If car has been in cold temperature, when I start it there is a rattling, clanking sound, especially when starting in reverse. What could this be?

I am wanting to get a rough estimate as to the cost of this service. I do not want to go to a Honda Dealer for this. I was told that this service takes approximately 5.5 that correct?

how can i fix my engine light

I received an estimate from the local Honda dealer for a new transmission and replacement of cracked side and front motor mounts (2). Honda said the work would cost $4900, but when I complained about the transmission issue, they brought it down to $3700. Is this a reasonable price?

What would it cost to replace a 2nd Clutch Pressure Switch? The check engine light is on and the computer says this is what the problem is.

the pully that has the alternator and polution controler was moving side to side with the outer belt seemingly to keepon has finally stopped .. how do I repair it and what broke

coolant levels are fine..I have replaced the themastat...that didn't help...bought a new radiator cap... that didn't help..the car has never had an over heating problem AND the carbon levels are fine on the smog test so there is no problem with the gasket...humm...can I check the heater valve lever from the inside on this car? Should i check that first before paying to have the heater core checked out? thanks!!

radiator leaks at cap side corner, not sure if fans are working properly. could that be the issue?

Now. Sat in car have had phone plugged in drained my battery. Help start anybody?

We have a 2004 Honda pilot and the drivers side seat warmer is not working. Honda dealer can repair it for $600.00. I will not spend that for repair, but my question is if this is a common problem?

I have 105,000 on my 2004 Pilot and noticed deterioration on control arm bushings. Is this normal and what might cause it? To replace them, do they need to be pressed in and out?

I have this sort of humming noise coming from the front end of my car when driving. It seems to get louder when I go faster and quiter when I slow down.

I parked the car.When I came back it wouldn't start.Dead no starter noise ,nothing,dead.Nothing came on.I boosted it and drove 2 miles.When I took my foot off the gas to turn onto my street.It died and me still rolling.Dead again.

when the first start after the engine cool my engine knocking on no one cylinder.sound ketang ketang and rpm raise up. At the same time I smell gas around.After rpm raise down to normal idling speed and temperature raise up,the knocking sound reduce but still knocking.

found fuse box under hood ..but no (key/legend) to refer to

The Tire carrier Latch for the spare tire on the back is stuck. I removed the spare to attempt to repair it but I cant get it open. I really just want to be able to lower the tail gate, but if I have to replace the latch I will. Thanks!

I just fired Frontenac Honda for cheating and telling lies about mycar and exorbitant c harges. I like to maintain my car and want a reliable auto repair company. Can you fill the bill?

when i put the car into gear it want pick up speed like it need to

Where is the cabin air filter located and how do you change it?

my starter turners. but the engine dose not turn over

squeaking in driver side wheel when braking louder when cold stops sometime when warms up

if timming is not right will it still start or can it cause the motor to not start and just winde out when you try to start it?

after a minor rear end bump the cruise no longer worked . is this related to the crash?

I replaced the pads on my son's Honda Civic and are about 1/2 used. The brakes pulsate when applied at or over 65-70 mph. The car has 67K. Should I replace both the rotors and pads or resurface the rotors and keep using the current pads?

i got cracks on the vanity can i detach the frame with the flip cover

my 1994 honda civic wont start at all it jux keeps cranking like it wants to but never does I replaced the ecu spark plugs battery and all other basics I even tried jump the 2 wire like it says in the book to trouble shoot wit a cod but no results because the only thing that blinks is the SRS light and not the CHECK ENGINE light

how do you adjust headlights 07 element

Speedometer started reading much faster than actually going, over 20+ at 50mph. The engine speed by tach is normal.

Was told it is a misfire on cylinder 2. Changed the spark plugs, looking at changing plug wires as well. Also told it may be the fuel injector being blocked or faulty. How hard is it to change/clean the fuel injectors?

Have started noticing gas smell inside of car past two weeks. Most noticeable when idling in traffic, but also when on highway, streets, too. I have check for cracked gas cap, leaks (under hood, under chassis) with no luck. What can be the problem?