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how to change brake rotor
Regular brake lights work fine. Third brake light does not work. Is this a bulb replacement issue or a fuse issue?
The lights on my instrument panel (clock, odometer, speedometer, etc) work . . . unless the headlights are on. If I turn the dimmer switch all the way up until the dome lights come on, the instrument panel will ligh...
how to replace driver side mirror
why is there water in my heater blower motor when it rains?
install new right rear lightlight
My interior dome lights (front and cargo) quit working when the doors open. The lights in the doors work. The bulbs are good and the lights work when manually turning them on.
which way to loosen the homonica to pull out the fan
which way to loosen pully to pull out water pump
how to pull out the water pump
my front left (drivers side )brake keeps locking up.i've changed the caliper twice and it hasn't started after i had my main brake line replaced on the front.does anyone have a clue as to what may be causing...
The Speedometer went out completely. At first I notice it would stick around 65-70 miles an hour and now it is completely not working. What needs to be done to fix problem?
getting a diagnostic code 35 and 83 what causes these codes
how do you replace the rear wheel bearing 2002 GMC Yukun?
how do you replace a watrer pump
was driving on freeway and i was running low on fuel. car did a little giddy up and then engine shut off and it initiated breaking system. had tow truck driver fill with fuel tried to start car but would not do anyt...
Yukon has a noticeable vibration pass 65mph increasing the faster I drive. Had wheel balance did not help. Was told it could be wheel hub assembly, can you please advice what to check to determine if thats the problem.
my lights won't, come on when they won't to. I closed the door and the lights came on.
What is the estimated cost to replace the brake power booster? This is a major part of the brake system but it does not appear on your list of estimated repair items. A loud hissing noise is made every time the brak...
I have replaced the timing chain,cap,rotor,plugs.plug wires,coil,had ecm checked,new fuel filter. reads multi engine misfire
second time i've change the bulb in one year,the bottom of the bulb seems to melt & caues the bulb not to light up
i heard that the recomended coolant for this truck is a bad product for that engine it cause heads being damage is that true and was there a recall for that problem
The engine cranks over, the engine will start and within one second the engine dies. This occurs once every other month. Took it to dealer for a major tune up and it still happens. Fuel pump is working and has enou...
I did a tranny flush and after completing the flush it is stuck in 4th gear. Even after coming to a complete stop it takes off in 4th. I dont believe theres a kickdown cable. is it possible it may be my shift solen...
My 2000 Yukon loses oil and coolant. No leaks can be found and it holds pressure on the coolant system. I can now add 1/2 gallon every 400 miles or so. The oil loses a quart or more between oil changes. The leaks ...
How do you replace the headlight bulb?
blower motor stopped working. and worked the next day, but now has been a week and it's not working. I took out blower motor and bought a whole new one and it didn't work, so I bought the resistor moduele, still doesn...
Ok I have seperate battery tray. Can I just hook 2nd battery Neg to Neg and then positive to???? Do I have to buy these "kits"? They aint cheap. I have a 5.7L Vortec V8 350 4wd Yukon SLT 1999. The current batte...