Driving on the highway I heard funny high pitched whine and stopped at a rest stop to check. I noticed red fluid that I think is transmission fluid splashed on firewall, under wheel well and pooled slightly on engine. Transmission fluid checked and is still marking full. My friend said maybe it was a hose. Car is not slipping in any gears. I am 200 miles from home and he advised drive carefully till he can check it out. Dealer wanted 100 diagnostic fee:(

The front end comes down from speed bump smoothly, but the back end slams down hard as if there was no cushioning. Just had new coil springs installed too.

Shop already replaced Return and High-Pressure Hoses and the Pump itself....what else could it be?

There is no knocking or thud sound when I turn, so I don't think it is the Rack-n-Pinion, or could it be?

My distributor caused my car to break down and ever since the turn running lights tail lights and turn signals stay on after I take the keys out of the ignition of my 1995 Honda civic.

me and said while running diagnostic test the car shut off they then realized it was the coil and the computer was fried charged 500 said gave me used computer,chaged coil and had to reset key to computer sounds crazy s this possible

How often do you change the timinig belt?

See ? Above

tried to restart and wouldnt. changed fuel filter, seems to be getting fuel, check fuel at the fuel rail it came out with gas. So what is my next steps

My 2001 Honda Civic LX currently have 150 K. Lately, I’ve been noticing few oil drops on driving side floor mat exactly below the accelerator paddle. While having the alternator belt replacement, I noticed an oil leak, around the bottom half of the engine but I am not sure why drops would appear inside the car on the floor mat. Please advise?

Louder when the windows are down (LOL!) best heard on passenger side, heard most of the time but does go away occasionally, no changes from braking or turning. Seems to be coming from the rear. Any ideas?

i had installed two new tires last week. today that symbol (TPMS) came out. what does it means?

My civic is a CX. I was told that because it's a CX model they cound not replace just the catalytic conveter alone. the whole system would need to be replaced. the estimate was $1260. comment please BBarbb.

I replace the master switch on the crv since the button got broke and now the driver side works but not the other 3 windows and even the moon roof doesn't even work. Even the keys are out you can still put the driver side up or down and I know that shouldn't happen.

I have a dent located on the trunk near the license plate. It has started to crack so I figured the whole trunk needs to be replaced. Need to know an estimate of how much it should cost so I don't get ripped off. Thank you!

1st gear slips only when cold

Accord, Trailing link to back hub,When the spring compresses,bushing is the hinge point (2per car) wish firmer than factory

what do I do about replaceing front studs with out taking hub apart ?

I am trying to replace the studs on right front wheel I have noticed that I may have to pull main wheel housing apart to be able to replace studs please help me with this I cant afford a shop !

What do I need to do to fix this problem?

can i put a bigger thermostat in it.any helpfull tips would be great

Why does the local Honda Dealer tell me they can't find this recall when typing in my vin number? I found it on your sight and Highway safety site, How can I get my car rpaired under this recall since I haven't been able to drive since it broke and locked steering column up in middle of highway.I have been trying for ten months now to get dealer to deal with my concern and they keep passing the buck.

I have a accord 92 ex 5sp. It is having intermittent starting problem. When I
put the key in ON position (just before start), I hear continuous "clicking"
noise around the IACV/EACV (idle air control valve). The IACV has the
original Denso electronics. When I disconnect the electric connection to it,
the noise stops. TI measured the voltage at the wire of the connector (not at
the IACV), it has about 8V instead of 12V. When I don't get the noise, the
car starts but when i hear the clicking noise, it doesn't start. I replaced
the distributor recently and also the mail relay few months back.
Anybody had this issue and how to resolve it? Thanks.

have new headlights to replaced the yellowed ugly ones and not sure how to access the bolts

Wont start, I think it is miswired.

I changed altenator, new battery,oil changed, tune up. It sometimes has an up and down idle. When I get it to start it stalls whenever I have to stop.

econditioned module cheaper. Automatic Transmission

also the temperature is always very low and the fuel consumption is very high not normal for this vehicule.

I want to change the thermostat as soon as possible but am worried that has been like this far too long and now may be vibrating because some other failure that this could trigger.

i just buy the car and want it to stop vibrating.

thanks for any recommendation of what could be.

I changed out the distributor, new spark plugs and wires. changed out the fuel pump. Ran good for a week then i went to work and it rained. go out after work car would not start. Went back next day checked fuel rail no fuel. checked fuel pump no power. Jumpered past pin 5&7 pins on relay got power. plugged relay back in nothing, bought new relay started, get the car home, go out nesxt morning won't start.
totally frustrated everything points to wiring but have had the car 6 years and have not had any problems like this. Shows no error codes or check engine light

first, all the doors except the drivers door stopped locking when the switch was activated. 4 days later the drivers doors stopped locking. The door won't auto lock with the drivers door key lock either.

I've gotten quotes for replacing the catalytic converters on my Subaru and Honda and both quotes were over $1000.