Been taving problems with loss of power at certain times while driving.

I have a knocking noise at take off and as slowing down. It sounds like the rear end to me, but wanted to see if anyone had any other ideas (trans or transfer case).

I recently went to dealer to pick up a door lock actuator for the passenger side front door. It had only two electrical connections on it instead of three that is on my vehicle. The third electrical connector is for a plunger is what I was told and that he wasn't sure if it was needed. Does anyone actually know if it is needed or can I use the actuator with 2 electrical connections? Also what is the purpose of the plunger?

My 1999 yukon Denali pops and clunks when its cold and also shutters like its going to shut off, but it stops after I gun it and it warms up plus there is a smell like burning or somthing. I have greased slip yoke, removed fuses(T-Case, 4wd and cruse control fuse) trying to trace the problem. Starting to get really tried of this thing, think i may just run over it with my lifted Ford F-350. My sister had the transmission replaced about a year ago while she owned it, and thats why i cant figure out what the deal is. It throws the check engine light on, but after it smooths out the engine light goes off. Think i covered it all, please any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

it shut off when i shut eng down
fuse was ok

The electrical problem happens occasionally.Had the alternator replaced, still having problems.Battery is good. Yesterday the problem escalated to lights flickering, power door locks went up and down and I even loss engine acceleration for a brief moment. I keep taking it in and they can't repeat it on demand so mechanics don't know what is wrong. Help!

Do you have a oart # for what needs to be replaced for PO496?

I have not checked the manual yet, but assume it may be her tire pressure light. Can you confirm?

the light stay on but dont go out

Now its more frequent the left directional is going into hazard instead of directional. I sometimes have to play with the handle in order to get it back.

I would have to play with the handle in order for it to get back to the it should work.

wont clear inspection

when i start the truck,this message appears and i hit the arrow on the steering wheel to remove it

My 2005 yukon rear window wiper will sometime go up about a foot and other times it dosent work at all. It will always go down once it comes up.

it also has a hard time going past 60 mph and issues with shifting

Driving down the street when my Denali's back wheels locked up made me swerved to on coming traffic and vehicle wont go forward or backwords. The back wheels are completely locked.

key on,engine light works.engine running light stays off.engine off and on immediately engine light will not come on for bulb check.if key is left off for about 10 seconds,and turned back to on position ,the engine light it a problem or normal for this general motors vehicle?

i would like to know how much it would cost to replace all 6 airbags because my denali was in accident.

the line runs from the front to the back of the truck

when starting auto rear hatch door alarm is shown. can reset on steering wheel but that only clears alarm for now.
where is sensor or how can i bypass it

Has been checked to see if something is draining battery. nothing found. Replaced battery a couple times. Happens more in cold weather but still happens if I don't drive the car for a day.

also burns oil but no smoke from tail pipe not leacking?

Sometimes it will start and sometimes it doesn't start right away.

I have gotten estimates from 600. to 1000. I undersand the part runs anywhere from 50.-100. and the labor is the issue due to engine and or transmission being seperated.

Sometimes my rear access window opens when I hit the unlock button on my keychain. Most of the time the window will pop open when the car is already unlocked and I open the driver's door. Very annoying. Sometimes it will even open once we get to speed and the door locks will engage to lock the door for travel. I will most likely bring it to the dealer, but would like to be forwarned and educated to the problem so they don't sell me services I do not need. Thank you!

first we had a gas cap error which then it triggered the check engine light. So my bf used his handy dandy code clearer, now it won't even recognize the evap. Please help. We have 3 days left to get it inspected. Oh yea, he purchased a new gas cap today.

i have changed ac relay and you can unplug replay and p;ug back up it blows ice cold about 20 seconds then changes to warmer not hot just like fan blowing not air.

I had my 2008 yukon in to GM shop to replace 3 of the door actuators and the passenger side one is now gone. I guess GM don't realize that before you notice that all the locks are not working it could take months if threar one gives out first and that is just what happenned to me so I would actually leave my vehicule unlocked without knowing. In the past I have purchased about 1/2 million dollars of GM product (truck vans station wagon jimmy blazers along with two new Cadillacs fleetwood ) I must say that I have been more loyal to GM than they have been to me. now I am retired and only trade my vehicule every three years. all this to say that no way I am paying GM to service one more that went on the passenger side however I do not know how to take the interior door panel of so I can do it myself. Can anyone help me with some advise on how to do it.

just to check to verify rear was not working, i jacked up vehicle and put in gear. only front tires do the work.

I was listening to it earlier today it was working just fine. Dont know what went wrong.