is the manufaturer responsable for bad cadillac converters up to a certain year our yukons only 8 years old. is there a recall?
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I have a 1993 GMC Yukon. The rear hatch (upper window) will not open. The relay kicks on like it is unlatching, but when the switch is released the latch sounds like it is closing again. Where is the motor located for the latching mecanisim? Also is there a possibility that it is in the switch or one of the relays?

What type of shop should I go to to get my pins an bushings replaced on my front driver and passenger doors? How much should this cost?

there is a draw on the battery after every thing is shut down. Has already ruined one battery which was installed in April 2010

no brake lights, what do you take off to check brake light bulbs

ive replaced the distributor, timing chain and put a new pickup sensor on the distibutor but still no luck in it running what else could be the problem?

Our 99 Yukon will blow cold air out of the rear but not in the front. Has a new control unit in dash, compressor works fine. The cold air is not coming through the vents in the front. Would like to know what problem could be, and if there is somewhere I can find a service diagram of what's under the dash, so I may be able to fix it myself. Thank you.


would my wheel speed sensor cause my transmission to down shift if the speedometer is readin 50 then drops down to 30, or would that be something else?

I'm a Canadian but using my Clearwater Fl., Zip Code because I don't where the site is to register my complaint in Canada. I have owned GM product approx (30)since 1978 along with a few cadillacs one of which I ordered brand new from the factory.This one leaked oil on new garage floor from day one and GM dealer never fixed it. I took it back about 6 times and to no avail they even said they did a dye test on it. I ended up in small car mechanic shop only to find out the wrong pan gasket was installed on it from the factory. I now have a 2008 yukon slt and at 37000 km one of my locks in the back stopped working completely and of course I only noticed that that was happening because i thought that it was myself not pressing twice and doing something wrong and would press again and it would work. I was told that it was no longer under warrantie after 30000km. At 72000 the second door lock unit started to give me a problem same of the first one sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.The only thing now I am smart enough to know after the last experience.I hate to think of how many times my yukon was left unlocked while thinking it was. It is hard to imagine that GM won't step up to the plate and admit there is a problem and that the equipment is faulty. God only knows when the day will come when I can't unlock the car at all from the outside.This should be classified as a security issue and could prove fatal in the event of an accident needing to exit the vehicule fast by all 4 doors.all I have to say is that I have been a lot more loyal to GM than they have been to me. This is the straw that broke my confidence in the product. I don't want to go back to the dealer to be told the warrantie is over and I don't want to give them the satisfaction of paying them $100.00 an hr for a faulty part.That's being taken as a sucker. If GM only warrantie their entry mechanism for 30000 km then I don't want the product anymore. I am almost due to trade and I guarantie it is going to be another car maker. I can write a book on problems I encountered through the years as a business man and no time to fight back in many instances. How do I access the rear door mechanism.

What's the correct tire pressure for this vehicle?

I am having a problem with my 2003 yukon instrument panel is this covered under a recall it says on this web site it is a tsb but im not sure what a tsb is

glass on my driver side mirror broke. How do I replace it?

voltage seems to drop when i start to brake and then increases when i come to a stop. voltage is normal at idle.

why check engine light on

my cruise control works on and off when it wants too, what do i do?

on my 2002 gmc yukon if you are driving over 55 mph and let off on the accellerator it make a loud roaring noise. If you press on the accelerator the noise goes away??? any help appreciated

I need to replace or repair the cigarette lighter on the drivers side. Whats the best way to obtain access to the lighter to replace or investigate further to preform some type of repair

i pulled a few people out of the mud the next day it ran pourly every mile or two stops running let sit five minute starts back up runs another mile then dies again


2004 Yukon. a/c cold in rear but blows severe hot air out of front like coming through heater core. Stopeed over night and coll air worked again. Any ideas?

How to stop gear box leak on output shaft. Note that I've already replace the seals but condition persist

the entire audio system has no sound and no door chime

I called one of the listed shops and asked for an estimate on replacement of a head gasket. they told me they don't replace the head gasket but would only replace the ENTIRE ENGINE because something caused it to fail and it would be better if the whole thing was replaced. Is there ANY validity to that?

I'm having an intermitent problem with my 2003 GMC Yukon which keeps shutting off whenever I make a quick sharp turn (like pulling into or out of a parking spot) and whenever I go in reverse. My engine light does not come on whenever it happens and I just had a tune-up and replaced the fuel filter.
Could you please give me some idea as to what is causing the problem?

how to fix a broken speedometer..what would the cost to fix a 2004 gmc yukon

The battrie went dead due to leaving the key on. Jump started it and now everything works except the radio. Also it dosn't say LOCKED. No flashing lights eather.

sometimes when I stop at a light or stop sign my 2005 Yukon feels like it is in neutral when I give it the gas to go again and then it will jerk and go. I have check trans fluid is full. What could be causing this

Without a/c on volt meter reads 15v. Turn the a.c on and voltage reads 12v. The battery is good and the alternator checks OK with a volt/ohm meter. No loose connections found.

how do you get to the air filter under the dash?