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Making a rubbing noise in the right front of the car. Took it in and they couldn't find out what was wrong.

Bought an Ecoroute blue tooth device for my Garmin. Need to plug it into the OBD port.
Where is it located?

After paying for my water pump to be fixed and after the mechanic installed the water pump, to my surprise it was still running hot. I took it back to the mechanic and he stated the the motor was now ruined. IS THIS POSSIBLE?

Passenger headlight good. Driver headlight super super dim. Replaced lightbulb only to find a gunk coming out of one of the three holes for the lightbulb to connect to. It's a whitish/yellowish thick goo. My son cleared the goo away as best he could and put the new bulb in and it still is the same dimness. The only good it does me is that it is technically on so I won't get a ticket but I surely can't see well at night. Any clue?

Not a tough question but I can't find it. On my 88 prelude, it's very open but on this motor, I can't find it. Help appreciated. Thanks

my car squeaks for little bump i hit and the steering wheel squeaks when when i turn left or right when car is in park what can cause these problems

my 02 civic ex has spart but will not start even if i spray starter fluid in the throatal body, it has a half tank of gas but acts like it is out of gas, it hesatated for a moment then ran fine for a few seconds then cut off and has not started since

it snowed like crazy in nyc 12/26/10 and the plastic peace that runs across the bottom of my engine, that i assume protects the engine slit in too.

Just purchased pre-owned Civic LX at 68,900 miles. Seller offered to replace timing belt and water pump but seemed it only took an hour or so to do that. What proof do I have that the parts were actually replaced? And what is the average cost of this repair together? The estimator only gives them separately.

i can manually shift from 1 to 4 to drive normally

above 1000rpm engine seems ok, Doesn,t change after warmed up. Whenever I stop at light, starts to run rough again. When engine is warm, stop then start again takes a few extra turns. sounds like some kind of electronic sensor problem. Any help anyone?

little over 100k auto,check engine and ima light came on driving pulled up,p1456,p1449.just happened today,12/29/10.could feel power loss compared to before lights came on.

Can my front driver axle shaft cause my 99 honda cr-v to shake at speed 60+ mph. I went to the auto shop and they said that, that was my problem if i fix the axle shaft it would stop my car from shaking at 60+ MPH is this true?

My problem is intermittent, usually in the morning when its cold i can push on the gas and the tachometer will increase but the engine doesn't. Also at times when i am trying to accelerate my car starts will start bogging until i get off the gas. This is an automatic

"This is not an ashtry" container is stuck in open position.Although only used occassionally for change it will not close.

No problem--would change just for maintenance purposes.

what is the cost of ball joint replacement

engine light code is 1259

what is the normal cost for a replacement of a rack and pinion steering? Is there a temporary solution?

I just bought a Grey Honda Accord two days ago and there is a nickle size lighter grey spot under the clear coat on the door. The dealer is going to sand and repaint/clear coat the entire door. Should I be having this done with a car that only has 60 miles on it????

i was driving tried to put in 5th gear felt like it wasn't getting gas then it died and wont start up again

Arrived at work this morning and was not able to open my windows or use the power locks. I checked the fuses and they are working.

I recently got into an accident with a car smashing into my back sliding door, leaving a huge dent on it, how much will it cost me to repair this?
I don't have any insurance right now

have the car professionally hand waxed every 3 months. Paint on Hood, trunk and Top of roof of car is not Slick as the sides of car. Wax goes right into paint . Use the Honda Cover to protect car from Sun. Purchased in July 2009. notified today I have a proble,m, My 1997 feels slicker than my 2009!

I got this reading and I changed the sensor. I still contiue to get this reading. the car runs just fine, no ticking, no knocking, sound just fine. any suggestions?

Hello, the Honda dealer wants to replace my oil pan & gasket. With a discount they want to charge me $517.00

Front brakes replacment cost with a discount $197.00

V-TEC seal replacement with discount $183.00

Are these resonable prices or over priced?

exsesive thumping in front passenger side when hitting even small bumps

How much to replace a timing belt/water pump in 2005 Honda Pilot 3.5L V6

The heater control fan dial works only at the highest fan speed.
It occurs all the time. When I try intermediate speeds very little hot air comes comes from the vents.
I would appreciate an answer since it's getting awfully cold to drive. Thank you very much.

I removed the factory stereo and installed a new stereo with a new wiring harness. The stereo worked fine, but the dashboard/instrumentation lights quit working. Fuses were checked and were good. I re-installed the old stereo to make sure it wasn't a problem with the wiring harness, but had the same results. All other lights work fine.