When I turned on the switch nothing happened. it is dead

Recall R87 for Honda CR-V 2010 is missing from your recall info. This involves a software update requirement.

Car needs maybe 20 minutes to cool before restarting. When it does start, I smell gasoline. Could it be a blown head gasket. Expenisive?

and the D light keeps blinking. What can I do?

I am wondering if this module can be disconnected and the car shifted manually?

I just recently changed my trans fluid and for a while everything was fine. After a couple weeks it just started shifting wierd, changing gears on its own when it doesnt need to. Some time while in drive it acts like its in 4th. I have no idea what happened.

My Accord recently started making a wiring noise that directly correlates with the RPMs. The battery light also came on and has been increasing in brightness when the RPMs increase. I think it may be the alternator going bad, but I'm not sure. I'm trying to gather information about what sort of repairs the car may need and what it could cost.

I put my key in and dash lights up,with all of the engine indicator lights,radio comes on and even the windows work but when i try and start it,,,NOTHING,,,no sound,,doesnt even try to turn over. I just replaced battery because of the issue and knew it was about 4 years old. Car has just under 100k miles

I Can Only See One On Each Headlight

where is the tca relay located? car starts, but runs alittle rough the tca lights comes on in a few min.

I can still drive but i am concerned that this may leave me stranded. I would appreciate any help.

like it will change gear for manual transmission

And Where Are They Located
I Can Only See Two Screws That Look Like Adjustment Screws
And I Thought There Should Be Four

I cannot find the service "schedule" in the documents that came with my vehicle. Is there a rule of thumb?

and how do i change it

Took in my Honda Pilot for a recall on the seatbelt stitching and was notified that the front lower compliance bushings were torn and leaking. They needed to be replaced and since our warranty just ended in October of last year, it was going to cost us $1200.00. Our Pilot has 43,000 miles on it.

The service manual did not come with my car, so I have nothing to go by. All indications that I have read online indicate that since it is a newer car, it should be 100,000. There are no warning lights coming on and the heat works great. Should I try a test strip in the coolant to see what it says? Thanks in advance, Scott

Car starts but will not shift into any gear, reverse scrapes, won't shift.

I'm new to this forum, but hoping to gain some good insight in the ongoing issues I am having. So I am having the same IMA battery problems that everyone else is. SO here is what is going on. Let's say I arrive home from work, the IMA batt gauge reads FULL. the car remains parked in my driveway. Next moring when I get in to the car, the IMA battery gauge is down to 2 bars. I start going and in just a few minutes the IMA batt gauge spikes out again. Over the course of my 22 mile commute the battery drains and recharges at least 3 or 4 times. Issue 2- the Trip-o-meter, both trip A and Trip B at stuck at 35.5, and hasn't moved from that reading for weeks. Dating back maybe 6 months prior to experiencing all of these issues, the tripmeter would flutuate at least 1/10 on a mile either up or down, depending upon my driving behavior. THE QUESTIONS- 1- I was wondering if someone would be able to advise me how to reboot the IMA CPU.
2- if anyone has any other suggestions how to address these issues.
3- suggestions for mileage improvement. the best I have ever gotten is 36.4MPG.
Battery replacement is not really an option right now financially speaking.

I currently have none of the following which I think is due to the driver's door switch not working, but I'm just guessing.

No seat belt buzzer, no buzzer for key left in ignition, no dome light when driver's door is open, no chimes when headlights are left on.

If a mechanic or the dealership needs to fix this problem, I was unable to find anything in your "Estimator" screens related to a door switch. I would appreciate your help. Thanks.

I have had my spark plugs changed in November. I have had my oil changed in December. Three weeks ago, I had my timing belts changed. Last Wednesday, I had to get a new battery. What else could it be? I have tried going from unleaded gas to premium gas, no success. I have tried putting gas treatment in the tank as well. Any advice? Thanks.

In leaving the dealership following the 60,000 service, my '06 Kia Amanti seemed out of timing and has not run smoothly since that time. Mechanics have taken it apart, checked everything and now feel it may be the tensioner. My feeling is it drove smoothly when I brought it in, but has been jerky, not smooth, since the service.

It was running fine all morning until 30 min ago or so... i came out of the store and in the process of leaving it just shut off. It will start for a few seconds but shuts back off.

Engine light comes on when I use unleaded regular gas, but
goes out when I use premium.

when I start my 92 honda accord ex,idles high and when ready to drive idles 1000 to 1500. I need help. how can I fix this matter. help me please.

all the lights started flashing last saturday night, they never went off, not sure if it is still safe to drive? i hope it not something major?

if i pump it a little before putting it in gear it works or not hold pedal more than a few seconds it works

My husband checked the oil the other day and it was ok. Today, my oil light started flashing as I drove down the highway. I stopped and put in 2 quarts of oil and finished my trip of about 10 minutes. The light came on again. I went and bought 3 quarts of oil and after checking the dipstick again, I poured in all three. On the return trip home (about 20 minutes) the car was okay until I pulled into neighborhood I live. The light came on again! The car doesn't burn oil, leave oil leakage spots, and it seemed to drive ok the entire time. Any suggestions about what the problem is and how to fix it?

I have a 02 Honda Civic. i went to NTB for an oil change and the guy recommended me to get a camber kit to improve my alignment.(i've known my alignment is off for about a year) I declined it then and said I would look into it. the camber kit + labor+ an alignment is about $250(which is not bad).

will this work and is it a good idea? also wheels and tires have that lean in or lean out look when I am driving it?

I have 1999 Honda Accord and recently change the Converter Catalytic but the car is still having problem, the car still hesitate or bug down when driving. any suggestion on what to check next?