Just stopped working.Does it need new fuses?

whats the average price to rebuild the differential

it wont move but it will crank up and when I put it in gear an give it gas the tire moves about 4inches and then I hear a clicking sound. Could the transfer case cause this to happen are what can this be ?????

seems like this should be a recall

I forgot to say the transmission hot came on.

i was driving yesterday all of a sudden my RPM was all the way to 4 and running really bad like it would not kick in. so i turned around of course i had to back track 3 miles and go to a gas station to get transmission fluid and now that did not fix it i had to drive it home i used L3 and that worked okay and the RPM stayed between 2-3 and then i tryed to put it in Drive again and it would continue to slip and the RPM went high again. Help anyone.

I often leave the third row of sears up and out of the way so I can have more storage space in the back, but I have never had this problem before. Please advise, - will dealer charge a lot for fixing this, and how will they do it?

inside car, engaged starter, engine reluctantly reached nearly 300 RPM and slowly died. Two more start attempts, same action. When my PC acts up, ,"I pull the plug" for a complete powerdown. Car batt off. 15 sec. later, made a normal start,, but now A/C is pumping out MAX HOT AIR, with A/C compressor selected to cool. 3 mile drive home was, otherwise, NORMAL! Start again later in day, similiar poor starts, 3rd attempt was successful. OBD ll showed failure, PO120, pedal position sensor circuit MALFUNCTION. Subsequent starts have been normal !! 80K miles and great service, 'til now. I'm a Fire fighter, 35 years, require dependaber wheels !

My rear air is blowing, but not cold air. I had more freon put in today and it still did not blow cold. I was told that I needed to replace the orifice tube in the rear and that it was located in the passenger side panel in the back area of the vehicle. Is that correct and can you give me more directions on how to do this?

I have 240,000 miles on my Yukon.. I need to have the tranmission rebuilt with existing parts would should be the cost with labor included?

AC blows cool on passenger and rear but not drivers side.

I would like to remove the fascia on the rear bumper cover to drain water out of it. How do you do this?

While driving home the other day my yukon started to buck the stalled and now wont restart?

I bought a 2002 Yukon Denali 3 months ago and we are experiencing problems with it. The service ride control light stays on, while i'm driving there is a rattling in my back right (pass.) tire, when it's either hot outside or i drive on the freeway for a while the front drivers tire makes noise when i make turns (i'm not over turning either) also when i change gears there is a beeping sound please help i don't know much about cars just that i got screwed when i bought this one.

what is typical cost to have the timing chain replaced. 6.0 liter engine.

How to accest light on radio volum cont. on stering wheel?

Yukon XL has over 200,000 runs fine but told Emergency brake is needing to be replaced (rusted through). Cost to repair should be roughly what? Is it a must to replace given mileage and don't do any towing ever?

Every time i start my car the engine it makes a tapping noise. Its not the piston.Its my do I replace?

My rear AC has been diagnosed with a "leaking" "expansion valve". Is this different than an "evaporator"? Is there a cost difference to repair?

i have a 2001 gmc yukon denali. where can i find a repair manual or can someone tell me the steps to follow when changing a fuel pump. is it located in the middle of the tank?

How can we check this problem or even fix it without taking it to dealership. The warning stays on all the time.

when do you change the fuel filter

had the denali about two years, when we had a flat we couldnt get the locking mechanism on the spare to unlock,is there a seperate key , any ideas will help.

how to replace a fuel pump on a 2001 gmc yukon danali or which website can i go to download a free repair manual

how to reset oxygen sensors

I have misplaced my owners manual, I opened the sunroof yesterday and went to close it and apparently the passenger side motor on the moonroof has failed. I know their has to be a way to manually close the roof, anyone know what I need to do. Thank You, Mike

the amp has gone out and the dealers want 250.00 plus 50.00 to program to replace part plus the the part 680.00 labor does that sound about right

My yuan detail just died while I was going down the warning signs and now it will not start .it just turns over.I ran the battery down ,so replaced battery but lost my codes.we have checked all the sensors. Fuel pump,it has good compression.what else can it be?

What do I need to fix for the lights to work on the steering wheel for the Audio, volume, source, seek buttons?

My 2001 Denali XL just suddenly started having difficulty upshifting only at low speeds, start off to about 30 MPH. Once on the freeway, it shifts just fine. Transmission fluid level is OK. It does this every time. Is it just requiring a transmission service, does it have more severe internal trans problems or possibly something else?