The next day if its nice out - not snowing my car will start - I really would like to know what the problem could be???? This problem only occurs during winter time.
Please I need your help - somebody - happens only when we get lots of snow.

engine light on with code p 122, how do self repair ? has 105k miles.

car was in for 120,000 service and the mechanic says the engine mounts are weak - wants $370 to replace them. Is the price reasonable?

i replace relay and fuse--no help

the park lights will not go off--i pulled fuses and light switch--no help fuel gauge wil not work---is all this related??????

After cleaning the idle control valve the engine start to run perfect , but check engine light show up and stay on even if I disconnect the battery and remove the radio fuse .
Also when Jump the 2 pin Blu connector the check engine light
do not send any codes.

Car was taking to mechanic that put a scanner to the vehicle and claimed a P171 code and the problem was a bad O2 sensor.
A gas cap was brought because the other was defective and allowing air to enter the tank. The has been running with no check engine light or code present for eight days. Is the problem with code resolved.

1) is there a code that I have to enter in order to reset the stereo/cd player?
2)is there a fuse to replace.
3) I have punched in several different combinations on the stereo key board and it only results in an "error" message replacing the word "code"
4) all other digital read outs work except the clock which displays the time two hours late and blinking.

Today when I went to start my Honda I got a horrible loud clicking sound but the car started. After a minute or two the clicking stopped. Is this a sign the the starter is going? The sound was coming up from under the dash board by the drivers seat.

Today when I went to start my Honda I got a horrible loud clicking sound but the car started. After a minute or two the clicking stopped. Is this a sign the the starter is going? The sound was coming up from under the dash board by the drivers seat.

I'm looking for 140k mile service to check my 2001 civic's condition. I'd like to know what I should expect for the cost.

The hands on the speedometer ar not lit up. can't see at night. Bad bulbs?

Details first problem. Car would not start after starting well for numerous times, replaced main relay, starts fine.
also car stalls as I drive down the road will not start for several minutes, Getting worse and more frequent. Someone suggested ignition switch.
Gear selector will lock in park I have to use the key to move it out, so I park and start in neutral.
After a recent trip I noticed the temp and gas gages dropped to the bottom and no longer work.
Any Ideas???????
P.S. I dont know what type of engine this is.

trans slips in low gears, error code says a soleniod is stuck open but the shop thinks due to this code and gear slippage it should be rebuilt

It would be a nice convienance to be reminded when a service is due by time as well as mileage.

one minute they work the next they don't. All go out at the same time

please email asap

the noise seems to be coming from drivers side

The car is automatic transmission. When i give my car gas it does not move.

I am trying to install a bluetooth adapter, that I bought bc I assumed it was a plug and go type thing, and apparently I need to hook it up to power cords in my cars receiver. Can anyone help me, my manual is no help. Thanks.

Right side of lever is broken, found replacement part, but not how to disassemble lever.

my u jt is about to break need a new one asap live in greenville south carolina some quote 650 or more for a new one honda quote 1200.00 what the hell no one is honest with there pricing and i dont have that kind of money plus im living on a fixed income isnt there some body that can work with me

Changed pressure regulator no change

I notice that the D3 light came on for the first time...what does this mean.

I have a '98 Civic with 180k miles. DTC 108 after warmup, the idle jumps around. It also seems to have some trouble coming down in rpm (parked).

when locating the sensors there are two of them one of the is in the front of the metal piece and the other is about 6 inches behind it and in the middle of the piece. I need to know which one is sensor 1 bank one so when i try and replace it i dont replace the wrong one. also the cheap bastards who make the replacements make you splice the wires if you dont feel like speding 3oo plus on the part. please help me

and why is it draining my battery

why it happens when the car is off
why it happens when its parked

causing to denergize my battery and die

all other instrument lights are working including all parking ,low and high beams and interior dome and visor lights, the car is bought used at 36010 miles , I have put 7,241 miles on it. mileage 43,251, it is in good shape and has not had any single problems since off the lot seven months ago. is this a fuse or light bulb issue? or is their something wrong with my transmission the tranny seems to shift and run just fine.... where can I see a diagram to initiate the electrical repair if is so?