My sport light on the dash has decided to just flash all the time. I did not put the car into "sport" mode

My 1991 Honda Accord Lx is having a problem. I put a new fuel pump in it, but when I start it up it will run for a few minutes and then it start to sutter and the battery indicator light comes on and it shuts off and the battery indicator is on. What could be the problem?

Recently had service engine light appear. Scanned system and the code read P2422. I know this is related to the emissions system and has a failure somewhere in the cannister or purge solenoid. Is there any way to narrow the problem down or some quick checks i can do?

The emmission control light came on and stays on

key sometime will not turn to off position only to acc, if i remove to hot wire from battery it will turn to off position. Need help!!!

I tryed to replace the front right side top blinker light bulb, it is very impossible to access to change this bulb. I've removed the battery out of my way. It is such a tiny squeese to get to. Its not possible for your hands to get to the bulb changing area. Please help me figure out how to replace this front right blinker.. Sincerely Shaun

replace the headgasket

What is the cost or replacing rear brake calipers, rotors and pads for 1 2008 Honda Civic CR_V in Punta Garda Florida

The warning light stays on permanently.

The D light is blinking and the vehicle drags when engaged in the drive position. What could be the posible cause

turn signal flashes faster, bulbs are ok.

brake lamp panel light won't turn off

rear window will not power up or down. Both driver and passenger windows do. All three are operated from the same switch,could it be a regulator,motor, or a relay somewhere?

I've been told by my Honda mechanic and, of course, tire dealers, that on AWD vehicles like my Honda CRV AWD, you can not replace just one tire, but have to replace all of them unless the tread is within a certain depth. I also thought I read it in my Honda CRV repair manual, but all I have found in that bohemous trug are comments on not towing with two wheels only and jacking up the whole car so all the wheels can turn while working on the drivetrain.

what can u recomend?

how do i change the transmission filter on a 1998 honda accord

replace third brake light and now all three don't go on. Check all light bulbs and replaced them, and still nothing.

idk why tho

The pilot get engine light with vt4 light after it warm up.I replaced all spark plug and ignition coils because the auto computer reports misfire # 1 & 4 cylinder.Some how car runs OK. It does not look like misfire but something else. It does hesitate after it warms up when I accelarate.

I have had an issue that started with my back up lights not working. I checked all the fuses and changed all the bulbs and they still wouldn't work. That issue was a while back. Recently my turn signals stopped working, and that was due to the back up light fuse blowing. Everytime I switch out the fuse it keeps blowing, and now it's blowing my cluster so I gas gauge, temperature, and speedometer don't work. Any suggestions would be appreciated on where to look for the issue. Thanks!

code p1361 car will have no power all of a sudden.Happens once in awhile.

When pushing on the Clutch, it almost goes all the way down to the floor before I can shift gears. what may be the most cost efficient procedure to request?

I have a 1997 Honda Accord SE 4 door, auto, 4 cyl non vtec....My question is, there is a continuous "waaaaahh" sound coming from the front driver side, gets louder after 30 mph, and stops under 30,and is getting worse. Thought it was my tires they were a little worn, replaced them with some nice BFs but the noise is still there. I just checked underneath and the boot closest to the tranny, driver side is torn on the axle end. Im sure this is my problem. whats on the inside of the boot? whats making the noise? will a simple axle replacement fix it?

1) what is the best way to replace the steering wheel cruise control switch, mine will not stay switched on, and 2) what is the best way to replace the front interior door handles, the chrome finish is peeling and I have cut mey fingers many times on these

where is the antenna located and how to replace it

My car is intermittently not starting. It fires consistantly but doesn't completly turn on. A technician said it sounds like a fuel pump relay. This sounds easy enough to replace my self but I looked in an online repair manual and it didn't state where it is located. Please help me find the fuel pump relay on a 2004 honda odyssey and let me know if this seems like it could be the culprit.


No Power. Turn Key, no lights or sounds. Checked fuse boxes and can not find any fuses blown.Battery charged & grounds seem OK.


At about 1500 rpms/40 mph cruising at that range/speed I am getting a vibration. It is not constant but sometimes longer than others. Not sure whether it is tranny or engine. Any thoughts?

After changing the timing belt & water pump (pump went bad & broke belt - while driving)...The car runs but very rough. Noticed that my helper had not pushed the plug wires down on ANY of the plugs...restarted the car...but still runs rough...Checked the plugs...& #1/2 have black soot...#3/4 clean. Swapped plugs around..same0same0. Can remove plug wires from 3 or 4 & car stops running. 1/2..does nothing. Is this bad plug wires/distributor issue or another LARGER issue?? Please help if you can.