I have been told that i need the abs moduler replaced. I am having problems of speeds around 60-70, where the vehicle starts to vibrate and wants to accelerate but hesitates. After a few min. it runs normal again. Could it be something else besides abs??

please i need help i wanted to know how do you change a 2007 gmc yukon (plain regular yukon not a 1500 or 2500) battery there is so much to do and i can't pay for it to get done the battery cost 160.00 alone how do i change this battery?


mande a rebobinar mi transmision la puse i no funciono nomas marcha para atras y no da para en frente. que otra cosa puede ser ayudenme

I am assuming that the axle must be removed prior to replacing the rear axle seal and this will not affect the axle bearing in the housing . can anyone tell me if it is a C- Clip axle or floating axle in the differential?

The timing chain broke, I replaced it, aligned the marks on the crank & cam shafts, brought #1 plug up, but I still dont have any fire. What's wrong? Am I missing a step?

My Yukon stalls while I am driving? Any ideas or common problems reported?

all of a sudden what lights up the speedometer at night have gone dull on half of the speedometer gauge. the 2005 yukon has just turned 100k miles on it. is there a small bulb that can be easliy replaced?

Light is on, won't go off even after reset. Changed gas cap.....thoughts on that to do next? Seems to be running just fine

rear hatch will not open/close electricaly. motor runs but nothing happens.

rear hatch will not open/close electrically. motor runs but nothing happens.

This is the 1st time i heard the noice. I left the gas station and heard a buzzing noice, like a fan belt running. The ABS light came on around the same time i started hearing the noice. When i turned the truck off the noice continued. Tried starting the truck about 3 hours later and it was completly dead. Started to charge my battery but as soon as we connected the cords there was a spark and i was able to start the truck. the buzzing noice was running again when i started the truck.

rear hatch lift gate and window will not unlock or open

cannot open the door from inside or out?

Ive gotta blown gasket and i put gasket cement in it while it was running.. did i totally mess my engine up,, because it wont even start now.

my front drive axle boot is ripped? and from time to time a little grease comes out. what would happen if i drive it like that will i mess up my driver side axle.

My 92 Yukon runs well but only after I disconnect the battery and reset the codes. Once i reset the codes it will start and run fine until I turn it off. Then I get an low buzzing sound and no dash lights or anything. I already replaced the ECM and installed my original POM into the new ECM before installation because of this same problem. Any Ideas as to what else could be causing this?

how do i loosen shaft nut between fan and pulley on pump ?

no start as a result of weak battery, new battery installed , but no crank. NO COMMUNICATION TO SCANNER in Global OBD11 WITH CAN communication cable,and key #20

Oil pressure gauge is registering almost 80. Is this something to be concerned about? Oil was changed about 1 month ago and gauge just started registering high.

the correct measurement on both tie rod ends

When air conditioner is turned on it blows cold air on passenger side and hot air on driver's side. Previously, after turning off ignition and restarting the A/c would work fine. Now, it won't correct itself...blows very hot on driver's side and cold on passenger side. How can this be fixed and how expensive? Thanks.

steering locking up when cutting wheel to the left ocassionally and shutting engine off battery light comes on?

How do I change a rear running light bulb on my 2002 Yukon?

I am attempting to replace a camshaft sensor for my mom and dad. I can't find consistent information on where it is located. Where is it and how can I get to it and how do I know I have the right part when I disconnect? Pictures would help a ton!! They have a 5.3 L engine.

I need to replace my Air Conditioning Belt on my 05 Yukon. Should I replace any of the tensioners too? I am a recovering toyota addict and know that when I replace the timing belt you always replace the tensioner - is there something similar with the GMCs serpentine belts?

Backup lights not working. Auto trans. Replaced bulbs, checked fuse ..suspect the backup switch Where is it located?

repair time for driverside valve cover gasket for gmc yukon.

Hi..I have a 95 GMC Yukon..failed the low idle portion of the test (NJ) Reading was 726...Standard is 220..Co% reading was .73..standard is 1.20...The truck passed the high idle portion of this test..Just wondering what I can do to bring it down..egr valve was replaced exactly 4 years and about 30,000 miles ago..converter was replaced 2 years ago..however..the repair shop put on smaller exhaust pipe and a generic (small) converter. they did the last emissions test for state inspection, so I dont know for sure if it passed, for all I know they put the wand into another vehicles tail pipe..anyway, just need to know besides a basic tune up what I should do?

Whats the spark plug gap and torque numbers for 5.3?