And my door locks constantly keep trying to lock and unlock

After an attempted theft of our 98 GMC Yukon we had to replace the whole steering column. Now because of the pass lock system the security light stays on and shuts off the ignition after a couple of seconds. Will replacing the ignition fix the problem?

Hear a banging noise when going over speed bumps or pot holes on front left. Shakes under braking, worse between 40-50 mph. And alignment off but just had it done at a shop and wheels balanced?

Noise Slows down at stops. Had the oil changed and water pump replaced. Then this tapping started. Taken to many different places no one knows.Any

suggestion? They have check transmission,fly wheel,and harmonic balancer. We are new to this area and don't know a good mechanic. But after trying 4 places still no answer. HELP!

I had a P0430 code show up about 2 weeks ago. About 4 - 5 days ago white smoke began coming out of the tailpipe. It was steam, no gas or sweet smell, and there was also water coming from the tailpipe and after I parked the car - water under the engine. I think it was water anyway. I've read that it could be transmission fluid, but when I went to check today the smoke has mostly subsided and there is no more water under the engine after I run it. The cars power has lessened, and the gears seem to be shifting late. The idle is also very slow to respond and after acceleration it returns to idle rpm's slowly. I have an Actron scanner and the following codes were generated:

Test $07
Mod $10
Max 00
Meas FFD3
Min ----
Sts Hi

Mod $10
Max 01
Min ----
Sts Hi

Test $OC
ID 20
Mod $10
Max AC
Meas F6D8
Min ----
Sts Hi

ID 30
Mod $10
Max 00
Meas 21E
Min ----
Sts Hi

The O2 sensors readings while the car was operating seemed like they were good = there was a wave like graph generated from both pre-cat sensors and a level reading for both post-cat sensors. There were times it was a bit "jumpy", but overall they were good it seemed. The fuel trim from the freeze data read:
ST FTRM11 = -3.1
ST FTRM12 = -3.1
LT FTRM11 = 4.7
LT FTRM12 = 3.1

I'm hoping someone can help me figure this out before I have to go to the shop.....which I may have to do anyway :( I'm a teacher and broke, go figure...... Thanks in advance for any help.

I'll be driving down the road and I'll have flashing stability track is I think disabled I'd have to ask my husband & the traction control is disabled engine power is reduced so the vehicle reduces speed to 40-35 mph. Has anyone else experienced this?

but wile crank back when fule is added what is making this happen and what do I need to do to fix it

twice recently, the fuel gauge has read just at a 1/4 of a tank and then dropped to empty as soon as i turn the car off. i have read of this happening in older gmc yukon models, but wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem.

raw fuel smell coming from driver's side rear whell well area. No signs of wet fuel no trouble codes.


I changed the rotor and distributor now the diagnostic says camshaft position, HOW DO I FIX IT

All doors will lock but I can't lock the back hatch door form the main door or from the keyless

I did the relearn procedure and still no start

Please dont tell me its in the tank

I did the 10 minute relearn, the light went out but still no start. I don't have the original key its a remade key but no chip.

It runs for a second then dies. It has spark and fuel.

97 yukon 5.7l starts then dies right away, have spark and fuel and timed

he is redoing all the brakes

25mph is when it starts swerving and by 40mph I can't keep it in a lane at all unless the steering wheel stays completely straight.

replaced the transfer case switch on dash and still wont change any ideas

Under hard acceleration spits n sputter s

97 yukon 5.7l starts for a few seconds then stops and won't start agen for a while. I got spark and fuel. Was Pullen a p1351 code but the icm is good. It's getting a 5.7v signal. On my dash my check gages light comes on and my battery light don't turn off