Replace ECT an still getting code PO118.Soon as I turn the ignition swich to the run position the fan come on.

Is there a Schrader valve for fuel pressure test?

Would like to perform fuel pressure test,want to know if this particular vehicle is equipt with Schrader valve to perform pressure test

It happened last night when I tried to start the car. I have the BIG Element garage book and it's daunting to find what exactly I need to fix the car!! UGH

Would like to do fuel pressure test,can't find Schrader valve.Is there a Schrader valve on this model?

car will stall during warm-up mostly but also stalls @ stop lights.Would like to do fuel pressure test but can't find aSchrader valve.Is there one on this model

can it be my rack in pinon..

we checked all the fuses and they still dont work can anybody help

helppp please

the driverside door on my 99 honda will not open from the inside outside or with a key not sure what to do i took it to a body shop but they cant figure it out either?

was told it could be the cylinder on engine needs tobe replaced what cost am I looking at

I have cleaned around the EGR port several times but still getting the code. After cleaning I can run the car for about 30 minutes but will still get the code. I have even bought a new one but still getting the code. What else could be wrong.

onto transmission ??

blinking help

How do I get ahold of someone at Honda to review/refund my cost with replacing a clutch on a car with only 51,000 miles on it?

I doesnt make any sence?

they still grinds when i go to stop

Smell is most proiminent when A/C is on. Usually strongest after vehicle has been driven about 30 minutes

i relaced the master cylinder yesterday

My back brakes are grinding so I had all brakes looked at. One place said resurface them, another sais to replace them. I don't want to get ripped off, but I want to be safe.

I guess a tune up is made of of other things in your list? If I am given an extimate of a full tune up how do I know what a fair price is?

The car died going down the road and won't start. It turns over, but it won't start. I'm the second owner of this car and they said hey had the same problem with it to. You just be driving it and it just die and wouldn't start. If you leave it for 12 to 24 hours the car start and run fine for serval days than it do it again. The coil has been replaced on it new plugs and wires egr valve replaced. Has new battery in it also. Have spent serval hundred dollars on it and can not find out why it does this. It is just random when it does it. The car has been to several mech shops and no one can figure this out why it dies for some random reason and won't start. Can anyone help me figure this out or have any ideals. Thank you for your time.

is this just inspections , since I have had no problems with the car

does the power train warranty of 12500 cover the 2007 suspension aligment it's eating tire bad in the rear end

What can it be? Also hear noise while stopping and driving.

Everytime in order to change the shift, I have to insert the key in the console and bring it to the neutral and then start moving the gear shift.

What do i need to know on this?

This little Honda Accord speedometer wants to work only 10% of time. You maybe driving down the road than all sudden the speedometer stops working even when the cruise control is set. Is it by chance this problem is the vehicle speed sensor on the transmission that is bad. I hate to replace it if that isn't the problem. This part is about a $100.00 to replace. Can anyone please help me out with some good advice so i can get this fixed. Thank you for your time.

Hello all, I am looking to purchase a used 2002 Honda CRV. According to the pre-sell inspection, it's in really good shape except for the rust on the undercarriage. The car came from a northern state. The rust has apparently caused a leak in the exhaust converter which causes a noise. Twofold question, is this a dealbreaker? (90k miles, $7000). Secondly, what kind of repairs related to this am I looking long and short term? I am from the south and don't know much about how rust affects things. Thanks

Speedometer works about 10% of the time. You may be driving down the road a couple miles and all sudden it will start working than sudden it will stop working. It is just very random when it works. Any ideals is it by chance the vvs or something else going on. Thanks

Anybody have any advice how to fix problem what could it be also where are fuses for cig lighter and stero at on 2000 accord se aS IT DOESNT SAY ON EITHER FUSE BOX tHANK YOU PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME