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Have to turn the ignition two or more times before the engines starts. have replaced the starter, did not change things.


At first the engine would occasionally shut down while driving no matter what speed. It was as though the key was turned off. Later it would be difficult to restart but turning the key and releasing it very gently seemed to help. Now it wont start at all. It cranks and appears to be getting gas. The coil pack and distributor cap and rotor was checked by a mechanic but all seemed good. The strange thing is that we cant shift the car out of park even when the key is turned and the brake is applied. The windows wont roll up either even when the key is turned. I suspect its the ignition switch or maybe the key transponder is malfunctioning. What are your thoughts?

I believe it is the actutator of the car door locks. But all of a sudden the door does not work with my auto key lock and unlock. This happens only to two of the door.

Every 3000 miles I get an oil change All of a sudden the check engine light came on and I was up in the mountains. I stopped and I was down a quart of oil; I am due for an oil change in 500 miles. The code that came up was P1259 V-Tel system failure or 3 other things. I am really worried. I have complained to Honda for over 3 months that when I start the car it idles funny but they check it and cannot find anything. Now I am reading about this code and it could be serious. The oil light did not come on; just the picture of the engine light. Any suggestions? I am bringing it in tomorrow to be looked at but frankly I hardly every trust most mechanics.

First time it has ever happened. Just after filling gas tank.

Does anyone know where I can get download a free service manual? Where is EGR valve located and how difficult of a repair is it? Thought I'd try changeing it out before bringing to shop. Any insight and help would be great.

Who shoud I take it to for electric window R/R, a mechanic or bodyshop?

defoster be repaired?

The engine makes the interior of the car rattle when in newtral and rattle even worse when in reverse but when I put it in drive all is quiet. Which motor mount would be most likely to cause this?

The window goes down but needs assistance to go back up.

What fuse controls pump, lost manual.........

i used automatic lock when i get home at night and the light go up when my friend goes to work the following morning she wake me up to tell me my light are on . What could possibly make the light come on and stay until i turn them off

Starting this car in the morning is not a problem but after driving or even steaming for sometime and the engine becomes hot, then It becomes impossible to start.

The VTM4 light comes on once in awhile. Why? It's all wheel drive, and this light should only come on after you shift to low gear, and push VTM button. It doesnt run or handle differntly, I'm guessing EGR valve? Any suggestions? Are repairs fairly simple or should I let a shop deal with it. Thanks

I got a 94 Honda accord wagon ex when I turn my headlight on then turn then off my right from corner light stay on with no key on the ignition it happen about a year a go but the problem when allway but came back.

After sitting at a stop lite for extended time my car will start to heat up . I went to a radiator shop and the mechanic said that there is a slight leak at the intake manifold. How much is a repair for this? thanks..

I mistakenly got the top gasket burnt on a trip and while trying to force the engine to start after adding water on cooling, i also got the kick starter burnt. Now both has been repaired but i discovered when the car is parked, acceleration doesn't go beyond 3 on dash board when revved and when moving, the maximum speed is 60m/h.
Meanwhile the car passed diagnostics codes.

My HONDA 2008 CRV has only 30,000 miles but battery drains after sitting in the driveway for the night. I took it to MIDAS and they said that is not mechanical (the starter is fine). They said it is electrical. Has anyone experienced this?

The gears shift very easily upon start-up. As the engine gets warm shifting becomes harder. When the ambient air is hot the shifting gets harder faster. Mechanic sprayed rusted linkage but had no change. Put the gear shift in 1st let clutch out with brake on and engine stops dead. Repeated this in every gear with same results. Clutch is not slipping. The car has 117000 miles on it. I do hear a little clutch noise when the car is first started and the clutch is out and the shifter in neutral.

looks like it is dripping toward the front of the car and only when the car is on.,

i put 1500 miles on my car and my obd still isnt ready and i got this long list of times and speeds i have to try to see if will reset or be ready is there another way i can fix this problem

Our alarm was going off at random times so we unplugged the hood latch sensor. We noticed that when we turned the car off the lights would blink as if the alarm was on. The other night we where out and noticed the remote wasn't working and we couldn't lock the doors so we manually locked them. Now we are locked out of our van, the remote doesn't work and the only key we have only fits the ignition, not the doors. Are there any alternatives besides breaking a window to get in?

what does 2007 honada pilot transmission looks like

i want to know where to find 2007 honda pilot transmission drain plug

I change plugs . Whats next?

The 2 brakelights as well as the center taillight stay on even without the key is not in the ignition. Also, there was a few small pieces of broken plastic on my floorboard when I noticed the lights were on, not sure if they are related but found it odd What is the problem and how can it be fixed. Not very mechanically inclined

The car will run fine randomly with no warning completely stop... nothing no lights no anything Never has happened when idling

One day it was working fine and the next morning when i turned the vehicle on, I also turned on the heater to the defrost setting but it did not urn on. I turned it off and back on. the n I turned off the vehicle, turned it back on but no luck. It does not turn on at all. The lights on it work but just the fan doesn't. Can it be a fuse? Or what may need to be replaced?

I had the valve cover gasket replaced due to an oil leak but I'm still getting white smoke coming out of my muffler. I was told that the white smoke would continue to come out of my muffler for a while due to the oil that leaked out. Is that true or could it be another problem?