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When i start my car up and while it idles is sounds like it is struggling to stay running..its like a sputtering sound..and when i put it in gear the RPM gets very low and when i give it gas it sputters and sounds lik...
throttle sticks a little bit only wen first taking off, hard to push at first then fine
How can i fix the transmission shifting hard?
At very end of using break pedal I heard boiling sounds like air with fluid are moving through pipe and some additional pink noise. All fluids levels are normal.
my cars front and back bumper needs to be replaced. how much would the total come out to be?
what does it cost to have the transmission fluid changed?
hi idle on cold start
door do not open everything looks good but still would not open.
It makes a lot of noise when I start it up on a cold morning.
the dashboard light(sensor) shows that my front door is open. When I am parked and lock the car, for no reason the horn goes off and I have to unloack the car for turning off the horn. It seems that the sensor is not ...
hello, try to replace my air conditioning belt an found out that there are some kind of engine support that goes from under the AC to the inner fnder, do i have to remove it to replace the belt?
can anyone please help me !!!????? lite's come but when i turn key not even a click battery ;
Any idea why the fllorboards of my '91 Accord DX stay wet? I can't see any visible leakes, and I have not yet checked the wheel wells for rusted holes, but after a strong rainstorm, the floorboards get wet and stay w...
What Media do I use in my PC Card slot? it's part of the navigation system that also plays CD's.
i have a 1992 honda accord with 324000 miles on it, i keep it in the garage every night, each morning it starts at a very high idle around 1500 rpm, then gradually slows, it is a five speed. Do you have any ideas what...
when driving my car will slow down and stop. I put car in drive and it startsright up.
Hello and thank you for suggestions. My car suddenly lost its purr while driving, and began to sound like an old car that barely runs. I was about 15 miles from home, so being a honda, I figured it was good until i ...
procedure for clearing abs memory
just did a complete tune up and my 1990 honda accord LX still son't turn over. what else could it be.
I hear squeaking near the timing belts but i know that its not them. Could it be the A/C thing?
Water has started to accumulate in the front and back passenger side floors of my car. It just started two days ago I noticed it. It seems to be plain water, no distinct smell or anything that I can tell. I did run...
It looks like my Cycleing switch is bad but cant find it. I thaught it was the switch by the dryer but was four the fan. HELP I live in south TX.
Hi, I have a strange situation here. Yesterday the engine check light came on. I went to the local AutoZone and they checked the code with a OBD II reader. It came up as P0430- Cam shaft position indicator malfunction...
After driving for a few miles, the A/T Temp light comes on. Then, it will go off and come back again while still driving (there is no pattern to it). I would think if the trans fluid gets to hot, it would stay hot a...
What does the 100,000 mile service entail?b
All the gear shifts are smooth except engaging from gear 1 to gear 2. I've stepped on the clutch fully and also tried stepping on the clutch a few times trying to engage gear 2. What can be wrong?
can the IACV (idle air control valve) be cleaned or rebuilt? i believe mine is not functioning correctly.
My Del sol has approx 93K, when is it required to replace the timing belt. I have no issues with the vehicle. Also the bottom of the hood has been collecting moisture and rusting. I had Car-X strip and repaint, but...
How do you replace the tail light bulb in this car?