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How hard is it to change a fuel filter for a 1997 honda odyssey?

My engine has been leaking oil for a while now. someone finally told me that its my oil pan gasket and that they need to drop the engine to do it. he gave me an esimate for 150 dollars. What will happen if I dont fix the leak?

replace. Can I just replace the front and left mounts and hope the right can stay without a major problem?
If I jack up the engine slightly, can the job be done in my garage?

It is an automatic transmission and the problem seems to resolve if the car can manage to make it above 35 MPH.

What is the fix, time and parts cost?

What causes problem and what's the cost of repair

I changed the 7.5 amp fuse evan though it was good. I ran a jumper wire to the compressor from the positve battery post and the compressor engaged, I swapped out relays (they were from a junked car, but I did 3 seperate relays), and I switched out the swith panal in the inside. Is there something I am missing??

obd code p0401. Understand 2004 crv has no egr. What could be causing this code?

No play, no sign of any trouble.

I have had many cars in my life and never had this problem. It's either an Engineering problem or a defective part. It's not like the engine is rumbling like a souped up Nova or anything. Honda says it isn't their fault. It only has 85,000 miles on it. The motor mounts may have been cracked for a long time. The car was bought new and never been in a wreck.

Doesn't happen everytime but getting worse. Shop who rebuilt said that they won't look at because of ABS codes that are present 34-2 and 31-2. They think it might be related. Other mechanic's are saying NO not so, take it back and tell them to fix it. Also replaced ignition switch per someone's sugggestion.

Monday car wouldn't start. Poured soda on battery & it started. Tuesday replaced starter and battery. Friday, same thing - car wouldn't start, poured soda on batter and it started. Is it the battery cables?

I replaced the thermostat thinking it was froze open no help. it takes driveing the car all day in town or about 35 to 40 miles on the highway. if i keep the rpms at about 2500 when im at a stop it stays cool.

Replaced O2 sensor and air filter box. Re- smoged car after repairs-passed. Customer took to Test only station
failed three incomplete moitors. O2 Cat. and Evap. When I
tested monitors passed. Cust took to T.O. Station turned car off then failed on monitors. Why?

mechanic said that timing & CRANK sensor is faulty need to be replaced.... is their any other recovery mode.....

With fan motor on high ,it just barely has air coming out of the vents,for both the a/c and heat.I can hear the fan it seems to be running good,Itook out the blower motor and checke to see if there was anything stuck in there but i couldnt find anything,I thought it might be the trap door that controls air flow but i dont know where it is.What could be my trouble?

My car has issues starting. When I turn on the ignition, the lights turn on in the dash, it crank a couple times, but does not start. I will wait a few seconds, and try again, until it starts. This will happen at least once a week. It can happen on a cold start and even after i drove for a bit. I replaced the battery a few weeks ago and cleaned the battery terminals. My next guess is change the spark plugs and fuel filter? I dont know. Please help. Thanks

i felt like my car fell an made horrible noise when in gear to drive

I have put pedal to the metal and nothing. It is a 4cylinder. Is this because it is a 4 c . Does anyone know if this has been noted as a problem with the Honda CRV?

When I use the front controls to have AC blow out the back, I only hear clicks (from the back control) but no air.

ok my car has following v2 intake dc header hks exhaust STOCK CAT and o2 sensors bc cams duel springs apexi neo afc for fuel control to not run lean with cams. kpro will be here next wk. ok i get those codes it killed my battery i replaced bat n it still throws these codes. dyno says im not running rich or lean however code says yes, yesterday exhaust felt loader n a lil more vibration under my seat area i dont think eld is bad i dont. what can anyone help me with i think my cat is goin bad it has 107k on it and with increased exhaust flow due to cam upgrade i think its backing up n over heating causing the rich code. this causing the eld code thus alt over charging etc. sounds good right lol? what does sparky think? the car had valve adjustment r runs smooth n dynoed optimal not rich. also with the exhaust feeling loader etc the car felt a lil held back and thats when my cel came back on with said codes after i changed battery clearing the codes plz help ty. erik


clear codes engine lite goes out for about 1 second and repost code at same temp, disconnected sensor cleared codes same action about 1 second repost. the original engine over heated serverly ,replaced engine and trans together.possiable the ecm got damaged to overheating temp.

Car gets stuck in Park sometimes and sometimes it won't start at all. It will only start in Neutral.

The noise stops when I brake and only makes noise when first driving it. The brake fluid is fine.

The tumbler is worn down...It appears to bwe stripped. It is a 2nd owned car, so I'm unsure if it was something lurking underneath. In any case, if there is a way to get it started Hot wire) it, so I get it to a station (I live in the boonies), I would greatly appreciate it.

It's a V6

Thanks in advance!

I just had my coolant and air conditioning fixed about 3 weeks ago, so I don't think that's the issue. The gauge went a little over halfway and it always rests right under the halfway mark. It only went up once and it was while I was sitting in a drive-thru, after I drove off it went back down and was fine all the way home. I just want to catch something before it is too late. The only other time this happened was about 4 years ago and when my gauge went up the engine started smoking, but all of that has been fixed now. Help a girl out!!! Any suggestions are welcome :)

1. Blower motor does not work on any settings. What could be wrong? Maybe just a fuse? Fuse box location?
2. Due for 120,000 service but I only use the car occasionally when needed to shop and move things as it is 3rd car -- not my primary driver. What should I REALLY do rather than what the Honda dealer wants to sell?


Trouble code reported p1457. Is the a valve, and what should be done to correct this problem?