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I need to replace the clutch in my accord and was wondering how difficult it is? I am a mechanical engineer and a mechanicaly inlined person. So I was wondering if this is the kinda of repair I can take on my self?
My car is making a constant humming noise (quieter than a horn, but still rather loud). The noise almost sounds like a malfunctioning horn, but it's making the noise while I'm driving and EVEN AFTER I TURN THE CAR OF...
I've been told I should change the transmission fluid. The car has 67,000 miles on it. The check engine light is on but I cannot figure out why. I put gas in it and the light goes off for about a day.
When my car go through raph road, bumpers or when the car body was shaking, there's always noise from the door rubber. What should I do?
Our 2007,50K Odyssey, studders when you push the gas, mostly when it is cold. The engine runs smooth and doesn't seem to miss a beat, during the studder. Could this be a timming, transmission or axle problem?
it was observed than when the cruise cntrol is switched on fuel consumption is high.
Would it be advisable to change the water pump and distributor cap and leads? If so, how much would that come to? Anything else that would be essential?
I am driving to the east coast from colorado what is the danger if I have a bad rear wheel bearing.
what's the pressure (lbs) that the head gasket bolts need to bee screw in for a Honda Civic 2004 (hybrid). It's a 1.3 engine. Power windows No Sunroof. Available information.
how to install or check wiper motor?
I own a 1998 Honda Civic, Manual Transmission. I got the car about two months ago and it has recently (over the last week) been failing to start. The engine will turn over, runs for 5 seconds and then quit. Fluid lev...
when i put trans into 5th gear nothing happen just spins loose not grabbing holdis this a repair or replace job?
is it due to cell phone charging device/
I have a 2005 Honda Pilot with a burned out map reading light bulb. I purchased the bulb (Sylvania 2025). Now I need to know how to access and replace the existing bulb without damaging the vehicle interior. Please...
Where do you pour the transmission fluid, cause i had someone pour the fluid in the panel where you shift the gear. He opened t and pour it down there. Is that right ad if not will it hurt the car?
What should I expect to pay to replace the charcoal canister on the emissions system for my 06 Honda?
Is this a serious problem.... could it occur because I am about 500 miles over an oil change?
how do I know if the slave cylinder is bad?
I own a 1996 Honda Accord LX and my car is loud especially when accelerating (a roaring sound). I have had my muffler replaced and had the wheel barring replaced on the right side but its still loud and very nerve wr...
How to reprogram the keyless remote
After 3-5 min when car is starts a regular up & down on RPMs, not many maybe 500-800 increase then back to fault codes that would explain it, one o2 sensor,but it did it before that fault came u...
I accidentally hit the car underneath by going on a center median in the middle of a parking lot (it was almost like a sidewalk-but diving the center of the parking lot) and the plastic from the front (underneath)came...
Trying to find top dead center. Changed head gasket and got the crankshaft pulley turned different from cam pulley. Is there a difference between the compression stoke and the exhaust stroke?
Why is the outer edges only of the front wheels worn out so fast? What will I do and what is the danger?
why the edges of the front wheels worn out very fast? What is the reason and what will I do. Please tell me the dangers and what what will I do to prevent it.
how do i compress the caliper cylinder back in when changing the brake pads and rotors. do they push in like most gm cars or are they a screw in cylinder and wich way would it need to be turned to compress it all the ...
My timing belt went out. i belive
I would like to clean both front lens on my 2003 Odyssey. I'm having difficulty removing the lens. I'd appreciate any advice on how this is acomplished. I'm an old codger and having trouble with night driving. I have ...
When I start my car with the engine cold, it starts up no problem. But as long as my engine is cold, when I shift into first gear and step on the gas the car shakes violently and barely moves forward. To get i...
After last winter, my car's A/C do not work well. When you open the A/C, some cavernous rale sound can be heard. Is it no freon or others error? Please some one could tell me the reason and how to deal with. Thanks