but wile crank back when fule is added what is making this happen and what do I need to do to fix it

twice recently, the fuel gauge has read just at a 1/4 of a tank and then dropped to empty as soon as i turn the car off. i have read of this happening in older gmc yukon models, but wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem.

raw fuel smell coming from driver's side rear whell well area. No signs of wet fuel no trouble codes.


I changed the rotor and distributor now the diagnostic says camshaft position, HOW DO I FIX IT

All doors will lock but I can't lock the back hatch door form the main door or from the keyless

I did the relearn procedure and still no start

Please dont tell me its in the tank

I did the 10 minute relearn, the light went out but still no start. I don't have the original key its a remade key but no chip.

It runs for a second then dies. It has spark and fuel.

97 yukon 5.7l starts then dies right away, have spark and fuel and timed

he is redoing all the brakes

25mph is when it starts swerving and by 40mph I can't keep it in a lane at all unless the steering wheel stays completely straight.

replaced the transfer case switch on dash and still wont change any ideas

Under hard acceleration spits n sputter s

97 yukon 5.7l starts for a few seconds then stops and won't start agen for a while. I got spark and fuel. Was Pullen a p1351 code but the icm is good. It's getting a 5.7v signal. On my dash my check gages light comes on and my battery light don't turn off

I replaced thekey switch on my Yukon now it starts and dies I need to know how to reset the anti theft system

4wheel will not engage switch light flashes

My harness passenger side underneath the battery area, shorted out, caused a fire, by igniting the plastic wheel well. The slow burning fire lasted an hour before someone noticed and called the fire department, who extinguished the fire. Several wiring harnesses in that area, wheel well and break-line destroyed. Lucky I didn't lose the whole vehicle. Maybe there are reports about fires in the engine compartment like mine also, is there?
I'd like to have some info as I soon will need to contact insurance company and dealership to get this fixed. Thanks

was told torque converter not locking up and causing transmission to overheat which is burning up transmissions in a matter of a few weeks.

Why when i'am driving down the road my voltage meter flickers back and fourth, causing my lights to flicker also. Sitting at stop sign not so much. Also flickers when i use the power windows. Any help would be great.

I did it once with rtv silicon but it didn't hold now i have the right gasket