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Is there a special tool or trick required to remove the plug wires? The plug boot has a metal sleeve around it. I have tried pulling and/or twisting to no avail.
Is there a special tool or trick to getting the plug wires off? I have pulled and twisted them with no luck. mine have a metal sleeve around the plug boot.
It make a lot of clicking noises like it is trying but then jumps to 4 wheel high. It started giving us trouble last winter. It wouldn't go into 4 wheel at all then. We got it serviced and thought that took care of ...
When I use the turn signal or emergency lights, they won't work. All tyhe bulbs light up, just won't flash on and off.
i need to know the installation instructions to install a new starter on my 95 gmc yukon, thanks!
After turning the car off, the drivers seat motor is humming as if it is stuck. The only way to stop the motor from humming is to make any adjustment to the seat (up,down, front or back). Our service center said the...
My 98 Yukon has a terrible tapping sound under the hood. Almost a knocking sound. Louder as I go faster. It was suggested that I put high mileage oil in when I chnage it. Wondering if the tapping is sign of a bigge...
how do you install tie-rodes
bought it used with no manual and can not figure out how to open the glass rear window .
chanced my oil a week ago now have water in my oil and also noticed water leak from rear of motor,car runs good and have not noticed any smoke from exhaust
water in oil and a leak at rear of engine
how to replace the power stering pump?
What kind do I need? 2006 GMC Yukon 5.3L V-8
my engine shuts off on me when im driveing unexpectedly and after an 1/2 hour passes it turns back on what could be wrong
truck has no power or lights nothing comes on battery is good
i have a 1998 GMC Yukon and it seems that every time i drive it for 30 min to an hour it shuts off when im driving .and then i wait 20 min to an 1/2 hour and it turns back on. i have no check engine light on
where is the coil located on a 5.7 v8 and what is the purpose for it
where is the cabin air filter located on gmc yukon 2003
I have a 1996 4x4 gmc yukon gt that the bottom rear brake lights have gone out in.The top brake light still comes on, but the bottom doesn't.The rear blinkers are also out. I have changed the bulbs and fuses, still no...
how to clean the catalytic converter
how to get plug wires loose from spark plugs?
how to change brake rotor
Regular brake lights work fine. Third brake light does not work. Is this a bulb replacement issue or a fuse issue?
The lights on my instrument panel (clock, odometer, speedometer, etc) work . . . unless the headlights are on. If I turn the dimmer switch all the way up until the dome lights come on, the instrument panel will ligh...
how to replace driver side mirror
why is there water in my heater blower motor when it rains?
install new right rear lightlight
My interior dome lights (front and cargo) quit working when the doors open. The lights in the doors work. The bulbs are good and the lights work when manually turning them on.