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When I crank up my yukon the high beams will not come on, but if I turn the truck off and switch over to high beams they will come on. What could the problem be?
Where is it located and what does it take to replace it??
A complete inspection of the front differential was made. The mechanic suggested that it should be torn down and inspected because excessive metal was found in the fluid.
I noticed the "service ride control" light when I started my car this morning. What does this mean?
I noticed it after I bought it a couple months ago. It was still warm so I am now guessing it was pulling in the warm air outside and I didn't realize the differance. Everyone is saying the "heater core" and Im not su...
My heated seats doesn't stay on. I have to keep pressing the button because it shuts off in 30 seconds. Eventually the seat gets warm but it's annoying that I have to keep pressing the button. Can anyone tell me what...
My front windshield wipers will not turn off. I had to take the fuse out for the wipers to stop.
how do I remove the headlight
The driver side rear defogger fell off the window, I have had it soldered back on 2 times. I have heard there is special glue that can fix this problem, is that true? Can u please help me with this. Michigan winters a...
Can anyone tell me how much it would cost to replace both oil coolant lines on a 2004 GMC Yukon Denalli?
My pedals will not adjust anymore. What steps can i do to correct this. roryhardin at gmail
The yukon has a single bulb to run both the high beams and the low beams. The low beams work but when i turn on the high beams the bulb comepletely goes dark. Both sides same time. All fuses look good? Any suggestions
How much are parts and labor to change transmission and transfer case on 99yukon denali
I purchased a new and bolted it on now it needs adjusted, but I don't know how.
hey .i am having trouble with service stability message.can anyone help me?
i bought a 2003 denali used ..i did'nt know i had remote start...some how i started the truck two time already ..what button am i pushing to start it or how do i use the remote has loc, unlock , and ax butt...
i changed altenator. i need to adjust tenion pully to put on belt
my car has bad suspension i want to know if i can repair it or not
I need to replace the bank 1 sensor 1 on my 2003 GMC Denalim I know that bank 1 is the first sensor before the converter. Is bank 1 sensor 1 on the driver's side or the passanger's side?
Does anyone have instructions for replacing a headlight bulb in the 2008 GMC Denali? Have one out, bought the replacement bulb, but am somewhat baffled by what seems to be a fairly easy task. Thanks in advance. Jeff
I have filled my coolant tank and the next day is empty also a leak behind my fan when the truck is off,doesn't leak when it's on.I was thinking maybe the water pump or a seal went bad.should i drive it or fix right a...
I bought this used with no navigation disc. I got a navigation disc but when i put it in it won't read the disc. Everything else works fine.
We replaced the power steering pump a week ago and it has started to leak in the joint between the pump iteself and the pressure sensor. We removed it again (fun) replaced the o ring and it is leaking from the same p...
How do I replace headlight bulb?
I was driving on the highway when my tire was blown and I need to replace the tire. Should the rim be replaced as well?
i have a 6 disc cd player and the cds wont eject. how do i remove the center console to gain access to the disc changer?
All of the dash board lights including speedometer and gas gauges do not work . Could this be a fuse or something else ?
Has anyone else reported problems with the outside door handles breaking? I just paid more than $300 to have 2 passenger side door handles repaired because the screws broke!