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fuses are fine, horn and wiring under hood are good, whats wrong?
It only lights up for a short time if you tap on the dash board.Do you know which fuse to change or is it a short?
The cap has a lanyard that is attached to the inside of the fuel tank door opening. Trying to find a way to remove it, so I can install a new cap.
Can you advise what might be causing this issue (relay)
When I purchased my 2007 GMC Yukon the passenger power seat would adjust back and forth; however, it would not adjust up and down. Thank you.
Any idea what is causing this to happen? we have changed the oil the crank shaft sensor
I'm having trouble with my brake lights not working since I replaced the booster and the brake light switch. Any suggestions.
After an attempted theft of our 98 GMC Yukon we had to replace the whole steering column. Now because of the pass lock system the security light stays on and shuts off the ignition after a couple of seconds. Will repl...
Hear a banging noise when going over speed bumps or pot holes on front left. Shakes under braking, worse between 40-50 mph. And alignment off but just had it done at a shop and wheels balanced?
Noise Slows down at stops. Had the oil changed and water pump replaced. Then this tapping started. Taken to many different places no one knows.Any suggestion? They have check transmission,fly wheel,and harmonic ba...
I had a P0430 code show up about 2 weeks ago. About 4 - 5 days ago white smoke began coming out of the tailpipe. It was steam, no gas or sweet smell, and there was also water coming from the tailpipe and after I parke...
I'll be driving down the road and I'll have flashing stability track is I think disabled I'd have to ask my husband & the traction control is disabled engine power is reduced so the vehicle reduces speed to 40-35 mph....
but wile crank back when fule is added what is making this happen and what do I need to do to fix it
raw fuel smell coming from driver's side rear whell well area. No signs of wet fuel no trouble codes.
I changed the rotor and distributor now the diagnostic says camshaft position, HOW DO I FIX IT
I did the relearn procedure and still no start