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I was t bone and the driver side why didn't my airbag deployed??
I lost power to driver side door I haven't checked fuse yet or is this another problem and what fuse goes to the door it was just working
Is it possible the climate control switch is bad? I pulled my dash and checked to make sure the control switch was plugged in properly. But still no front fan. AC works fine in the rear. No air at all for the front. W...
My clutch is bad in my AC compressor. I want to replace clutch myself. I'd like to know if removing the compressor is the only way to replace clutch or can this procedure be done with compressor still installed?
I've replaced the neutral safety switch, and the starter. If I jump the solenoid it will crank but with the key in the run position it won't start and run. I have 12 volts at the crank fuse in the crank position. W...
I want to make a back up file to use it in case I needed to change the ECU later on. I have the Tech 2 scanner/programmer.
Does anyone know how many pitman arm are in the yukon xl?
I need to get back to town to have this fixed. Is there a way to get it to transfer back to 2 wheel?
Service 4wd is on the display screen sometimes. My truck also starts in a different 4wd setting almost every time I start it. I can sometimes switch it to 2wd by putting it in neutral and holding the break, I can hear...
Both switches on driver and passenger side do not work but my key fob does for all door locks. This is the only way to lock our GMC unless we do each one manually. I've check all fuses and they seem to be fine, howe...
I've reset actuators and it blows heat out of front for 2seconds then blows cold air new water pump thermostat bled air out I've had the dash out I just can't seem to figure it out it acts like the ac is on but its no...
one mechanic say is transmission other say differential. and now i don't trust either one.
Had brakes pads repaired/rotors turned 2 days later. Codes were reset. Ten miles later both warning lights came back on----What's up?
replaced switch &transfer case 4x4 controlmodule
When turning or backing up wheels not turning properly
My Yukon's transmission goes into and shifts easy but when it gets warm after 1-2 miles seems to shift in to neutral. Turn it off and let it cool. I have gears again. Is it a some switch or the transmission?
Feel it is not fuel pump because it starts and runs fine on 2nd crank. Is there a check valve that keeps pressure on line? reluctanat to replace fuel pump as feel it maybe something else
we just bought this used and have just tried to use the 4 wheel drive for the first time today but it would not engage. what would be the most common problems i should be looking into that would not let it engage. We ...