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what does a l5000 miles check include
when does the timing blet need to be replaced.
What is the function of an EGR Valve, and could a restricted air flow to that valve cause the engine to go to a reduced power mode?
When engine is cold the reduce engine light comes on and car shuts down on power-works after re starting-becomming more frequent. Recently replaced EGR valve.
The clutch is very soft and I have to press down further than normal to take off. It is extremely difficult to get the car in 1st gear from stop position.
My car shudders when braking from high speed. I know I need to replace the rotors - but which ones? Do just the front rotors usually warp, or is it all 4 that do? Should I start with just the fronts, then drive it to ...
Car starts every time, but it makes a rather shrill screeching noise. And it has been turning several times before starting up recently, although when I bought it a few months ago it started up on the 2nd or 3rd turn....
I have been told by two people the rack and pinion system needs replaced. both with very different costs. how much is ususal cost range?
blown header
Sometimes when driving car stalls wondering if this could be caused do to a rusted out catalitic converter
my parking brake light is always on and when i drive it sounds like something is scratching on the front right tire, when i appy the brakes the sound gets much louder, whats the problem here
Why does my car smell like gas fumes in the inside while I'm driving?
I was told that I had to replace catalytic shields, the job cost $240.Now I am told the front caliber brakes need replaced ($410.). All maintenance has been done by the dealer. I feel I am being taken advantage of.
i took my air filter out to put a new one in and cant remember which side goes up or down
Have replaced rotors, brake lines and brake pads and calipers on 2001 Honda Accord - Rotors are getting hot, what could be causing this? Brakes have been bleed and plenty of fluid is coming through the lines
I was told I had to replace my calipers after my brakes went on my car
what type of brakes do i put on my car
I REPLACED DRIVER DOOR ,NOW windows dont work -buzzer-lites inside stay on
how much would it cost to fix bumper and head lights
I own the VP edition. I bought the car used, and I just noticed a thumping noise near the front left wheel (driver's perspective). I know the car has been in a collision from the rear, because the VIN # from the tru...
The repair shop that I took my car to said that the cost to replace the brake stop light switch would be $190 or so...from various things I've read online, it seems that it shouldn't be more than $75-$100 with parts a...
When Cd is loaded"LOAD" appears and the CD gets ejected without playing.
i checked switch on left side of dash power is going threw switch seems to be working. but the light on switch does not. brake switch has power going threw it apears to be working when you turn cruise on light comes o...
Several months ago my exhaust became VERY loud when accelerating. I basically ignored it.. until I noticed my gas mileage was also slowly declining with every fill-up (it's down to 19!). Last week my check engine ligh...
i baught a accord and the tranny when shifts, it shifts hard on every gear,not smoothly like a new car would. What could this be?
i have an 88 honda prelude 2.0 si 4ws automatic, i am not getting any electrcity to any part of the car, ive got a new battery, alt, starter, cables and i am lost on what is causeing it. all my fuses are good and are ...
I have a blinking check engin lite code is wheel sensor 2 intermittent crt. what wheel is wheel sensor 2
the cig lighter or power outlet is tno working, i changed fuses but nothing.
Transmission after engine is warm, will slip out of gear, if i turn car off and reastart it may or may not catch 1st gear. If it catches 1st gear it will not catch 2nd and then it wont o back into 1st. Had it towed ...
while driving a few miles and making one or two stops running errands, I got back on the road drove for about 5 miles on the freeway and exited to a stoplight waited 2 mins for the light to turn green, i let go of the...