my car will loose fuel pressure after switchin it off. i reprime it by switching it off and on repedidly and it will eventually prime back up. replaced fuel pump not the problem

only on hot days the engine will stop when I tun on the A/C. The mechanic thinks that we can try replacing the idle control valve (he is not sure. What u think?


looking to flush motor with prestone flushing tee

I have A 2003 Civic Hybird and need the front Converter however I can't seem to find an after market one for a CAL.Hybird. Does anyone know where I can buy one instead of Riff off Honda Dealers.

When reaching 40+mph car makes loud shuddering/vibrating sound. I have new tires, alignment, fuel oil changed, etc. help

Our is making a horrible noise when the car is
running. We are afriaid it's losing a bearing.

How do I remove the front caliper bolts, there is a square washer that turns when I turn the bolt, it rides up against the husing preventing the bolts form being removed, I changed many disc brakes but never came across this, Is this to fix a defect or standard, need help please, dealer wanted 120 to just turn rotors.

99 honda civic dx 4dr keeps overheating.... i've replaced the thermostat and a leaky hose and recently the fan quit coming on and the lower radiator hose is not even warming up. the top hose is blazing hot however and I even rigged the fan with a switch to see if the fan was the problem and it is not there is about a 140,000 miles on it and i don't believe the water pump and timing belt has been serviced could the pump be the problem???

Maintenance required light comes on when starting the car, then goes off.

car idles up down, recently car over heated because of damaged radiator

car shakes when i apply the brakes to stop

I can jump start my 1994 honda civic and it will start the minute i try to restart the car it won't start unless i jump it again will a bad alternator cause it to not hold a charge

can't enter the car on drivers side. door handle broken.

Replaced distributor as unit due to failure of crank sensor. set time and installed new dis. customer said he had timing belt done earlier this year. tried MAP sensor and TPS sensor and no change. runs fine above 35 mph in any gear but any lower and it jumps and bucks and hesitates until you get above 35

You must be joking. Are you an independent source or a front for repair mechanics?

I am trying to enter my 1989 Honda Civic DX but your drop down window doesn't go that far back..........

This was recommended by the Honda dealership.

My sons Accord idles perfect and never die when you put th e car in gear and it a few yard it dies. But starts right back and will do the same thing again

My tires are worn due to a bad alignment. I need at least 1 tire replaced and an alignment. How much should that cost?

Stop lights stay on after engine off, lights off and doors closed

i had a new radiator installed a few months ago and the car was running ok, with the radiator maintaining the antifreeze at the full level. Then I brought the car in for a tune up at another location. The mechanic said he checked all of the fluids, etc. Within a week, there was a steaming sound and fumes started to come out of the engine area. I checked the radiator and the fluid level was really down. After I put antifreeze in, I checked with both mechanics. The first looked at the bottom of the car and said there was no leak (no diagnostic check was done) and suggested I just put antifreeze in and it should be ok. The second said they had to look at it to determine the problem. I brought the car in for inspection. They said it might be a blown head gasket and would not comment further.

Please advise what should be done here. Tx.

I was told my front motor mount needs replacement. Can I do this my self and if not what is the typical cost to replace this part?

There are times my dashboard light will not turn on when I turn my lights on at night time. I have to pound on the dashboard to get it to work and twice this week I couldn't get it to work.

can a totaly clogged rear manifold style catalatic converter cause my timing belt to jump (fail)?

This problem was notice by diagnostic test. I wanted to get at least an ideal of the cost. My e-mail is diana.smith@verizon.net

side right window is not working at all. i love my honda!

In the last month or so my crv will shut down at times while turning right in wet weather. All the dash lights will come on for about 2 seconds and then it will start back up on it's own. The Honda dealer said for me to check the splash guards below the engine but I found everything in tact.

The driver side a/c is blowing hot air, while the passenger side is blowing cold air. My a/c has one controller. My mechanic has already serviced the a/c?

Should I be concerned with anything else?