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There is a unit under the front dash that is ticking when the air conditioner or air circulation is on. Sometimes it causes just heat to come out. What is that part so I can replace it or has it been recalled?

The lift gate door acuator no longer is working. My rear door does not lock. Has it been recalled? If not, how much is the part to replace?

When I put yukon in gear forward and reverse it makes noise !put in new transfer case and does it still! !only now have no park or reverse! !!!!what could be the problem? HELP

Replaced it and it still codes,, ground issue? something I missed? I assumed bank "B" is closest to the fire wall. Based on research,, but found no actual schematic,,,

If let of the gas at times an re acclerate it will catch a gear. But other then that when first taking off it wont change gears an rpms really high

When taking off its not shifting gears idles real high. There is times it will shift if you let off gas an accelerate gas. An sometimes speedometer goes out of wack

It also stops when I let off accelerator the as I accell again its better.

Battery is good. electric door looks don't work, radio gets hot

now I get a service 4wd message. tryed a switch and shift motor.Also blowing 4wd fuse somtimes.I can hear/ see my old motor move or try to. New motor does nothing, light blinks on old and new switch. Could it be the switch in front diff since I just changed it?

My gauges are not working properly and the service man from GMC said it was due to a wire shortage for the cluster. Does a fule gauge sending unit work along with the cluster? My warranty said they will not cover a cluster but my fule gage does not work along with the other gauges?????

I be driving home from work & it jus starts slowing down. Service stability dhows on the dash. Cant push brake pedal at all. Can turn off & restart & its fine.

The 20amp fuse that powers the turn signals, brakes and back-up lights keeps blowing every time you put the car (1998 GMC Yukon) into to gear. How do you find out the problem and fix it?

my truck sat for a little while i recently put it on the road it ran an drove fine i washed it the other day n since then the truck runs great shifts from first second smooth but won't shift into third and if it does its like its in neutral and check engine lights now on any ideas what it is an can a camshaft position soelinod cause this issue plzzzz help

i was driving one day and my truck just turned off and wouldnt restart

Possible grounding issues

Ac only blows out the defrost in front of vehicle

Water in my oil if intakes cracked can it also get in the cylinders plugs damp 3rd cyl. On drivers side

Fuel cap? Ground at the PCM? How do I check it?

It's a 4WD, had brakes changed twice in less than 6 months. If it is the rotor, how much in parts am I looking at, less the labor.

could it be a sensor problem?