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I just changed the starter as well as the fuel filter.the fuel pump turns and it starts when I put gas in the carborater but it won't stay on...
Even though I had the code erased. What else could be the problem?
I replaced the starter already. It's not the battery or alternates. It's not turning over.
I put my old brake booster back in and I even replaced the brake light sencer that hooks on to the brake bar what ever I try nothing is working.
I changed my brake booster with one out of a Chevy truck and I couldn't get the shifter to come out of park unless I started the motor then turned it off just so the engine died then the shifter would move, but I had ...
And my door locks constantly keep trying to lock and unlock
twice recently, the fuel gauge has read just at a 1/4 of a tank and then dropped to empty as soon as i turn the car off. i have read of this happening in older gmc yukon models, but wondering if anyone else has experi...
All doors will lock but I can't lock the back hatch door form the main door or from the keyless
25mph is when it starts swerving and by 40mph I can't keep it in a lane at all unless the steering wheel stays completely straight.
replaced the transfer case switch on dash and still wont change any ideas
97 yukon 5.7l starts for a few seconds then stops and won't start agen for a while. I got spark and fuel. Was Pullen a p1351 code but the icm is good. It's getting a 5.7v signal. On my dash my check gages light comes...
My harness passenger side underneath the battery area, shorted out, caused a fire, by igniting the plastic wheel well. The slow burning fire lasted an hour before someone noticed and called the fire department, who ex...
was told torque converter not locking up and causing transmission to overheat which is burning up transmissions in a matter of a few weeks.
Why when i'am driving down the road my voltage meter flickers back and fourth, causing my lights to flicker also. Sitting at stop sign not so much. Also flickers when i use the power windows. Any help would be great.
I have chdcksd all the fuses i can find. It dont make any type of noise or motion whatsoever. Its a 01 yukon slt
It doesnt do it in any other gear or any other time. Put vehicle in reverse wait a split second and it clunks.
My abs traction and stability lights stay on
Two weeks ago the DVD player mounted to the headliner quit working. Today my master control for the defrost, front driver and passenger heater isn't working. It works but the heater isn't blowing. And when I purchased...