When it rains water gets in my trunk could it be from my sunroof drain holes?

We had a new front motor mount put on because the old one was loose and we thought it would take care of the problem but it has happened twice since then. It is usually at a lower speed (30-40 mph). Mileage is 71,000 plus.

not moving forward when select drive, only when select revers
it move

I checked the air pressure in all 4 tires and added a little air to each. Manual says if indicator does not reset, visit the dealer. Any way I can reset it?

would water in the trany make my automatic trans inoperable?

How much would it cost to have a small crack and scratches in my back bumper repaired from backing into a cement pole?

gear stuck in park;use manual shift lock to get out of gera;have brake lights;diagnosed to replace throttle body.
Hear a clicking sound when try to get out of park.

While driving, suddenly my speedometer & odometer quit working. The check engine light came on & the D4 transmission light began to blink. I drove the car home, the car drove ok. Ive had the transmission fluid checked. It's ok. And the car seems to shift as it always had. Still, what could be up with the speedometer/odometer? There should be no way to defuse them. I am being driven to & from work because I don't want to drive it.

I need to put a little oil in the AC system before adding freon but all I know is it takes ND-Oil 8? Is there something I can put in it from a parts store that will work? Thanks Ken

ticking noise after starting cold engine it stops after gets to normal operating temperature.and ticking noise during accelleration.

How do you remove the housing to replace the license plate bulbs?

My 1997 Honda Civic, got hot but did not overheat. Finding no problem with the cooling system, the Honda dealer did an air test and said the head gasket was leaking. BUT recommended against replacing the head gasket because it would cause it to start to burn oil badly. He said this is due to the high mileage, 174,000. Is that right? Why is that? Thanks.

i need to change the horn where is it

what is needed? hom much shouit cost?

I Own A 2003 Honda Odyssey about a month ago the key got sticky in the ignition. Now it is stuck and will not come back out. How can I get it back out?

how can i change a cabin air filter on a 2007 Honda odyssey?

Sometimes when i drive I notice all of the lights will come on and all of the gauges will go down for about a second and then go back to normal. But lately when I drive, all of a sudden I look at my dashboard and everything's off and I'll have to pull to the side of the road and try to turn my car back on. This has happened while on the freeway and on the road.

can someone help me please, well I had this problem for the past 3 years now base on my car. I own a 99' manual Honda Civic Si, once I drive it for a good 45-60 min. after the engine get hot, everything start to stop working. I mean the engine still running but once I step on the gas peddle, it will not move or go forward. All you can hear is the engine running loud, but will not move. Just can't afford to get it fix at the auto shop. I had ask a lot of people for help, but no one seem to know the right answer. So please can someone out there give me the actual answer. What cost the problem?

I want to replace my coolant (antifreeze) and would like to know if there is a engine pitcook for draining the coolant. And if so, where is it located? I know about the one on the radiator, but is there another one? Also, what else should I be aware of before I start the process?

What type of engine oil does thus car take?

Its shifting a little rough. Had computer read out the problem code was P0751 or P1751 Shift solenoid "A" stuck off.

i recently replaced my transmission, and my car was running ok, then on my way home my car just cut off. I put the car in park and tried to restart it but it wont start. the check engine light and the green square light around the D comes on for a couple secs then cuts off. and this happens everytime i tried to start it. what's wrong?

I've been told the transmission needs to be replaced on my 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid. It has 124,000 miles on it. Is it worth replacing as more things may go wrong with it? Maintenance has been done EVERY time on schedule.

This is periodical need I assume. I am hoping to prevent cupping of my tires

check engine light comes on code 0325 knock sensor. replaced knock sensor and checked electrical connections car seems to run fine.just put jdm engine in could this be a bad motor or am i missing something?

Thank you for yuor help

My accord's engine has no problems so far, recently replaced front brake pads. I live in an elevated area and want to be sure my brakes are in top condition. When do I need to change my brake and clutch fluid?

Mine are cracked/broken.

It is my understanding that the use of a special machine is necessary to perform a brake fluid flush. I had the service done at the Dealer 2.5 years ago and I was charged $100 dollars. I called the same Dealer this week to request the same service and this time the service costs $50 dollars. When I mentioned that I had called other places in town and I had been quoted $145, I then asked the service advisor why they were charging less than every one else in town, and he responded that the others charged more because they were using "the special machine" but that it was not necessary to perform the service using that machine and that's the reason their price was only $50. Now I'm confused and don't know who to believe. Can you please tell me which is the correct way to perform a brake fluid flush so that I can make an informed decision and won't be taken for a ride as females usually are? Safety is my concern, not the cost.

Thank you,
Ms. Munoz

I have a 2003 HHybrid and I can smell the cat and getting the P1420 code. How do I know which cat needs to be replaced?