic. Low beams (both sides) stopped working but high beams are fine. Bulbs look good and so do fuses. Fuses are for right and left sides only. Any guesses?

no problem yet, estimate for replacing 2 inner tie rods.

The wheel never shook (side to side vibration) and I never had a problem with spinning tires or traction in the rain, before I replaced the no flat tires and wheels with tires that anyone can change. Honda recommended a tire shop to change the wheels and I put on new tires. I noticed at high speed (65 MPH) vibration in the steering wheel and returned to the tire store. They aligned and balanced the tires. Steering wheel continued to vibrate and I still had poor traction in the rain so I took the van to Honda. They said it was a brake problem. Vibration continued even after Honda repair as did poor traction in the rain so I bought Michelin tires and had tires balance and aligned. Still vibration continues only at high speed and since it hasn't rained I don't know about the traction. I am now thinking of buying a new van. I would like to keep my Odyssey and hope you can come up with an answer.

Car was without battery for about 5 months. It now surges when in park and neutral as if the idle is set wrong. Is there someway to reset the idle. It also now slowly accelerating when in drive without the accelerator engaged.

EX model with 219k mileage

how to you fix turn signal/tail light

when idling it idles smoothly, then so roughly it shakes the car. back and forth. Last week same symptoms, then car lost all power. Had to be towed. Had the igntion coil and ignitor replaced last week. Similar symptoms, started yesterday, but now even when accelerating and driving the car chugs and shakes.

I have an automatic 07 honda civic ex coupe. this issue just started with my car. This happens every other time or so that i drive the car. When i put it in reverse and press on the gas, my car shakes a little and makes a loud roaring type noise while i am backing my car up. As soon as i put it in drive, the noise goes away. Someone mentioned it could be a reverse apply band in the transmission. Does anyone know even an estimate of how much it costs to have the reverse apply band fixed? Any info would be appreciated.

I frequently have mice build a nest in the heater. Have had to take to dealer to clean out. Smell still persists. How do I access the heater? I have set traps for the mice so hopefully that will take care of the problem in the future.

My car will start then I will drive around the corner, turn off engine and it will not restart. I purchased 2 new batteries within 4 months with no resolution of the problem. I took the car to Honda dealer, they replaced the EGR, drilled & cleaned the intake ports, charged me for a throttle kit, EFI injector kit and checked battery, starter and charging sytem which checked out ok in Jan 2010. Replaced altenator in 2/06, replaced main relay in 8/03 and changed out the Ignition switch key recall in 6/04 as well as the Ignition Switch in 10/02. Oh I forgot-I also had timing belt, water pump, ps pump belt,and compressor belt changed in 4/09. They keep bugging me to replace broken motor mounts. Today the car doesn't start-dome light and wipers work great when the key is turned to Ac and I hear a quick click and slight hum for about 2 seconds. Remote works on it and jumped battery with no luck. Is it time for a new car or should I take it back to Benson Honda..HELP!

i recently left the country for a month and when i came back the car would not start. first, there was no sound or activity when i turned the key; the battery was dead and the positive terminal was severely corroded. but after replacing the battery and terminal, the car still won't start. now when i turn the key it sounds like it will start, but never fully starts. instead, the engine revs unevenly. it is not a grinding but an uneven sound. it will sound like it might just be starting, but then it dies out if i let the key go. any suggestions for where to start?

also, when i came back the alarm was set even though i did not set it, i thought that was strange.

in the morning at 9 am this problum just started when weather started getting cold the car will rev and keep reving but wont turn over then when sun comes up and the engin get warm it will start right up and will run fine ive changed batterey changed spark pluges spark pluge wires changed out distributar cap and rotar could it be the headgasket? i hope not please help

why is my ima light continually on plus my check engine light as well.

driver side door won't lock, at all

My husband and I bought a 96 Honda Accord yesterday and we got in it after we bought it and the window doesn't go up or down you can hear that the motor is trying to put it up and down but it is not letting it go up or down can someone help me figure out what it is and what we can do to fix it because we need the window to be able to put it up and down. Please someone help me!!!

I was told my car has a california exhaust system.

I knew the old battery was on its last leg. Starting the engine always produced a slow chug-chug before it fired up... but it would reliably start every time. The battery finally gave out a few days ago, so my wife had AAA come and replace the battery.

Now, 9 times out of 10, when you turn the key you hear some motor/blower noise under the car like you normally would, but the starter doesn't turn over at all. All the lights are on, AC fan works, the battery seems fine. It just doesn't seem to be connecting and starting the car. After a number of tries with nothing happening, the car will start right up. Starter turning over fast, unlike with the previous battery.

Just can't figure out what's going on now that we have the new battery in it.

my whole car is damage and i need to know how much will it cost me to get it fix and where

the screen in the middle of the dashboard that shows the clock, radio station, and heat/AC control selection has gone dark.

What will it cost to replace/repair the problem

everything works, you just cannot see the numbers

does a 1992 honda accord fuel pump make a humming sound

po 441 95 honda accord v6

What is the average cost of flushing and replacing the transmission fluid?

had all four tires replaced and alighned---came home and my brake lights dont work-----upper center lamp is working. any ideas ?

Is there anyway to get my radio's serial number other than removing it from the dashboard? Is there a universal code (backdoor) to get my radio working again? The silence is killing me !!

My car is heating up, the water circuit is full but the heat indicator is indicating to more than half in less than five minuets of running the car; i'm suspecting the water pump

I have a '87 Honda Accord LX. I woke up one morning to go to work, started the car, and found that my check battery light was on and my head lights werent coming on, so I took another car. Later that day I tried the brights and they worked but low beams still did not and the battery light was still on. I found that the low beams were burned out so the following day I bought and installed new higher quality lamps which worked. I had other problems with the car so I didnt drive it that day. The following day when I thought I had every thing fixed so it would be drivable, the low beams were burned out again without the car being driven. The battery light is still on. Ive checked the fuse and it is fine, i just replaced the switch, and the connections are fine. Any sujestion would be wonderful.

I turn the key, all lights come on, I hear 1 click, but wont start. If I put it in Neutral, it starts... Any ideas???

the shift lock in parking position and cruse control don't work.

...the old clutch does not support the power of the engine. The engine seems to over power the clutch a lot and there is definite clutch slipping. Easing up on power does help some but for the driving and traffic conditions, a clutch assembly change-out is very necessary.