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still no AC even changed he compressor . Should be condensation problem

my passenger side electric seat will not recline but it goes foreward and backward just fine.when i push the recline button i can hear just for a second a can i fix this.

Whe must done a tune up for my Honda Accord 2002.Never has be done.

Can someone give me an estimate of what it would cost to replace the IAC valve (Honda part 16022P8AA03). I would appreciate it if you could break out the labor from the parts cost.

This would involve removing the throttle body, replace valve and service throttle plate.

I have my Odyssey for 5 years now and have 44000 miles, but since past couple months it is driving a little sluggish. I have been doing regular maintenance. When i sluggish, i mean it does not pick up acceleration as it used to. My dealer recommended clean up of engine valves. He also said that this is normal around 100000 miles but said sometimes it can happen early. The cost of this cleanup is $250.00. Any advice will help.

I have been told 2 of my front motor mounts are cracked. How critical is this foro repair and what should I expect to pay

Steering wobbles mostly when I appy brakes. Some times it doesn't but 90% of time it wobbles. I changed my break pads and Rotors a year before. Do you think I need to change them again.

My car makes a noise when start in the morning and i touch the steering wheel, after a few minutes driving disapears. The mechanic said is the power steering motor. Prize to fix labor $90.00 plus the prize of the part. Also the motor mount need to be repair $250.00 plus $140 labor. It is fair prize? I do not know the mechanic a friend recommended, Thanks .

when i turn on my honda it vibrates until it gets warm...... what can that be??

Occurs every time on turning sharply at very slow speeds

Had code for upstream O2 sensor-replaced it , erased code 130k , started and ran fine- shut it off and restarted 45 minutes later. When I went to pull out of parking lot had no response to throttle -acted like running out of gas (with full tank) for 5-6 seconds then ran fine.

Cost of Timing Belt Kit

When do I do to replace the timing belt? on my civic, automatic transmission

We llive in Indiana where the use salt in the winter on the roads. My gas line is leaking badly and needs to be replaced. Hou much should it cost?

after how many miles i have to replace timing belt i don have the factory manual

How much it would cost to change my timing belt, valves and water pump?

This noise seems like a noise that comes from a fan, speeds down in frequency and only happens when I start braking. I recently had a brand new brake job done, and the guy did good job. Plus it does not sound like a worn out brake pad or rotor. I also recently replaced both my CV axle assemblies, so I know that is not a source either. What else could be? Suspension, worn out engine mounts? The guy who did my brakes told me that it might be a good idea in the near future to consider replacing some rubber bushing parts at the top of the struts, I guess, that stick out into the wheel area, may be that?#@!

I took my van for an alignment and they are saying that they need to add a kit in order to get teh alignment right. They say that the OEM bolts for the alignment are not long enough to adjust the alignment. I dont beleive this. Can you share your opinion on this please ?

Took my Honda to the dealer due to my check engine light stays on. I was informed that I would need a new cater liter
converter priced at around $800 including labor.

Car only makes squelling noise when it is very cold and on acceleration.

The engine light is on and when I go to take off it doesn't want to go, some times it will die.

My car periodically stops on me when its idle or parked. The AAA guy came and tapped something under the hood and said it has something to do with my fuel injector not getting fuel through. Since then that's what I've been doing when it stops and it will start back up but more recently the car has stopped while driving.

I got an estimate from an independent car shop and they are telling me the estimates are $1,100.

I went outside to shovel snow and all the windows were all the way down and the sunroof was open all by themselves. My car was full of snow! What a mess! Brand new car full of snow! Why did this happen?

How do I fix. A bad bonddo job

Heat is weak and only works on high

Why would motor mounts on a Honda Pilot (2 of 7) need replacing at 8oK miles? Also, the power steering pump and reservoir is bad. are any of these repairs covered under any warranty?

gear shift stuck in park what can i do or what parts do i need to replace

Some swell guy racing in a Jeep ran me off the road into one of those log fences on a country road.
the car has been running well, but the light is smashed in, and the area around the light looks like the Hulk sucher-punched my headlight. Ballpark, how much do you think this will coast?

LIghts go out when switching turn signal right or left.. how much does this replacement or repair estimate for?

engine starts and slowly shuts off after 5 seconds. I need to check fuel filters but I had a problem locating them.