The cap has a lanyard that is attached to the inside of the fuel tank door opening.
Trying to find a way to remove it, so I can install a new cap.

Can you advise what might be causing this issue (relay)

Security issues?

When I purchased my 2007 GMC Yukon the passenger power seat would adjust back and forth; however, it would not adjust up and down. Thank you.

I just changed the starter as well as the fuel filter.the fuel pump turns and it starts when I put gas in the carborater but it won't stay on...

Even though I had the code erased. What else could be the problem?

Any idea what is causing this to happen? we have changed the oil the crank shaft sensor

I replaced the starter already. It's not the battery or alternates. It's not turning over.

Rear buttons won't work

I put my old brake booster back in and I even replaced the brake light sencer that hooks on to the brake bar what ever I try nothing is working.

I'm having trouble with my brake lights not working since I replaced the booster and the brake light switch. Any suggestions.

I changed my brake booster with one out of a Chevy truck and I couldn't get the shifter to come out of park unless I started the motor then turned it off just so the engine died then the shifter would move, but I had no brake lights either. I put the old booster back in to see if that was the issue but it still malfunctioned . I then replaced the brake light switch ,still no help. Can you point me in the right direction.

And my door locks constantly keep trying to lock and unlock

After an attempted theft of our 98 GMC Yukon we had to replace the whole steering column. Now because of the pass lock system the security light stays on and shuts off the ignition after a couple of seconds. Will replacing the ignition fix the problem?

Hear a banging noise when going over speed bumps or pot holes on front left. Shakes under braking, worse between 40-50 mph. And alignment off but just had it done at a shop and wheels balanced?