My car has the Check Engine light on and the code that I'm getting is P0401 Gas recirculation insufficient flow detected.
What is this?

how do you replace them?

i was trying to sale my Honda civic 2000 the customer was cheking it i started the car then the customer unpluged one cable from the spark plug then the car cut off now it wont start do you think it is the distributor or just the Ignition Coil or something else? thank you so much

When moveing off car shakes at about 20mph,but stops as speed increses.I HAVE CHANGE FRONT AXEL AND FRONT SHOCKS,BUT PROBLEM CONTINUE.

Took the Ridgeline in to be detailed and the hood pull wouldn't work for them. Worked the last time I used it. I tried it when I got it back. When I pull on the cable, I don't feel any resistance and nothing happens. Any suggestions as to what the problem might be?

The car was idleing fine shut off and will not fire, changed the coil and the distributor. There is power at the coil with the ignition on but coil has no fire. Any chance the brain is bad or could it be something else?

When moveing off car shakes at about 20mph ,but stops as speed increses.

When moveing off car shakes at around 20mph but stops as speed increses.

where is the turn flasher relay physically located in the car? I can find it and need to replace it. Thanks.

do u have to the tank to replace the fuel pump

2004 Honda Civic; the mechanic says he sees the begining of a tear in the boot of both lower ball joints, and wants to replace both boots, but not the joints. He sees no damage to the joints. Is it typical to just replace the boots?

I have a 2003 Honda Civic, I notice that it only takes a few seconds for my vehicle to warm up to normal. I can drive my vehicle for approximately 30 miles before I can see that it starts to over heat, once I exit the freeway it jumps all the way to the top. I have replaced the thermostat twice, just replaced spark plugs and had oil changed, not milky. No leaks found. My concern is what can make my vehicle reach normal temperature in just seconds. I can drive the vehicle sitting from over night and reach the normal temperature in under 5 minutes, no white smoke or anything

How to replace rear shocks?

i have water in the oil what does that mean

recently i had problems starting my honda i turnthe key and it pops back turning the car off then i went and bought a new cylinder with key and it did the same thing now it dont know wht to do please help

replaced transmssion P0740 light TCC Circuit Malf. will not clear the computer. Is there a software problem?


Could the problem with the heat not blowing hot be in the sliding temperature selector in the car? The blower works fine but does not blow hot and the car does not overheat. Also, have had trouble starting car lately. Power works but cranking to turn over is a bit difficult some days.

the cost of relacing a 2001 honda accord front wheel bearing.

i checked foer fuel in the line by the fuel filter and all the way arroun the intake and it shows gas flowing throug i also check for spark at the distrubuiutorcap and wires and add new ones along with spark plugs and still wont start

can anybody help me please

my right map light is out and i do not know how to open it up so i can replace the bulb which is blown out

I towed car 1000 miles, car won't go into gear since.

headlight replacement at JiffyLube-$23.99

I need to know what belt goes around which pulleys on my 99 honda civic si?

car fell like it shutting off when i try to park the car while reversing

In the vehicle, i step out for 30 minutes, of course turned off, I get back in to start. I notice that a blue fragmented rubber is under clutch pedal. I check and sensor below dash is now with a disentegrated clutch piece, so i replace with small coin and tape. I figure fine, but car will not start... Is there a fuse for the clutch? Seem like car is needing the engagement of the clutch to start., I also tried a "jump" from an other vehicle. Well car got towed home. Thanks for your assistance

my car stall while in drive

What does the a / t oil temp light mean

Is it possible to replace the stretched headliner with a headliner board? How do you replace the stretched headliner?

engine hard to start. engine cranks over, when it feels that the engine is about to catch the engine feels like it is "jumping", after a while the engines catches and runs, sometimes it dies after about three to four minutes and sometimes it stays on. Sometimes when the engine is hot, it starts right away. I adjusted the timing, replaced a bad distributor, spark plugs, a shorted intake air temp sensor, and a clogged fuel filter. I visually check that there is fuel getting into the fuel rail filter.