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where is the oil pressure switch located on my 99 accord 3.0
timing belt or chain?
Sunday it would turn over but would not start. I had spark at all 4 plugs, sprayed starting fluid in the throat of the carburator. It would not 'catch'. I plan on checking the plugs next. I replaced the distributor ca...
Are ther special plugs for a Tune-up? I ask because the first scheduled one is at 100k miles
My buddy changed my thermostat without taking the negative wire from the battery. Now my car wont start. I dont know where to look for the problem and what could've caused it
what tools do i need to put on the belt
oil light is on
how to replace a time belt
where is located the pc valve for my oddesy 2000? thank you
when i turn steering wheel it makes a winding squeaking noise,my power steering fluid is at normal level.
Where is the oil sensor located on the 1995 Honda Accord
my cv boot is rip open and the cv joint makes a rough sound when turing.
troubleshooting po135
When I push the excellerator, the car doesn't smoothly excellerate. It kind of bumps through. Is this common in a Civic Hybrid of about 55,000 miles? And what is the repair likely to cost?
I have 1995 honda accrd sedan and i replaced battery. after replacing battery, car stereo does not turn on. i checked fuse and fuse is fine. any ideas what can be wrong ?
Exactly how much horepower do the factory 1.6 liters produce in the honda del sols
Yeserday, my car started smoking out of the hood on the driver's side? I smelled a rubber burning smell. By the time, the tow truck driver came, the rubber belt that is around the alternator had split and was hanging....
opposed to relpacing the catalitic converter can hollowing it out work and if hollowed out will that cause more problems
Un sure what the problem is looking for common problems.checked fuses and bulbs already, and Im pretty sure that they went at the same time. My brake lights still work and my head lights and all other lights, just no ...
No cold or hot air available when switch is set to activate blower. No sign of life at all there.
How to replace a rear main oil seal ?
how would I know if the coil is bad, there is not spark coming out out the coil
what does a l5000 miles check include
when does the timing blet need to be replaced.
What is the function of an EGR Valve, and could a restricted air flow to that valve cause the engine to go to a reduced power mode?
When engine is cold the reduce engine light comes on and car shuts down on power-works after re starting-becomming more frequent. Recently replaced EGR valve.
The clutch is very soft and I have to press down further than normal to take off. It is extremely difficult to get the car in 1st gear from stop position.
My car shudders when braking from high speed. I know I need to replace the rotors - but which ones? Do just the front rotors usually warp, or is it all 4 that do? Should I start with just the fronts, then drive it to ...
Car starts every time, but it makes a rather shrill screeching noise. And it has been turning several times before starting up recently, although when I bought it a few months ago it started up on the 2nd or 3rd turn....
I have been told by two people the rack and pinion system needs replaced. both with very different costs. how much is ususal cost range?