need price of o ring replacement

How much is the price for changing the timming belt?

In the morning, when I first turn on the engine, I turn on my car heater. However, when I start driving, I begin to smell gasoline inside my car. When I turn off my heater, the smell goes away.

How much should it cost to replace spark plugs? Is there anything else that is required along with plugs?

when does the manufacture recommend changing the spark plugs.

It looks like I may have to remove the fenders. Can someone confirm this?

I have 300,000 on this accord. Engine mounts are bad. When I look online for Engine mounts for this car there are so many options out there and they all seem to be for this car. How can I be sure which ones are the right ones? And is one better than another?

computer has no codes in it but check engine light stays on.

Three days ago we were driving on the highway and the gas pedal stuck. The cruise control was not on. Applying the brake did not disengage it. It felt as it it just took off on its own. Then it released on its own. The carpet was not a factor. We are very concerned this could happen again. What could cause this?

my rear windows broken...ijust want to know about how mush to chang that.Thanksss

can you put a motor and transmission from a 97 accord in another year accord my car is wrecked but my engine and transmission are great and i loved that car but having trouble finding a 97 body

Cannot pass my inspection because the engine light is on.

i parked my car in my driveway and when i tried to drive away i started the car but i could not shift to reverse(manual transmission) then i back up on neutral because the parking its a slope, after i tried to shift to 1st or any other gear and it wouldn't shift, but when the engine its not running it does shift......what could the problem be?

Please help. Afraid to drive it but only family vehicle that was reliable and suits everyone in the household.

tcs light comes on after u start the car and drive for two miles. transmission feels like its fine. the check engine light stays on and the only code it will give is 0401.

transmission fluid replacement interval

my car is a honda civic 1996. the car kept shutting off at every stop sign or stop i made. the oil was low, so i added 2 qts. it started again but only made it down the road before killing at the next stop sign. we road a little further then it wouldnt accelerate over 40 mph and was making a clanking sound. the thermostat then shot up to hot and the car killed. one of the battery cables is loose, but i dont think it could cause all of these problems. whats wrong with it and how do i fix it??

My car started making this pinging sound like tapping crystal about two months ago. It seems to come from the front of the van area. Does it while I'm driving-not braking or anything-just driving. Aamco transmission put it on that machine that you use when check engine light comes on and they checked all my belts. They said they cannot see anything wrong. I dontr want to be stranded somewhere with a ruined car. Can anyone please help me? Is this a cause for concern?

I have a 2001 odysee. The van makes a soft ringing beel sound when driving. Or you could call it a sound like clicking a finger nail on any piece of crystal ping sound. It makes that sound at anytime while driving. I'm not doing anything in particular=the sound just started happening a month ago and continues to make that pinging sound and it seems to be coming from the front of the van. I took it to Amco transmission where thay changed the transmission last year and they put it on that diagnostic machine and checked the belts they said and they cant find anything wrong. The engine light is NOT on. I have changed my timing belt 2 years ago and a few other belts. It is a new noise and one would think its a warning for something--please anyone-- what could it be? UI dont want to end up stalled on a highway

occurs all the time, started about 4 weeks ago

When should I replace the timing belt and water pump, spark plugs? The mileage is 100,500.

I received an error code saying that A/T Gear position switch low input, does that mean I should replace the switch and about how much will it run me? Is it an important component? what does it do exactly?

I hear a high-pitched sound on acceloration when a/c is on. It feels like the engine drags. When I turn a/c off, it goes back to normal.

how do you change the spark plugs

I have a 1996 honda civic. It just quit while I was driving the other night. I had someone look at it. He told me that I ran it completely out of oil and that I would need a new engine now. But I haven't even put 3000 miles on it since my last oil change. I want to know why it would burn so much oil and if it is even worth putting another engine in it.

I have oil in the coolant,but no coolant in the oil. The head gasket has been taken off and machined and put back w/new head bolts.It was pressure tested and magnafluxed. W/in hours the problem reoccured. Again, oil in the coolant,but no coolant in oil. The mechanic changed the pcv? behind the firewall w/no luck. Less then 1 qt leaks and then stops. Help please.

how would a aautorepair shop test for a blown headgasket and what are the symptoms of a blow head gasket? in the automobile industry does a repair shop need written authorization to repair something on a car not previously discussed? thank you tara, san antonio

My Honda rattles when I go over "down" bumps. I took it in for repair and the mechanic couldn't find the problem but did replace the front ball joint thinking that may do it. It didn't. It's possible after reading some of these answers that it's the muffler strap or Engine mounts. Any other ideas before I have a new mechanic look it over for me?

The front (primary) oxygen sensor needs replacing. How much should this cost?

were is the knock sensor located