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Do you think the coolant needs replaced 119,000 miles
leak is to the front of 2009 GMC Yukon and jerks a little on take off but smooths out. leak is very light for now
It won't move when in 2 wheel drive.
Need to replace the module it keeps blowing fuses and will not shift in or out of 4 wheel drive
Hi,my 2003 civic ex only locks n unlocks doors with keyless entry.drivers door switch does nothing.any ideas.thanks,joe
Leaking fluid. Temp reaches 260. Then a warning message comes up saying the engine coolant is running hot. Scared it is a water pump issue.
it started with my distribuator,so i would just turn it but know it turns on and off
I will be driving and it just dies on me, we have noticed the fuel pump relay switch gets very hot so we replace it and it starts again. I have had fuel pump, ignition switch, distributor cap & wires all replaced. I h...
left front fender is dented and needs to be replaced
i check gas cap when i put on ob2 cp on it tell me it is a low switch what does that mean
but the ignition. Someone suggested that my key might be worn, try a new key. I did use the 2nd key for a week or so it worked great. Now it is doing the same thing again.
I had the front 4 wheel drive module replaced with a rebuilt one, but when I put it in all wheel drive, it changes to 4 wheel drive after I turn off the ignition, and then back on again. The shop that installed it ca...
when you hit the brake it stop and then let go and then start to stop again
What is the cost of replacing the cable?
Parking break is released. Warning light still showing on dash. When in motion light blinks, along with a dinging sound. When not in motion it stops..I tried many times applying break then releasing it. Ive looked und...
Just picked up the vehicle it has new cap rotor plugs wires checked fuel pressure is good at 60lbs and holds 45-50lbs when left to sit for an hour any other ideas?
automatic shifter into any drive positiom it grinds. the same noise a manual does notusing a clutch
I does it every time I open the drivers door, I am not using the keypad to open the rear hatch. It just does it on its own. Please help!
I have 171,174 codes. No vacuum leaks found.Fuel filter replaced. MAF seems to be working properly and has been cleaned with no change apparent. TPS reading good. Big time bog when you give it gas. Picks up pretty goo...
Shouldn't that be too much if it is a lean condition? And also, in the "HOw do I know if it's a MAF sensor problem?" section, you say to do the "truth test" with the engine idling. My scanner does not give baro, but k...
its not making any type of noise it had not been driven for a while once before I took the battery out to reset and it worked normal I changed them and unhooked the battery to reset and it didn't work this time
if the transfer case motor position sensor or the selector switch is bad does the entire transfer case have to be replaced or can just the sensor or selector switch be replaced without changing out the whole unit?
Car run good problem just stated to happen all of a sudden was told cold be censor
putting new brake lines on my 2004 Yukon with traction control. Six ports coming out of brake modulator can someone tell me what lines go to what ports or where I can find a diagram Thanks
i was told to replace the whole fuel pump system.
Its gotten pretty dirty under there due to the leak when traveling and i think it might be affecting my starter because it wont start up correctly when turning the key it sounds like its going to start but then makes ...
Replaced old cylinder head as well. The engine coolant hot message comes on after about 20-25 minutes.
But when i use the remote keyless entry it works to open all the doors, what gives? Truck has 169000 miles. Also my outside mirrors are power, but they arent working, help!!