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This only happens in reverse.
I have a 2009 accord and I am approaching 30K.

also need the approximate price for ball bearing job on the same make and year.

Car runs great but makes a LOT of noise in the front end when you get above 60mph. Very little vibration. Just noise. Already had right half shaft replaced.
And I have that clicking noise when I'm turning slow and tight to the right in parking lot.

It usually does it when it is cold. Not necessarily cold outside but when it hasn't been turned on for a few hours or more.

I've changed fuel pump fuel filter main relay and did over all tune up

I've done an overall tune up changed fuel filter,fuel pump,and main relay

air I've changed fuel pump, fuel filter ,main relay and also did an overall tune up

car runs fine 20 min or so then won't shift into 4th..stop park it and fine at restart until about 20 minuets then won't shift again... help.

initially accord quit on the highway on the way home last night. starts up and runs until I try to give it gas. Then it stumbles and stalls.Thought it might be fuel pump but I hear it when the key is 1st turned on.

My doors started about two months ago and now all doors have gone out. The Honda place said I need 4 door lock actuators which will run me well over $1000.00 to be able to lock my car. If Honda parts do not last longer than that does anyone know my options?

Honda Accord Special Edition 1997 (Fuel Injected)apropx 125,000 serviced?

My 2007 Honda Pilot 79000 miles does not seem to take bumps in the road as well as it used to. Even my husband commented on it. I have gotten new Michelin tires and no improvement.

When do I replace the water pump? What other recomended maintenance should I do?

thers the metal line that runs from the water pump too the theromsate and it has a small hose that comes off it were dose it go too, were then do the vac lines go buy the TB and the valve cover and intake for the TB zip code # 56482

why is the battery not charging. everything is connected correctly.

hello, I have a road trip coming up in a few weeks and I called my local auto repair guy and set an appointment but I'm just wondering about issues and price.
Main problems: Cruise Control is not working - the light won't come on nor will the buttons work. Speedometer is usually off by 5 miles (so if it says 35, you're really going 30 mph). My check engine light is constantly on. So it sounds like an average ABS problem I'm just wondering what the price will be.
additional problems:
gas pedal sticks when the car first starts - I've been told this is for defense but I doubt that. how much would it cost to fix this?
Basic Oil Change is needed.
Safety Check is needed apperantly (because it is over 155k miles)
I'm guesstimating that the cost of getting my car fixed will be close to $450?
I'm sure I'm off because I've heard ABS replacements can be $500 alone.
thank you so much for your help.

I ust bought car and replaced egr valve

I thought one would check it with the engine on. On the dip stick there are 2 holes down low and 1 way up at the top near the plug. should the fluid level be up to the top hole?

This is not working the brake makes a poping noise and not shift from park. I have a key that goes into a hole that lets me shift the gears. Trying to find out what needs to be done to fix this probles.

The book said is about emission system.

the color of the wires are a different color on the after market piece then on the original one. Do you know how to get wiring correct

it makes slot of noise.all gages. Are okey .Even If accelerated it won't run 60 mph.icant drive it to the freeway.It is very slow.

I read that it could be a spiders nest or dirt. how do I clean this? I know it is under the car but looks like a lot of parts. Which line do I ckeck and how?

I had autozone run computer and this is what it said something about the evap blockage ect. I use the car for delivering mail on rural route lots of dirt roads. I would like to fix this on my own but do not know how to locate or check to see if line is clogged. Please help

My Accord starts and runs fine for about 20 minutes then dies, after a few hours it starts back up and runs fine for another 20 minutes.

My Accord starts and runs fine for about 20 minutes then dies, after a few hours it starts back up and runs fine for another 20 minutes.

I found a leak after replacing the thermostat in the area located underneath the distributor, it is a hose.

4 cyl, 2.2

my car is leaking and i dont know fron where

Brake Indicator is on the Panel